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This month it's all about shaggin' on the sly! We want to hear about all the quiet little sex sessions you've had. Maybe you snuck in and banged Claire Rogers while her parents watched telly in the next rooms, or maybe you snuck off to the copy room with Mark from accounting and had a secret lunchtime hook-up. Whatever your sneaky shag story is, we want to hear about it, and remember, the best entry will take home a cash award!

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January 2014 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jan 02, 2014
This is one of my all time favourite memories. I was seeing this one woman quite regularly and would often text me to sneak out of work and meet her. There was a cinema complex not far from work and during the day the sessions only had a few pensioners. So she told me what movie and where and I met her and right up the back row in the corner she was waiting, well my tie was pulled to the side immediately, buttons undone and hot kissing and touching and feeling and this was going on for quite a while, she had come prepared no panties and a skirt and my hand was up there and driving her crazy with soft touches and then plunging inside her. While getting into each other we hear a few coughs and splutters and an old couple were walking... read more
"I pulled out my raging hard on and she immediately dropped to her knees"
Posted: Jan 03, 2014
Mr ttcoo met a lady at Maccas once for the first time and things went pretty well for him.

After a bit of conversation he then felt under her dress (she was wearing a maxi dress) and discovered she had no underwear on; so after a little playing with her and getting her nice and wet she then came around and sat on his lap, lifting her dress and unzipping his pants and sliding herself down his cock while people were seated beside them. After some very discreet movements he came and she wasn't far behind him.

Hope you like... he did.... read more
"she then came around and sat on his lap, lifting her dress"
Posted: Jan 03, 2014
About four months ago I was working on my own in a store and it was really quiet not much going on and in came this pretty hot woman , she was looking for some clothes for her dad and I helped her out and after the sale we had a good chat. She talked about her husband and how she wished she didn't get married and her sex life is stale. Eventually I started talking to her about sex and treaded lightly on the subject and that I could make her day interesting, so I suggested something and surprisingly she said yes.
On my lunch break I met her at a lingerie store and told her to pick out two and we will go to a changeroom and model them for me. We went into a department store and I just rushed and grabbed two shirts and she... read more
" I struggled to keep my hands to myself and she then told me I was allowed to touch myself"
Posted: Jan 04, 2014
I was seeing this married guy from work, yes he was a taxi driver. He has a good size cock that I was happy to suck anytime even in the back of the taxi, we would often play in the taxi, either me pulling his cock while he was driving or we would go for a drive during work time and he would fuck me in the back of the cab on the side of the road with cars driving past, I would go back to work with his cum inside me. It was always so good and hot and risky. We even went to a car park one day and he fucked me over the boot of my car with other cars around. Oh to have these days again.... read more
"It was always so good and hot and risky."
Overall Winner
Posted: Jan 08, 2014
In my mid twenties I lived in th US...on one of my trips to Mexico my friends and I went to a nightclub. After lots of drinking, sweating and dirty dancing with one very large, hot Latino, I took him by the hand and led him into the female toilets.
We went into a cubicle while the full restroom pretended to ignore us...from the second the door was shut, his hand was inside my panties, his fingers ramming my hot, wet pussy. In the cramped room, he bared my breasts, sucked roughly on my erect nipple and turned us together so that he was sitting on the toilet....I freed his huge, hard cock from his pants and guided it straight into me as I sat on him. In what seemed only seconds, I was screaming in ecstacy as we fucked each other hard...I came so hardi sucked every last... read more
"I took him by the hand and led him into the female toilets. "
Posted: Jan 09, 2014
It was NYE and my partner and I and four other friends were going on a boat in the harbour. Right near The Harbour Bridge. The day before, we found out there would also be 5 backpackers with us. A mother with her two daughters and a married couple ( friends of one of the daughters ). They were lovely people. We got on board about 12 midday. So sitting in the sun and drinking and swimming and eating we were having a great time. Long story short, I went downstairs to cut up a salad and the wife of the married couple was down there. We started talking and she kept telling me how gorgeous my eyes were then she leant over and kissed me. I was a bit shocked at first but then I went along with it. As we kissed I played with her tits. I pulled... read more
"My hand slipped up her dress to find she had no undies on."
Posted: Jan 16, 2014
It all started on a stifiling hot day when as usual I stopped off at my local coffee shop before I went to work. As I entered there was a hot redhead in a tight black mini skirt and tight top from the solar company down the street. She was around 5 foot 4 with sexiest body I had ever seen. I looked at her and she smiled discreetly at me and then asked me if I was planning on doing much today. As she saw me fumble for my money I placed a business card (3 quarters out) in my back pocket. I winked at her and she winked back. As she left she took the card out of my pocket. When I arrived at work I found an email from her. She asked if I would like to have some sexy fun in our lunch break as she... read more
"When we met up Elizabeth told she has been aching for some action"

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