One Night Only

The classic one night stand! Maybe it was the random guy you took home from that beach bar, or perhaps it was the time you had one too many with a sexy friend and things got deliciously out of hand? What ever the specifics, we can't wait to hear it. If you, like so many, have experienced the fleeting fire of a one night stand, tell us all about it for you chance to take home this month's Sex Secrets cash award.

October 2020 Submitted Sex Secrets

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Posted: Oct 03, 2020
She was working as an assistant on the Superman film being shot in Sydney, and was staying at the hotel in Circular Quay made famous by Paris Hilton and Robbie Mills. We'd swapped pics, but her beauty was even more pronounced in person.

She wore a long black dress, with a split down the leg. She had just been to a party with the crew, but wanted her own fun. I met her in the lobby, we kissed passionately in the lift. It was this first meeting I realised I towered over her.

We just made it into the room before my hands snaked up her spilt dress and felt pure heat. We got as far as the couch and the dress was raised higher, and higher, until the source of her heat was exposed. I devoured her, ate her pussy like I hadn't been fed in awhile, and she... read more
""We just made it into the room before my hands snaked up her spilt dress and felt pure heat.""

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