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This month we want to hear about fantasies made true! Write in and tell us what you and your partners did to live out your hottest sexual fantasies; we're talking strangers in a bar, gender swapping, domination, or the good old school girl and headmaster. Whatever your fantasy, if you've lived it, let us know and you could take home the monthly cash award!

September 2010 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Sep 03, 2010
My fantasy was fulfilled when i had multiple hook ups with an African/American Woman (D). It happened when i was on 7 day holiday in Egypt 3 weeks after the september 11 attacks. When our group met for the pre- departure meeting it was severely lacking numbers due to cancellations. This in a way was good as we could then get to know everyone well. When we were allocated roomies i was told that looking after the attractive ladies in a islamic country was required as it would make them feel more comfortable if a bloke was with them.

While in the Cairo museum this hot african/american ladies had caught my eye. We started chatting about the exhibits and took photos. After that we got on the train to Aswan and decided to chat more and to get to know each other. Then the following night on the Nile (D)... read more
"I came inside of her as she screamed"
Posted: Sep 07, 2010
S and I had been fuck buddies for a while. He would sometimes comment that it would take more than one guy to satisfy me so he got one of his friends (K) to join us on occasions. They must have been discussing our trysts and S remembered that my birthday was coming up. S and K were both firemen and had snuck me into the station a couple of times. It had been lots of fun so they decided to ramp things up a bit.

S organised with K to swap rosters for the night and arranged for two other friends to do the same so they were all working the same night shift at the same station.He told me to come prepared so I put on my best lace lingerie and a sexy top and skirt. I couldn't help but be a little bit nervous, but the thought of... read more
"We moved to the dorm, the other two guys joined in and all four explored every part of me."
Posted: Sep 09, 2010
Like any guy I love head jobs. Problem is my partner hates them. So after many dry years, I took the plunge and found my way to a site much like this one. My sob story clearly touched the the heart (or pussy) of a slightly older lady just up the road from me as it turned out. So after some online chatting, I just took the plunge and asked if she wanted to meet. She said yes.

So in the middle of the night, while the other half was away, I jumped in the car and found my way to a little ground floor apartment. She was not what I expected, but not in a bad way. We spent about five minutes chatting and watching a music DVD, then she offered me a massage. So on her floor I lay, while 80s mage band... read more
"She really was hungry like the wolf..."
we have all herd guys saying they would like to be a gigilo!! when i broke up with my pathetic sexless wife i thought fuck it im going to be ,so johnny freight train was born, cards printed adds in magazines swingers clubs it was all going on .1st job nothing exciting sweet little size 6 watching porn my job that nite as advised by the boyfriend was to enter her from behind as she watched the porn and fuck her stupid without her seeing me. 2nd job, wifes at home hubbys up in the mines !i was told to sit on the chair naked she then slid her pre lubed ass down on my cock until her legs could move no more ,this woman was the sex bomb so, time /money ratio was out the door, i was having a blast prob several actually, she deep throated ,recieved fisting... read more
"ive never eaten so much hot ass still to this day"
Posted: Sep 26, 2010
W and I have been married for many years and have always enjoyed an amazing sex life and we’ve often fantasized about having other people involved in the bedroom.
One night we drank too much wine, watched a favorite porno and fucked each other senseless. We were talking about how great the sex had been and how horny it would be to experience other people. I looked at him and asked him if he wanted to make it happen, and he happily nodded his head.
The next morning we were both nervous about what we’d discussed, but Pandoras box had been opened, and the more we talked about it the less shocking and more exciting it sounded.
After a couple of weeks we booked a room in the CBD and the horny, excited build-up sex began. I walked around in a constant state of arousal... read more
"every time I felt a mans eyes on me I felt my nipples burn and my pussy clench"
Posted: Sep 26, 2010
Continued from Part 1.......

I kissed her mouth and her neck and then sucked her nipples, loving the way they puckered in my mouth. I kissed down her tummy and drew back to look at her shaven pussy. I could see she was wet, and I loved feeling how slippery and hot her pussy felt when I rubbed her clit then slipped two fingers in and rubbed her g-spot. I was mildly shocked by how much her pussy felt like my own. Ilicked her thighs then tasted her love juice and it was so sweet and good. I felt it slippery in my mouth and I loved the feel of it when I was rubbing my tongue and lips over her plump pink pussy lips. W and He were rubbing my arse and I felt one of them or both of them both pull down... read more
"When she came I felt her pussy clench around my fingers"

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