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This month we're celebrating the old favourite, the MMF threesome! Two guys and one lucky girl getting double the attention! If you've been in a MMF dance, we want to hear all about it. What happened, how did it happen and what did it feel like?! Don't forget, the hottest, sexiest entry takes home the cash award, so don't be shy.

July 2017 Submitted Sex Secrets

This happened a long long time ago, and no, lve not told anyone until now, It was kinda embarrasing but sexy too. It was on a friday night after work, all the staff would get shouted by the bosses, some drinks and takeaway would be bought in. The week at work would be discussed and the usual laughter and anecdotes would ensue, then discussion would occur to see if we could all agree on a solution to successfully counteract any negative scenarios, if they should arise in the future.

It was kind of like brain storming but conducted more in a jovial manner but is the case, egoes come into play and get off side when there point severely opposes more dominant personalities. The night disintergrated quickly and staff dispersed, leaving only a few of us more senior staff to clear away the mess and more than often... read more
"it lead to both guys then competing to whom was the better kisser "
Posted: Jul 10, 2017
The incident happened a couple of years back, my first MMF experience and something I can still swear by as being my most intimate encounter till date. Met the husband online and fixed a date to meet him and his why (Will name them Mr and Mrs to prevent their identity).

I booked a room at the Sofitel Hotel in the city, perfect location for a sensual and discrete encounter. The evening started with a glass of wine for them (I am a non-drinker) and some chit chat. The chat centred around our life, our families and slowly turned into fantasies and sexuality. I am a big lover of navels, so the chat veered towards Mrs's navel and that is when all the action started.

She was wearing a black short skirt and a crisp white shirt. I slowly started feeling her beautiful curvaceous body from over her white shirt.... read more
"Every inch of her body was licked and played with"
Overall Winner
Posted: Jul 20, 2017
My husband (C) and I went on a 2 week holiday to Mololo island in Fiji 2012. We were in our 30's.

We have had the occasional hotwife moments but this was the best!

So lazing on the banana lounge about the pool, a sexy, slim, smooth chocolate barman - Tavita was taking our orders for drinks, C asked if I could be a little tease when he came back, so I pulled the bathers up as reasonably high as I could on the lounge, giving a good outline of my bits - and pushed the table down to the middle of the lounge so it was aligned to my bikini bottoms. Tavita returned and placed the drinks on the table, we pretended to be talking but watched Tavita's eyes darting across the table to get a good view of my

So they day continued with swims and drinks for hours on... read more
"It felt like it was never going to end as he pushed home"

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