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This month we are feeling the summer lovin' and want to hear all about your sandy sexcapades! Whether it was a cheeky trip to the nude beach, a holiday romp, or a debauched night time swim, we want to hear all the salty details!

As always, the winner takes away the cash prize, so leave nothing to the imagination.

January 2019 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jan 02, 2019
To be honest I have a few stories like this, mostly while dressed in a bikini and with horny guys, but this story was with a female work friend of mine who's always wanted to have an experience at a nude beach. So we organised to go on a weekday last year, it was a beautiful 30° day and headed down to Mosman, walked down the track and picked a spot on the beach, got naked and went straight in for a swim.

After we got out and were lying there chatting she noticed a lot of people heading up a track into the bush and asked where it went. I told her that that's where couples go to get it on. She looked pretty excited and asked if I ever had done it up there and I told her I hadn't here, at the other nude beach which is a... read more
""you know there's about 10 guys right behind you watching us"? "
Posted: Jan 03, 2019
When I was 25, it was a very hot summer evening, my then girlfriend, Jill, were on the way home from a party night. We drove along the coast where we stopped at a secluded beach in South City Beach. It is only accessible to the water via a short walkway through the sand dunes to a long-deserted beach area. It was a full moon that night as we proceeded to have a skinny dip, the water was cold so we warmed each other by kissing and playing with wandering hands where one thing lead to another. Before I knew it, I was on my back on our beach towels, where Jill then mounted me. Together, we were enjoying the moment, we were frenzy fucking to keep warm, then it was a short time after we reversed positions and finishing in missionary. I was about the cum, so withdraw, stood... read more
"'It was then, I realised we were being watched...'"
Posted: Jan 03, 2019
Okay, someone has to kick this off, so let me. I'm not an erotic writer, sorry!

A long time ago now, I had a girlfriend a few years younger than me. She was still in highschool, and I was in Uni. On the day of her 16th birthday, for her birthday present, I collected her from school about lunchtime (schools were a lot slacker about tracking things in those days) and we drove down to the beach. I had a picnic rug handy - as I'm sure you all appreciate, sand gets everywhere and it chafes something horrid so some kind of mat was required. We took the picnic rug and found a nice secluded spot in the sand dunes amongst the bushes.

We then spent the next couple of hours completely naked, celebrating the fact that we could now legally do what we were doing in a variety of different... read more
"'We then spent the next couple of hours completely naked'"
It was New Years Day and I wanted to relax on a nude beach before returning to work that week...

I arrived at the beach with my bikinis on underneath a short white linen dress, that hugged the curves of my body. I found a spot, set up my umbrella, laid down my towel and removed my dress, and began stripping off. I could feel eyes on me from nearby, making me tingle with excitement.

I got my book from my beach bag, laid on my towel and got settled in...

It wasn't long later I spotted a gorgeous toned guy walking around looking for a spot to set up.. much to my pleasure, as I peeped over my book, I noticed he found a patch to settle on, just over the sand dune from me :) I gazed over the spine of my book as he had stripped off and... read more
"'I felt so vulnerable - completely nude and nothing to shield myself with...'"
Finally, I arrived at his place, sent a quick text and he came out the side to greet me. He opened his arms to me, I felt his bare chest touch me as he caressed me into a hug. I asked if I could quickly wash my hands - they felt sticky and gritty from the sand at the beach, John offered a shower which I was happy to take. I removed my dress and hopped in the shower, letting the water gently run all over my body, wondering what would happen next...

I dried myself off, slipped my dress back on and to my delight, John had two glasses of wine in his hand as he walked over to his couch.

We flirted and slipped on wine, edging closer to each other gently touching. I could feel myself wet with anticipation.

It got to a break in the conversation, and John... read more
"'I was in ecstasy so quickly in that moment...'"
Overall Winner
Posted: Jan 15, 2019
It was a warm May day in Qld, we excitedly agreed to attend a secluded beach together, knowing full well it wasn't appropriate, we shouldn't be attending a nudist beach together, but the underlying desire was obvious.

Sunshine Coast's ABay is well known but this day, we were at Coolum.

After making out way down I removed my clothing and lie naked in the sun. My lady friend, not quite as ambitious, beside me topless, her huge breasts glistening in the sun. Very quickly conversation turned toward the sexual energy we had.

Looking deep into her eyes I leaned in and took her nearest nipple in my mouth, there was no protest, only a gentle moan of pleasure.

As I concentrated, I felt a hand endeavouring to slide under my hips, searching for and finding my hardness...she gently stroked as I continued.

We couldn't resist any longer - we picked up our towels... read more
"'Looking deep into her eyes I leaned in and took her nearest nipple in my mouth...'"

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