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It's Mardi Gras month so we want to hear about your sexiest same sex experience! Man on man, woman on woman, Man on woman on Man, whatever the configuration, if you got sexy with with someone in possession of the same bits as you, get writing! Make it sexy as the best entries take out the monthly cash award!

March 2015 Submitted Sex Secrets

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Posted: Mar 11, 2015
I had been out from lunch time having a few beers, it got to about 1am when I decided to head home, on my way to the bus stop I saw an adult shop. I thought some porn would be good to go home with so I went in to have a look around. I asked a shop assistant what the go was with the peep show he said oh she has left but I can show you something better anyway. So I followed him through a door to a massive screen and a heap of chairs, on the screen there was porn going, he said it was ok to have a wank in there if I wanted. So I sat down and started to watch the porn and I thought what the hell so I got my now hard cock out of my pants, the shop guy was sitting... read more
"I felt as if I was being watched I turned around and the peep show girl was masturbating"
Posted: Mar 14, 2015
On the second night I was single I lost my man virginity to a guy from a gay hookup site, 2 hours later another asked for sex so I went from virgin to slut in one night, down the track they both said they wanted a threesome with me, hell yeah! They arrived at my place and we were all naked straight away, I dropped to my knees and started sucking one then the other but I wanted both so I pulled both into my mouth and was in heaven.

We ended up in bed with them concentrating on their top halves and very generously leaving each others cocks to me. Again I alternated between them with my mouth until one wanted to fuck me, I got on my knees for him while keeping the other guys cock in my mouth, spit roast!

Sadly my arse was a bit sore so that... read more
"down the track they both said they wanted a threesome with me, hell yeah!"
Posted: Mar 21, 2015
Now I have never thought I was gay, I love pussy too much! But I always get turned on by the sight of a nice hard cock.
The first time I ever got my hands on one I was in my early 20s. I was young and stupid, had a few brushes with the law and eventually found myself serving a sentence.
I met a guy inside who took me under his wing, so to speak, and showed me the ropes. After a short time I realized he was gay. Eventually he got me moved into his cell and I was so excited. I couldn't wait to get his cock out of his shorts. I sucked his cock like an over sized lollypop and before I knew it he was shooting his hot salty load deep down my throat. It was such an amazingly powerful feeling, but I immediately felt this huge... read more
"I had the biggest orgasm I'd ever had at that stage of my young life."
Posted: Mar 27, 2015
Strappy, skin-tight, black dress on a weekday evening. I finished off my look with a dark red lipstick. I was waiting for my boyfriend to come back home so that we can meet a guy and a girl we met from RHP. Let's call them P and Q respectively. As I walked to the bar, I was feeling a bit shy without my underwear. Just garter belt and fishnet stocking underneath. Very exciting as no one knows that I wasn't wearing panties.

We went home together after a few drinks and chat together. While having some small talk around the kitchen counter, my boyfriend starts caressing my ass. Then, I was instructed by my boyfriend to suck his cock after a few kisses. Q was also instructed by P to start sucking my boyfriend's cock together with me. I have never shared my man with anyone else at the same time.... read more
"It is titillating to have her orgasmed in front of my eyes. Watching all that made me very wet."

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