The Flood After The Drought!

This month we want to hear about the shag you had to wait for! Maybe your partner was away for a spell, or maybe it was the culmination of months of online messaging before you met for the first time. Whatever the scenario, we want to hear about the shag that rocked the heavens and the earth after a long build up! And don't spare any details,

October 2016 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Oct 07, 2016
Eva wiped her red lipstick of her man’s mouth. “Ever the trash bag,” she whispered to him. “Now, don’t you two go getting too drunk tonight!” As she and Abi herded the two men out the front door.

“Don’t go having too much fun without us,” they called out to their escaping backs.

Abi then wrapped Eva up in a warm hug, and sort out those red lips, “Now, where were we,” she cooed, just before she found the lips she sought.

Eva returned the eager kiss, but broke it suddenly. “Now, down to business,” she says against the mix of pink and red of Abi’s mouth.

Abi protested, “I thought that was what I was about to do?” she says, a little hurt.

Eva had a wicked glint in her eyes, and from her pockets she pulled out a pair of keys, and handful of credit cards.

Abi... read more
"Eva broke the kiss, slowly this time, and held Abi’s face in her soft hands. "
Posted: Oct 12, 2016
The first few times it happened, I was mortified. For a few months, I was even terrified of masturbating anywhere but the shower for fear that I would uncontrollably pee all over everything.

But since then, I've become convinced that it isn't entirely urine (or maybe not at all). I don't squirt every time I orgasm--maybe about 10-25% of the time (but I can't control when/if it happens). I've also noticed that they're different kinds of orgasms, too--not super intense, mind-numbing ones, but the wave-slowly-washes-over-me relaxing ones.

The thing is, even if I've gone to the bathroom recently before sex/masturbation, sometimes it STILL happens, even though I am pretty sure I am totally out of pee. So I am not entirely convinced of the high-urine-content theory. For now I'm just comfortable with the idea that it's just a "weird thing our bodies do" fluid, pee-content aside.

This was really interesting, and I feel... read more
"I've also noticed that they're different kinds of orgasms, too"
Posted: Oct 30, 2016
The sexual tension was there for a long time, we had been work mates for a couple of years, I was married and unhappy for a long time, we would sometimes have lunch together with the rest of the work group, share stories and sexual induendoes as you do. One day I was having a really bad day at work and lashed out at him, I felt so bad about my mood and that I had said something terrible so I sent him an email and asked for his mobile number which he didn't hesitated to give me, I apologised profusely for my mood and lashing out at him, he said he understood and calmed me. The text messages were random and spuratic for months and months and I liked the attention I was getting as I wasn't getting anything at home from my husband who seemed uninterested in me... read more
"I remember the look on his face when I orgasmed"

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