The One Night Stand!

The classic one night stand! A spontaneous sexual eruption between strangers, or maybe it was a friend?! If you, like so many, have experienced the fleeting fire of a one night stand, tell us all about it for you chance to take home this month's Sex Secrets cash award. Maybe it was the guy you took home from that beach bar, or perhaps it was the time you had one too many with a sexy friend? what ever the specifics, we can't wait to hear it.

May 2016 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: May 02, 2016
It all started when I was in NZ for a holiday and I had caught up with an old friend. She wanted her bestie to meet me and hopefully hookup and have a relationship with me (Zonetta). After a wonderful day out at Auckland Zoo we got our selves dressed up for a night out on the town. We went down the "K" Road in Auckland and went to one of the drag queen shows there for dinner and show. After an awesome dinner we went our separate ways except for Zonetta and I where we found our selves at a bar. After a few drinks and some very close dancing we decided to move on. As Zonetta was at a backpackers as she was from Wellington I offered her to stay with me for the night in my 5 star hotel room with gorgeous views of the city. On... read more
"Then she took her mini skirt off to reveal she wasn't wearing any underwear."
Posted: May 05, 2016
My man and I went out drinking one night when we were away for the weekend. The place we were at was pretty busy and once we had a few drinks, I felt like dancing. My man doesn't dance so said he would just watch me. I was out on the dance floor by myself when a guy started grinding against me from behind. I looked over to my man to gain approval and he smiled at me to let me know it was ok. I was dancing with this guy and it was pretty sexual. The top I was wearing was pretty revealing and I could see him looking at my tits so I grabbed his hand and put it inside my top so he could feel them (I wasn't wearing a bra). It wasn't long before I was rubbing his cock through his pants, and it felt huge.... read more
"We went into a cubicle and I pulled his pants down, which revealed an absolute monster"
Overall Winner
Posted: May 09, 2016
So, the thought had crossed my mind ... I admit that now. But this was my hubby's Best Man. This had to be strictly a no-go zone. Surely?
It was a cold winter's evening in Melbourne. Hubby had been at a boozy lunch with with a couple of long-time business friends, including his friend from Uni Matt, who was his best man at our wedding 10 years earlier. The plan was to meet up around 5:00pm so we could go out together for a romantic dinner.
Well, by the time I arrived, hubby was well on his way. Louder than usual, a lot more confident, and more overtly flirty. His lunch companions had all crawled back to their boring suburban homes except for Matt, our last remaining single playboy friend. A few shots later, we were sharing secrets about the forbidden things that secretly turn... read more
"A few shots later, we were sharing secrets about the forbidden things that secretly turn us on"
Posted: May 20, 2016
We started at his house. After about an hour of sitting talking with him and his friends, we finally got alone time to ourselves. I lay on a beanbag in my EXTREMELY tight fake leather leggings looking up at him as he sat on a chair. I started to grind against the floor so that the fabric massaged my pussy. The tight press made my clit feel really warm and tingly.

"The tight leather is making my pussy feel FUCKING good" I said.
"Ohh god damn... you are in soo much trouble!" he said.

I smiled up at him as he watched me back with a huge grin. I took complete pleasure in knowing that I was turning him on like a dirty little bitch. I started moaning as I kept grinding against my hand with the fabric of my pants warming my pussy.

He pushed me up against the bed and... read more
" He pushed me up against the bed and slowly took my clothes off"
Posted: May 23, 2016
Finally! Finally he has reached your juices and it seem like it has taken forever but knowing the greedy oral pig it has only been a matter of minutes to reach your sopping wet pussy. He reaches the area just around your clit with his tongue and has a lick. Then he stop’s. Confused you look down as to see what the fuck is going on. He is standing up! What is happening? As his face reaches yours he looks bored and lets out a little disinterested sigh. Before you can process this he moves closer, pecks you on the lips like this session is over. While constantly looking you in the eyes he moves his hands down under your little butt and lifts you up on the kitchen bench. His hands move from your butt to behind your knees and they are pushed towards your chest and then outwards.... read more
"you start bucking, writhing and cumming at all the same time"

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