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This month we're tipping our hat to one of the greatest body parts of all, the humble butt, the caboose, the arse! If you've had a sexual dalliance that has been caused by junk in the trunk and your lustful desire of it, then we want to hear about it. Anal fun times? Sure that counts too! Make it hot, make it sexy, cause the monthly winner gets the cash award!

April 2015 Submitted Sex Secrets

His cock still inside my exquisitely filled pussy we were lust at first fuck. Thrilled with his viagra'd cock in my skilful grip and sliding his perfection down the back of my experienced possessive throat until I gag and gag only stopping when I'm desperate for air, his deliciously smooth cock dripping in saliva. Never breaking our connection I bat my long eyelashes at him porn star style-I know how much it makes him melt. His dangerously addictive dick now wet as my tidy pink pussy, he's ready. Ready and so aroused with lust and possession it’s unbearable. Dominant and strong he grabs me and flips me. Before I can wipe my cock-greedy lips I'm screaming out. One slam and I've already racked up another mind-melter. We lay gazing at each other panting, admiring. He runs a tantalizing finger down my spine tracing circles on the tingling flesh of my... read more
"Dirty films and a cam on me, make me competitive, and awaken my inner porn star. "
Posted: Apr 22, 2015
We had been lovers for about 18 months and always discussed the possibility of anal sex, however, I was very concerned because of my relatively large 9 inch by 6 inch curved cock. She had fantasised about it for over 30 years.
After stripping and spending time in foreplay, I did my favourite thing, which was to go down on her and sup on her delightful nectar. We were both in our own worlds with me lapping and playing with her soft and smooth pussy lips and her very shy clit, when without really making the effort, I found myself lapping her juices which had flowed onto her rosebud! Without really thinking, I tasted and poked my tongue into her asshole! I loved the taste and the heady musty odours; like an aged Shiraz. I prodded with my tongue andI started exploring her arsehole with my fingers.
Highly stimulated,... read more
"I was invaded by her desire and intensity as she experienced her first anal orgasm."

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