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This month we want to hear about your first times... this doesn't mean losing your virginity, it just refers to sexual firsts, whatever they may be. It could be your first time having a threesome, your first anal adventure, perhaps your first same sex experience. Whatever your tale, we want to hear it and we're going to reward the best entries with a super-sexy cash award, so get writing!

July 2010 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Jul 01, 2010
Because we enjoy hearing from other couples who enjoy spouse sharing we decided to share our experiences also. Im Jim and I really get into sharing, especially watching Lisa have sex with other men. I enjoy her stories followed by sloppy seconds.
Dave (her date) picked Lisa up at our house to take her dancing.
Lisa was running late & was still in the shower when Dave arrived. So I offered him a drink. Our small talk soon turned to sex, or more appropriately sex with Lisa.
Dave asked if I had ever actually seen Lisa getting anal from another man and I told him I had a tape of her being double teamed. I put it on.
We were watching when Lisa came out to join us. She was dressed in a maids outfit. Hot stilettos, fishnets, short black dress & apron. The outfit was spray-on tight and got me... read more
"I heard the sound of Dave's zip being pulled down"
Posted: Jul 02, 2010
Having lead a fairly sheltered sex life (although my head was often in an other place) i decided to join RHP after finding out my wife had been having affairs with both guys and girls.
So in went my profile, after a short time i chatted to a local girl and we meet up and had the time of our life.
Now to go the next step, while having had a MMF threesome many years ago i was always curious about touching and sucking a hard cock. Well after a little back and forth messages we decided to meet. They were a couple, but married to others.
He worked in a shop and she was a bored housewife, i walked into his shop and i was meet with a smile and a firm hand shake from Steve. My heart beating from both nerves and excitement i went out the back of the... read more
"Dee licked and sucked me to the most mind blowing climax"
Posted: Jul 03, 2010
12 wild women heading away for a girls weekend and the accomodation was all sorted, three to a room. I was sharing with my two best friends, Sarah and Beth but Beth had a relationship breakup and backed out which left me and Sarah with the room to ourselves.

After catching up with the girls and downing a few drinks, we decided to have a rest before we got ready to go out. I was all up for that and was looking forward to stretching out and getting stuck into the book I had been waiting to read, but things didn't go quite as I planned.

I dived in the shower as we walked in and Sarah got in straight after I jumped out. Neither of us bothered to dress and flopped down on the bed with our books and got lost in our own little worlds.... read more
"My tongue and fingers moved faster and faster"
Posted: Jul 07, 2010
Many years ago my fuck buddy who was Bisexual dared me to suck cock. I areed, so one day she organised one of her other male fuck buddies to be my first cock suck. I went over with my fuck buddy to her friends place one day and we all got naked and as soon as we were naked, both of us were hard instanly and my fuck buddy started to get wet around her manicured pussy. After i sat on a chair and he went down on me. After a while it felt so good i came in his mouth, then i went down on him and sucked his shaft as if i was experienced at it. After that we had a 69 and our fuck buddy was mastuabating while we having the 69. Then after we came in each other mouth's we fucked our fuck buddy while... read more
"as soon as we were naked, both of us were hard instanly"
Posted: Jul 08, 2010
My first time was with my husband, while we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

It was at his parents house and he was so gentle towards me as he knew that I had done nothing before.

He proceeded to touch my breasts and get my nipples hard, working his massaging hands down towards my area, he then was just touching me nothing else by this stage, he whispered in my ear "are you sure", he was so nice. He proceeded to insert his fingers in me, I let out a moan as it felt good. While he was fingering me he was licking my nipples and kissing me all the way down. He then got between my legs and gave me oral, I let out an orgasm and noises I have never felt before.

He then took it slow, and proceeded to pop my cherry, he let his juice release in me and of... read more
"I let out an orgasm and noises I have never felt before"
Posted: Jul 08, 2010
He was a rich boy gone bad to quote the cliche. I was attracted to his bad boy side as well as the fact that he was very pretty :) Bad,hot and wealthy........surely it doesn't get any better?! He took me to his parents home one day, politely introduced me to his parents and told me "with my parents here, i want you to fuck me but lets not get caught;lets have some fun." With that and a cheeky smirk on his face he lead me into his fathers vast 4 car garage and there sat a freshly parked Red Porshe.
He took my hand, lead me to the Porshe, kissed me and turned me to face the car with him behind me. I could hear his parents talking in the rooms above us and wondered if they would come down and catch us but of course this only added to... read more
"I reached under to play with my button which made him hotter"
Posted: Jul 09, 2010
I was friends with a hot chick who was frankly was horny 24/7. One day she proposed to me that we have sex on her motorcycle. I was unsure how 2 people could comfortably have sex on a motorcycle. I agreed to it as it was different from the normal bed and shower sex we had.When i got to her place we went straight to her garage and stripped. I initially got on the bike as if i was riding it and then she got on facing the same way. She was so wet that my rock hard cock just inserted itself inside of her. She then told me to hold to the handle bars as she did , then shewent up and down many many times and came inside of her. After that we went smiled at each ohter then fucked up against the wall where i came inside... read more
"One day she proposed to me that we have sex on her motorcycle"
Posted: Jul 09, 2010
It was my first time meeting this cute guy i met thru here he met me outside the pub then we had something to eat (no not each other yet) lol

After chatting he asked me would i like to escort him to a hotel room i was a little shy and i agreed. When we went to the room he started touching and feeling me he was a thigh man and he got hard at the sight of them.

He started licking my now moist pussy up and down like a real pro i could feel myself about to orgasm and next thing i know i had squirt coming down my legs i didnt realise i had squirted i excused myself and ran to the bathroom i thought i had peed myself but to my delight i later realised i had actually squirted.

I later told the guy about this and... read more
"i could feel myself about to orgasm..."
Posted: Jul 12, 2010
My best friend and I were always close... She was openly bi but had never gone down on a girl before, I was never bi until I met her. She opened up a pandoras box, when we first met. Together we were the definition of sexual energy, it oozed from us both naturally. We'd had fleeting drunken romps, often we'd leave crowded rooms to push each other against walls for a feel or a suck. I guess we were both waiting for the other to make the first move, and of course, working on a boat in the middle of the ocean provided the perfect setting.
As we sat upon the roof of the boat, finally clean from shark blood, admiring the sunset- her hand lingered painfully on my upper leg. I ached for her hand to sweep downward, to touch the place we'd both ever bee before. Low and... read more
"The sound of her small whimpers made me hornier than I'd ever been before"
Posted: Jul 16, 2010
We strolled through the club, stopping to chat to some of the couples, on the balcony. They all seemed nice to talk to, but none of them were really turning me on, so we decided to head inside to the bar area where we watched porn playing on the big screen tv. My playmate slid his hand up my skirt to play with my pussy, he groaned when he felt how wet I was. 'How about that one?' he asked pointing out various guys in the lounge 'No thanks' came my answer over and over again. Frustrated (nobody was turning me on) we decided to go downstairs to the play room and just 'watch'.

The next thing I remember is being stripped naked and lying on my back on a massage table, I had a cock in my hand and a cock in my mouth... read more
"The next thing I remember is being stripped naked and lying on my back"
Posted: Jul 17, 2010
I was staying at a friends house by the ocean. I was a university student on summer vacation, working for a friend of mine who owned a guest house by the sea. I had spent a whole year at university partying , and had lots of girl friends, but I was still a virgin. My friend's wife, had a close friend Vicky, who was a stunning 32 year old blonde with a deep tan... extremely hot. After a few meetings , my friends wife suggested I might like to pay Vicky a visit as she was a bit lonely as her husband worked away. So I donned my best clothes and headed up to the house. I rang the bell and she aswered the door a little suprised, I explained that Jen had suggested she would like some company. So she invited me in and... read more
"I just grasped her ass and ground into her..."
Posted: Jul 17, 2010
I've always had this fantasy about seeing my wife with another man, not joining in but watching, my wife does know about this fantasy, anyway one night my wife went out on the town by herself while I watched a bit telly home, at about midnight I get a call from her asking if I could pick her and a friend up I say ok, then she says her friend is a male which immediately makes me feel excited that I might get to experience my fantasy, so I get in the car all excited driving down to the bar to pick them up, I get there and they both get in the back, I am introduced as her close friend not her husband, as we move off I position the mirror so I can see what they are getting up to, immediately I get a rear view mirror full... read more
"I can hear that he is enjoying my wife giving him head..."
Posted: Jul 21, 2010
For a couple of years i had been shagging my fair share of aussie girls, so when i decided to go overseas on a organised trip sex with a fellow group member from another country was essential. After a few days on the bus i got friendly with an american bird who was hot and very sexy. One night in Amsterdam we decided to indulge in the local and legal dope smoking scene. After a couple of hours we decided to go back to our rooms and get frisky. I was hard instantly when she took off her top and her beautiful boobs with hard nipples pointed in my direction. We then fucked for hours and hours as we pleased each other with oral and regular sex. She told me that while i was pounding her hairless pussy that she came multiple times. I so enjoyed fucking her pussy... read more
"After a couple of hours we decided to go back to our rooms and get frisky..."
I met a woman and had a couple of dates.The third date,us both having worked a long day,we just lounged on the couch watching telly,her daughter had recently left to go to a party.

We were discussing what to do,when I said "I've got a crazy idea,let's make love",we slowly kissed and touched each other for a few minutes,when suddenly she stood up and said "quick let's get our pants off"

She took off her knickers,and I dropped my pants to my ankles,whilst she wiggled her way on to my pole.She pushed down on me with unbelievable tension,whilst I thrust upwards with perfect timing,squeezing her cute bum in the process.

I practically had a cum explosion a few minutes later and then gently lowered her to the carpet,where we got it all off and rolled around sucking and fucking for the next half an hour.

We remained as a couple for nearly a year... read more
"She pushed down on me with unbelievable tension"
Posted: Jul 27, 2010
I was home alone with no kids for a change. What to do...after talking to a good male friend, I decided to take off on my own to Couples International. I was nervous, excited, and somewhat horny at the idea of hot women and men for me to choose from.
It was a little slow at first and I felt very over dressed in my black knee highs and shoe string little black dress. I played pool with a not so attractive guy, while a hot guy watched from the sidelines. I noticed this guy a few times but wasn't brave enough to talk to him and be rejected, so I just kept smiling at him when ever I saw him.
After a few hours, some pole dancing with a couple of hot girls then watching them eat each others pussies, and worming my way out of a few encounters,... read more
"my hot guy was fingering my wet pussy while I was kissing the gorgeous girl..."
Posted: Jul 29, 2010
We had just had an argument and he was sitiing in his car sulking when i walked down the stairs and got into the passenger seat. We were parked in our drive way facing a very public road. i jumped onto his lap wearing a silk dressing gown and a pair of white knee high boots. i unzipped his jeans and started giving him a blowjob until he came all in my mouth. After swallowing the whole lot i began to ride him hard and fast and as i was riding him like the stallion he is, my ass was hitting the horn on the steering wheel everytime. As i was screaming louder and louder in sheer pleasure the car horn sounding to the rythm alerting people of our presence. He slipped a finger into my other hole and started moving it round to the rythm as well. Soaking in... read more
"my ass was hitting the horn on the steering wheel"

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