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This month it's all about shaggin' on the sly! We want to hear about all the quiet little sex sessions you've had. Maybe you snuck in and banged Claire Rogers while her parents watch telly in the next rooms, or maybe you snuck off to the copy room with Mark from accounting and had a secret lunchtime hook-up. Whatever your sneaky shag story is, we want to hear about it, and remember, the best entry will take home a cash award!

Good Luck.

August 2011 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Aug 01, 2011
When i was a touch younger I had a mate well he was sort of a mate anyway he had a hot lttle girlfriend who he treated like shit.One nite we were out at the pub and on my way back from the loo she grabbed me by the arm and said 'I want you now" and Ive gone like 'what now" and she said yes and dragged me outside the pub into an alley way and proceeded to tell me to get on the ground so she could hop on top and go for a ride .I had to fuck her so fast to get back before we got caught i never remember her eevn coming i just blew she hoped up and pulled up her pants and we went back inside to my so called mate and kept drinking with him none the wiser.Shortly after he dumped her... read more
"...she grabbed me by the arm and said 'I want you now""
Posted: Aug 01, 2011
My fiancee and I were walking through a large wooden maze at Greenhills Adventure Park in South Australia, when we came to a series of turns which obviously led nowhere. Of course we had to see what was at the end of it... when we reached the deadend she jumped on me and we started passionately making out. With the wooden slats not doing a very effective job of visually dividing the walls, and with people walking throughout the maze all around us, the excitment became too much to contain. I lifted her up and pressed her against the wall, scraping her legs against the rough surface. She pulled up her skirt and reached inside my pants, getting out my throbbing hard cock. She was wet already and it slid in easily. We started going at it against the maze wall as if we were the only ones in the... read more
"She was wet already and it slid in easily..."
Posted: Aug 01, 2011
This is a true tale of the most interesting winery tour I have ever had. It was a lovely warm Saturday afternoon when my girlfriend Tanya invites me out for a nice relaxing day of wine tasting after a few glasses of wine. The lady running the tour group started the tour of the house and grounds. Bored and a little drunk we sat down for a rest on the couch. Looking over we spotted an open door with the words *Staff Only * on it. A look at each other said it all, quickly we jump up and checked to make sure no one was around, though the door was a small room filled with blankets and sheets. Tanya pulled out a blanket from the pile laid it on the floor. We start to kiss and Tanya reached her hands down my pants and started to finger... read more
"We start to kiss and Tanya reached her hands down my pants..."
Posted: Aug 01, 2011
The (then) partner and I were down the beach doing a spot of nude baking on a local beach, when the horny desires took over us. We were not too far into the dunes and were fairly regular in this spot and well aware of the passing foot traffic. But the heat of the sun and the pure horniness took over and we started going hard at it. I glanced over his shoulder as he was eating me and saw 3 dudes with their cocks in hand a little way off. None made the move to come any closer, but off to the side was another dude, slowly edging closer to us and making eye contact with me. My (then) partner asked me if I was interested in letting him join in.......... Part of me did, but as we had no condoms with us, I... read more
" the sun and the pure horniness took over and we started going hard at it"
Posted: Aug 02, 2011
I Traviled to spend the weekend with my best friend, her boyfriend also visited for the weekend which was unplaned . My friend was so happy to have two of us visiting her, she went to the kitchen to cook us some nice meal and her boyfriend and i were in the bedroom having some wine and watching a film. My friends boyfriend pull down his pants and showed me his big hard cock,i pull down my pants and we hard sex a quickie on my friends bed. It was the best quickie i have ever had.we had sneaky sex 4X when my friend is having a shower or is doing the cooking.we were never caught... read more
"My friends boyfriend pull down his pants and showed me his big hard..."
Posted: Aug 02, 2011
Quite a few years ago I would regularly get my hair bleached bonde and cut fairly short (Billy Idol style!). During this period of time I met a new girl and we soon started going out. At the time she still lived with her fairly traditional and strict Italian parents. Anyway, one day we were at her parents house and she decided to help me save money by bleaching my hair for me, but so as not to risk ruining her clothes she changed into an old dress. The dress was very tight and quite short, so obviously as she stood very close in front of me to wash and colour my hair my head was at her waist height. It didn't take me long to start moving my hands over her legs and up her thighs and gradually up her short dress. With her parents in nearby rooms she... read more
"I was rubbing her pussy through the thin cotton covering her mound..."
Posted: Aug 02, 2011
I was travelling interstate with two of my business partners on a routine conference; typically we each book our own accommodation however in this instance we leased a penthouse for two nights on the 26th floor overlooking the city. There was a girl I knew that I had met online, we had chatted for over a year and I hadn’t quite thought of catching up. After a day of work my partners and a number of associates went out on the town, we ultimately ended up in the penthouse carrying on, I got a txt from this girl I knew and she wanted to come over. As I was with business partners I told her she would have to wait till I got them off to bed, as the evening grew late everyone started to drift off and go home, finally everyone was either off to bed or had left... read more
"I went in and she was totally naked..."
Posted: Aug 03, 2011
I was living with my sister and the house around the corner had just recently sold to a familiar couple, my sister and brother in law soon realized it was a old mate from high school and his wife. So once they got sorted we all would go over to each others places on weekends for bbqs & drinks.One night his wife asked me to send her husband a dirty random msg just to see what he would reply but he replied with sorry married......Once he found out it was me then things changed, it started with sexting while on weekends we would regularly do the bbq and drinks. This went on for a while then i became their baby sitter.Then it turned into us sleeping together on a regular basis but the best night was when we fucked on the couch and pool table while his wife was asleep... read more
"Then it turned into us sleeping together on a regular basis..."
Posted: Aug 03, 2011
My first ever meeting was in the park, we had set it up so that he would approach me from behind,with his big hands all over me, my boobs, up my skirt ( no undies of course) and kissing and biting me on the neck. i wanted to turn around to see his eyes, as they looked wonderful in his pics, but he wouldnt let me. There were only a few people around, but i was nervous about being caught. Desire soon took over and he had his fingers inside me as i ground my arse onto his crotch, All the time he was whispering into my ear how beautiful i am and what he is going to do to me. I reached behind me and needed two hands to hold his massive hard cock. He sat on the park bench and pulled me onto his lap and i was... read more
"I reached behind me and needed two hands to hold his massive..."
Posted: Aug 03, 2011
A couple of years ago, I decided to meet up with a young toy boy I had been chatting to for a few weeks. He was keen to meet an older woman, so I agreed to meet him at the beach. I picked him up in my car around midday, and we decided to go for a drive as the beach was a little crowded on this particularly hot day. When we first laid eyes on each other, there was instant attraction. We kissed, and it quickly became evident that we both wanted to get down and dirty. After driving along the foreshore for a little while, we came across a carpark that seemed quiet enough, even though there were several cars parked nearby. I parked the car, put up the sunshade on the windscreen, and left the air cond on as it was about... read more
"He then sat upright, and I straddled him, allowing his member to slip inside effortlessly..."
Posted: Aug 04, 2011
A husband and wife couple i know, were having a few problems and so the wife rang me one day and said can you meet me. Anyway one thing led to another, turned out she was a sex maniac. For a few months we were fucking anywhere we could. On a side of a road in the country, where we had the back door of the passengers seat open and i was sucking on her huge nipples, and licking her sweet pussy. She began sucking my cock, before long it was so hard and ready to enter her wet pussy. So tight and wet, i fucked her and she begged me to cum in her which i did and my cum just leaked out of her afterwards. Another time on a busy walking track. She undone pants and pulled out my cock and started sucking, well it wasnt going to... read more
"i was sucking on her huge nipples, and licking her sweet pussy..."
Posted: Aug 09, 2011
I have had a crush on a married woman (H) at work since she started. Being a mother also she can read me pretty well too and knows when I am feeling sad or not my usual self. One day in the warehouse H had to come see me about something and offered me a hug. When we hugged it was an instant bond. I became hard and H noticed it. So we organised to meet in town when her husband was out of town on business and book a hotel room for the night. So H organised her kids to be at her parents place for the night. We met up in town for dinner and then went to our hotel room. As soon as we closed the door behind us we were passionately kissing. By the time we were at the bed we were naked. H was... read more
"H orgasmed which made me come more..."
Posted: Aug 09, 2011
I was at Tafe at the time doing graphic design, and had just started seeing this hot latin girl who couldn't keep her hands off me everytime we met.
So I was studying alone in one of the many classrooms during some free time in between classes and she calls me up saying that she is on the way to keep me company, she finds me, mini skirt and all, sits next to me and grabs a handful of my crotch and whispers in my ear "don't get too distracted, you have to study."
So I try not to take mind of her too much while she is teasing me. Then she gets under the table, pulls him out and starts eating him like she missed out on breakfast.
It didn't take long until it was too unbearable to handle, so i drop my pen, pull her up, her panties are nowhere to... read more
"she gets under the table, pulls him out and starts eating him like she missed out on breakfast."
Posted: Aug 11, 2011
Whilst having a break away with my best friend in kal we stayed at the palace hotel, which was anything but lol, we went out for dinner and returned a lil tipsy. Whilst fumbling with the door key I dropped it giggling at my drunk state. Suddenly a hand came in front of me holding my key out I looked up into the sweetest young face I'd seen, he was a cute stocky toned tanned young man, who I later found out was columbian. He asked what 2 lovely ladies were doing in such a rough town to which we replied getting away for a few days peace from her hubby and my hectic life. I teased him inviting him into our room but he was shy and declined. Just as we had stripped off to have a hot shower and get ready to hop into bed there was a... read more
" I wasted no time in sliding into bed next to him..."
Posted: Aug 12, 2011
I was out on my friends boat on a hot summers day, with him, his girlfriend and a couple of other mates, after boating around for most of the day with the occational stop off for a swim, my two other mates wanted to get off a go for a look around a water fall we found. I was happy to stay with the boat and guard it and its important cargo of Alcohol. The boat owner and his misses also go off and walked off but soon returned as the sandflies where biting her all over.
I was sitting up on the deck having a beer while they went below to get a drink, after a few minutes I had finished my drink and went below to get another, as i opened the little hatch i was greeted by her on her knees sucking his cock, we all jumped and... read more
"i blow my load in her mouth with she quickly swollowed"
Posted: Aug 12, 2011
She is a teacher. I am a chippy. She waits parked up the street. I tell the other boys that I will locked up the nearly completed house we are working on. Once the guys are gone i let her in and after a quick tour we find ourselves in the laundry. After some kissing she undoes my pants and I sit up on the laundry bench. She takes my now hard cock in one hand and starts licking and sucking on it like she's enjoying an icy pole on a hot day. Unfortunately in the middle of the best Bj I have ever had we hear a car pull up out the front. It's the client, so quickly we redress and I let her out the back door while I pretend to be locking the last few windows when the client walks in. If only he knew I had... read more
"in the middle of the best Bj I have ever had we hear a car pull up out the front..."
I was sent out to a clients office to help sort out a few problems. Another boring few weeks ahead! When i arrived they told me they had a new office intern and would i mind if she helped me out over the next few weeks. She was 19, blond, tanned, tight and toned. did i mind?????
Over the next few days we got chatting as we worked and my devious little mind asked a few innocent questions and the odd flirtatious one or two mixed in for good measure just to get her thinking. It was friday and we were in the tiny filing room going through old files, i didnt mind as it gave me a chance to "accidentally" brush up against her and "squeeze"past her, as the afternoon came around and she asked me if i was going out for a drink with everyone, i told her i... read more
" she leaned forward some more and stuck her arse in the air, my cue to get licking"

As my tongue moved up her thigh and flicked over her clit she took a sharp breathe and let out a moan. My tongue began to gently caress and swirl around her clit as my hands spread her wide apart, she was getting wet and juices tasted so good, my tongue moved up and slid into her pussy, pushing deeper and deeper, she let out a moan pushed back into me even more.

As my tongue darted in and out of her pussy my fingers were massaging her clit and her breathing got heavier and heavier, she reached back and pulled my head into her pussy and let out a moan and started to cum, i could feel her juices running down my chin, she was bucking and bucking as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure ran through her body, she fell onto the filing boxes glowing with pleasure, looked... read more
"i could feel her juices running down my chin..."
Posted: Aug 13, 2011
A little while ago while I was out for the night I caught the eye of a woman across the bar and couldn't help but walk over to her, it was very clear that we fancied each other straight away, I looked down and saw a ring on her finger and realised straight away she was married, I teased her for being a flirt and she looked me up and down and said it was alright to window shop!, we carried on politely chatting and flirting for a few minutes then I engaged in a conversation with one of the ladies friends, a few minutes later a guy comes staggering through the bar, the friend looked at her mate and then tells me they'd been married since school and her friend had never been with anyone else.
The guy says something to his wife then turns to me and slurs "I... read more
"she was very tight and pushed back against me while I pounded away at her..."
Posted: Aug 14, 2011
My most memorable sex secret took place at my former workplace three years ago

I met the hottest man I'd ever laid eyes on two weeks before. I asked this deliriously gorgeous man that had absorbed every evil sexual thought I could'nt control, to come to where I lived, which doubled as my workplace. My residence & the work office were only a few steps away. I knew I was immediately taking a huge risk of getting caught, night workers frequented the premises for me to fulfill my caretakers role. But I was overwhelmed with my desire to experience my overpowering lust for this man.
I dressed in tight jeans, black boots & a low cut tight black crossover top.
As I was way out of my depth, at this time in my life, it's the most sexually daring I had been, and the mere thought of how confidently I wanted him blew... read more
"my pussy was tingling with his mere scent and touch..."
Yesterday was chatting to a guyI have been talking to for a while online and he teased that he was rock hard for me minute had a camm request and there I watched wanking his huge black cock...he kept saying come over but I had to get ready for work in a few hours..then I saw him cumm oh how that turned me on even more. I asked his address which was a couple of suburbs away.
I quickly got my work bag ready and jumped in the car. When I got there he was waiting out side and he told me his flat mate had come back so just to wait till he let me know the coast was clear. I nearly turned around and left then but fuck I was to horny and the thought of sneaking into a room with a 24 yo was to much.
He... read more
"he shooshed me but started pounding that arse"
Posted: Aug 16, 2011
My girl friend at the time and I, were in surfers paradise in a night club which shall remain anononomous.
We had had a few drinks before going out and when we got inside we were watching the girls dancing on the dance floor.
My girl was watching them and turned to notice, that i was watching a couple of girls that were dancing together. These girls had eyes only for each other and were obviously feeling very sexy.
I was feeling very horny and my girl came and sat right next to me and started rubbing me through my pants.
I said to her that i was horny but we couldn't play in here. She had that ever so sexy look in her eyes and said Why?
With that she stood up and pulled me to my feet and kissed me.
She then reached down unzipped my pants and pushed me back on the lounge,... read more
"She just smiled and said that she wanted me to fill her with my cum"
Posted: Aug 20, 2011
One Saturday night I'd decided to go with my girlfriends for a night out.. We were sitting having a few drinks before the band was due to start. I went out through the side door to have a quick smoke.When i walked out the only other person there was a guy sitting on a crate txting on his phone. I didnt pay any notice to it and went through my bag trying to find a light. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see the txt guy offering me a light . I thanked him and turned to watch the lights over the buildings. He said ' Dont turn away , i want to keep looking at your eyes'. I laughed and said ' Thats one of the most silliest pick up lines ive heard'. I flicked my cigarette away then went back inside to join my... read more
"he slowly slide my knickers down my legs and gently stroked my wet lips"
Posted: Aug 22, 2011
So it started w a rose... I found it on my windscreen after work. I knew it was from her ~ we'd been texting & phone flirting for a while & had recently hooked up where it got hot & heavy - M15+ no R rating... yet~ i sent to her a message to say it made me smile ~ she was glad that it had. Homeward bound ~ same old yearning to put me to bed. Woke @ 3am to hear my name being called- my heart pounding, i sat up, asking who it was. She was @ my window wanting to come in & cum we did ~ it was passion that generates over long drawn out verbal foreplay. Neither of us could get out of our clothes fast enough. Time stood still while she made me make sounds like I'd never before. We could get enough of... read more
"it was passion that generates over long drawn out verbal foreplay..."
Posted: Aug 22, 2011
It started at a friends party at the end of our first year at university. I was invited to a Party in Mt Lawley.His sister was the only other perosn there like me that wasnt part of the regular crowd. She was one year younger (just 18 ) really petie and extremely shy. Mum was the tough task master and basically kept her home, only allowing her to stay at one of her friends without questions. I tried asking her out but Mum wouldn't let us.

Anyway we hit it off and I started stopping at their place regularly on weekends. My mate and would come back from the pub and he'd go to sleep. His sister always stayed up watching tv. I was shy back then and she would sit really closeon the lounge floor but I was too afraid to touch. Anyway one night she lent acrossed and we... read more
"my shyness was gone; i got to have the ultimate 2 awesome eighteen year olds"
Posted: Aug 23, 2011
Where do I begin? I owned an art gallery on the Coast... One evening a blue eyed middle eastern guy came in just on dusk. He was loooking at me more than the paintings.Yes lust in the eyes an breathing heavy..... I was feeling a bit amourous, so I locked the shop and we got stuck into it in the dark on the floor of the gallery .... lights out but the windows with no curtains of course... we were going for it. hot heavy and quick... Went out the back to have a shower and locked myself and my clothes in the shop. I had to grab a sheet that just happened to be near the shower..wrap it around me walk around to the cinema on a Friday night where they had the spare key and let myself back in....and the naked guy... No - one knew .... just... read more
"I locked the shop and we got stuck into it in the dark on the floor of the gallery"
Posted: Aug 24, 2011
one afternoon after work a lady friend who i'd been seeing for quite some time decided she'd like to go for a walk to a local lookout point across the beachfront. we walked along the footpath for a while, checking out the view when she sat down on a table just as it was getting on dusk. she then pulled me closer, and though there was people not even 100 meters away, kissed me and started rubbing my crotch. she unzipped my fly and pulled my member out from my underwear. she started rubbing it slowly on herself, deciding how to get it inside her without too much effort. she managed to use two fingers while holding me to pull her panties aside, and aim me directly into what was the wettest dripping pussy ive ever felt. needless to say, thrusting her on the side of a public table while... read more
"thrusting her on the side of a public table while people were so closeby was quite the effort"
Posted: Aug 24, 2011
I was out one night with my house mate up the local nightclub when his ex was flirting with other guys and making him feel uncomfortable. I had been drinking a little and decided to let her see he didnt need her and could do much better. He was sitting on the stage so I went up to him and gave him a big pash making sure his ex could see. That was all that happened up the club but walking home we were a little ahead of the others and stopped to pash some more once or twice. Then when we were all back at the house (it used to be a stop over place for a few of my mates as it was walking distance from the town centre) my house mate and I went to walk my Mums dogs, which we were looking after... read more
"he was not my usual type of guy but the sex was unbelievable..."
We'd both woken early one morning still Horny after a very busy night together, the room smelt like sex, the sheets were still damp with sweat, and the memories of the night only made us hotter. We started kissing and touching each other but it wasnt long before we were getting a lot heavier... then the phone rang, we screened, it was my girlfriends Mother and she sounded a little stressed so we answered. Soon It was pretty evident from the look on my partners face that it was nothing serious and she was wishing she hadnt stopped, I started kissing her back and she moaned, her mother must have heard it, so my girl told her she was getting a massage and nudged me to keep going, about 2 mins later Our door opened and our neighbour (KC) came into the room and jumped into the Bed, joking... read more
"I got more game and spooned up to my girl, slipping into her easily, she moaned again..."
Posted: Aug 25, 2011
When I was nineteen, I had a beautiful eighteen year-old girlfriend; Victoria, who, at the time, was pretty unexperienced. As she started to learn, her appetite for sex grew. We would spend most of our time at her parents' house, as we were both attending university.

After a long day of study, I showed up at her place tired and not expecting anything. Vic showed up at the door in a purple tank top and short pleated skirt, with her long, chocolate brown hair straightened and cascading effortlessly down her shoulders, a wan smile fixed on her cherry-red lips. I could tell almost instantly that she was ready to fuck; her lingering kiss and wandering hands giving her away. I knew her parents were home. "This should be interesting" I thought to myself, as we walked into her

"You kids can start on dinner, I'm just heading out to pick up... read more
"I started to come as I pulled out, spraying most of it over her tits..."
Posted: Aug 26, 2011
A few years ago i was living in a house with a couple of mates.
a married couple with kids owned the house and lived a few houses down. between the 3 of us we had often talked about what it would be like to be with the landlady. she was 34 had had 2 kids but stil in great nick, and had the most amazing blue eyes.

After living in the house for 5 months, with nothing happening apart from some innocent flirting.

On my 20th birthday i was not gonna head out, but got a text from a girl i liked asking me to come out. so out i went, there was landlady, husband was interstate, kids at her parents. still plenty of flirting but nothing more, was chasing her friend. We all left the club very drunk, nothing had happened with the girl i was chasing and she left with... read more
"i turned around to see her standing there naked asking me if i was coming to bed..."

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