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June 2018 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jun 01, 2018
A dangerous yet very very hot secret of mine - to get a blow job from my colleague in my car while driving back from dinner.

We had a business dinner at the Central Coast and may colleague (she was 25 then and I was 38) were drivng back in my car. We had just started having an affair and had indulged in a few amazing sex sessions - something for me to write later.

So it was a bit late while coming back and we were both a bit horny. I suggested I park the car somewhere in the suburbs and get into the back seat, which we did. She was wearing a lovely back dress showing a lot of cleavage. I asked her if I could massage her which she readily agreed to. There we were in the back seat of my car,... read more
" I could feel her fingers slowly moving around my legs and before long she reached for my belt..."
Posted: Jun 01, 2018
My weakness has always been a big strong tattooed guys with muscles. To my absolute delight RHP is filled with many sexy men that fit that description.

So I drive an hour and a half to meet this sexy as hell buff guy whom I had been exchanging naughty pics and chats with. When I pulled up he messaged me to say are you wearing underwear, i said you will need to open the door to find out.........

He opens his hotel room door and puts his hand up my dress and grabs my already wet pussy to find out i had no underwear at all. He picks me up and puts me on his kitchen bench spreads my legs wide open and starts kissing and licking my clit....... as his tongue moves around and in and out of my wetness i can't help but moan and grab his head pulling him... read more
"he messaged me to say are you wearing underwear, i said you will need to open the door to find out.."
Posted: Jun 01, 2018
My best oral experience was a morning spent with my then partner at my family's estate. We had stayed overnight one weekend and after a night of partying and laughs we woke late morning both super horny.

As my parents were out in the garden right outside our bedroom the next morning when we woke I showed a little more respect to them than rocking the bed for half an hour and my partner naked went down on me, I already had morning glory so she took it in her mouth and started working up and down deep to the back of her throat, I usually don't cum easily from oral or from sex but as we were trying to keep quiet I just layed back and enjoyed it.

As she started getting faster and finding her rythym I came, and she swallowed every last drop and kept on going, I... read more
" I already had morning glory so she took it in her mouth..."
Posted: Jun 01, 2018
well thats a tough one as so many different senarios involving oral including 1st 6some few weeks ago watching my partner giving oral to the 2 other male partners, one being a regular play friend, him even making her suck our new friends cock deep in between sucking him while the other 2 girls were sharing my cock,

but if i had to pick one it would be our 1st foray into swinging!

we were sitting on lounge side by side after a little bit of playing,with the male half of our our new friends with the opposite partners on their knees and seeing my hot girl taking another mans cock in her mouth was such a turn on more than i ever could imagine!

Talking about it over time was one thing but actually seeing it happening was so much that i could feel my pending orgasm building... read more
""oh by the way she loves to swallow""
Posted: Jun 01, 2018
The night started out with a conversation with the lady about having a friend over for dinner. Both of us alreay worked up from several hours of fucking each other after a stint away.

A quick text message to our friend that we knew was already gagging for a session with us and it was on.

Upon arrival, cursory hello's then some kissing and groping to start the night. Nothing hotter than watching two gorgeous women get intimate and knowing you'll be on the beneficial end of that later on.

Onto dinner.. several wines and off into the bedroom.

The ladies strip me naked.. eager to take my throbbing member into their mouths.. partaking periodically in kissing one another. At this stage, they'd divested themselves of clothing.

My partner is dripping wet already as my tongue enters her, our friend is pulled down so her pussy can be eaten by the already moaning... read more
"At this point our friend decides she wants a taste..."
Posted: Jun 02, 2018
He calls me and says get ready. my pussy instantly tingles from the sound of his voice and the thought of him coming over and ramming his hard cock in my mouth see I love sucking his cock the feeling of his hardness filling my mouth, I like it rough, to have him use my face thrusting his cock in my mouth until I gag, pulling my hair and using me until he orgasms in my mouth. other times we do it lovingly he strokes my hair plays with my nipples there is no limit to how many different ways I enjoy sucking his cock.
Last night I tried something new I worshiped it when he arrived he sat down on the couch I said nothing I smiled at him as I knelt at his feet and started undoing his pants I stroke his semi hard cock and give it... read more
"There is no limit to how many different ways I enjoy sucking his cock..."
Overall Winner
Posted: Jun 02, 2018
On a road trip with my gf at the time up to outback Queensland. Had driven up to central NSW in the morning and were on the stretch from Nyngan to Bourke, yeah, back of the black stump country. Well this particular stretch of highway was 200 odd km’s long and virtually a dead straight line. So my gf was driving then and I soon got bored of looking at red dirt, roo carcasses, white lines (may have been yellow lines as nsw had yellow lines in places I recall. ) and wedgetail eagles pecking at the dead roos.

My gf was wearing a loose top and no bra, a pair of shorts of the style that had plenty of room to slide my hand inside, so it didn’t take long for me to get horny thinking of what I could be doing to her as she drove. .... read more
"She started to grind her sweet wet mound harder onto my mouth..."
Posted: Jun 03, 2018
I took my very shy GF to a nude beach for the first time and she was so freaked out it wasn't funny. I had been before so I found a spot next to a couple who were already nude and enjoying the sun. I asked if they minded if we sat next to them and started a conversation. The lady turned to me, opened her legs and show me a perfect view of her bald pussy. I though i should show my appreciation by opening my legs and giving her a view of my now semi hard cock.

We talked for a while and Then i went for a swim and the man soon followed me. Whilst in the waves he asked me if I liked his wife and if I'd be interested in swapping partners in which I agreed.

We talked and swam for a while and then returned... read more
"I took my very shy GF to a nude beach for the first time... "
Posted: Jun 04, 2018
I'll try keep this short...

So I get a txt from a regular that says I want you to cum down my throat.

As a guys who's never had that opportunity before, and knowing her deep throat abilities, I had to say yes..

So the next day we are doing our thing.. And get to that point of our time.. She lays on her back on the bed, with her head over the edge, and I give him a warm up... The time comes and into the throat he goes.. She immediately starts her "trying to swallow the head" massage that she's so good at.. He cums quickly and I make it obvious, she grabs my legs and pulls me in.. Continuing the head massage... The intensity, as any guy would know was huge... I try to pull back and verbalise it.. But she hangs in there, holding me deep and... read more
" I want you to cum down my throat... "
Posted: Jun 11, 2018
Well I regularly see my fwb almost every weekend for our regular plays we do. We have only just started out playing and each time we are experiencing new things as we played but I remember this one night wow just blown my mind...well it was the first time he decided to do oral on me...he was sucking, licking and fingering me...at first it was arousing and as i was getting wetter and wetter then all of the sudden as he was sucking me, he was squirting me as well and OMG OMG i was cuming very hard that i was disturbing the neighbours with my very loud screaming....all my cum was all over his face with his smile and i just licked it clean of his face.... read more
"It was the first time he decided to do oral on me..."
I met a very sexy lady on RHP about 5 years ago, and when we started playing as a couple things really started to get interesting. After some amazing evenings with a few different couples we found ourselves at our very first swingers party.

The couple hosting the party were keen cyclists and had signed up to do the Rio Tinto ride to cure cancer. At some point still early in the evening the Mrs came up with the idea of auctioning off a blowjob to the guy who was willing to make the biggest donation to the cause.

Now that was a cause that I could really get into, and when the dust settled I was the winning bidder, having left 4 other bidders in my wake.

I was getting ready to receive my prize, I assumed in the privacy of one of the nearby bedrooms, when someone suggested... read more
"It was the first time this had ever happened to me, and boy was it embarrassing"
Posted: Jun 13, 2018
I was at the shops last night and as I was trying on some clothes, a woman that happens to be an old friends wife came into the same dressing room I was in, once she saw I was naked she knelt down and took me in her mouth and sucked me off for a bit, then I stood her up and turned her around and fucked her from behind until I came in her, then after we finished she went before me but I ran into her and her husband and then went for drinks... read more
"once she saw I was naked she knelt down and took me in her mouth"
Posted: Jun 13, 2018
There were lots of people moving around the site on a recent camping trip to a busy caravan park. My then new girlfriend and I were sat by the fire enjoying its golden glow and warmth, we were slightly drunk by now and were chatting away catching up on the day’s events, progressively the talk was getting more sexy.

When from out of nowhere she gets up and kneels down in front of me, she starts to rub my crotch looking up at me.

“May I master?” she asked submissively.

“Shit yeah” I said

Undoing my zip and pulling my trousers down my by now erect cock sprung up almost hitting her in the face eager to play.

She smiled as she saw how big and stiff it was.

Wrapping her small hands around my shaft which always made it look huge she squeezed it lovingly then did a few little strokes at first running... read more
"When from out of nowhere she gets up and kneels down in front of me"
Last year my wife and I were in Sydney for work. We had decided we were going to go to the Couples Club in Sydney on the Saturday night, a place we had visited a couple of times before and had thoroughly enjoyed. So, here we were, my wife and I in one of the very back rooms, the ones that oversee the orgy room. It is relatively dark in but not too dark and we were really enjoying the view of the group sex before us. We were considering joining in, something we have not done before and there was approx 20 bodies all tangled in various states of sex. It was mesmerising, so much so that I hadn’t noticed that another couple had joined us in the room but clearly my wife had and before I knew it she was on her knees joining the very attractive female... read more
"No names, no nothing just a insanely hot encounter..."

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