Christmas Sexy

It's time to let the Yule rule people... so get your kit off and empty the big sack! We want to hear about your best Xmas shag! Banged Mrs Clause under the Mistletoe? Perhaps you spent Christmas eve sucking Santa Clause by the neon haze of your Chrissy tree? What ever the scenario, we want to hear all about it! So get writing. And don't forget, should Santa pick your entry as the best, the Red Hot cash award will follow!

December 2008 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Dec 02, 2008
Imagine me now coming up behind you in a dark corner of the restraunt. Running my hands up your stockings slowly.

Resting as i reach your skin, without touching you, you feel the warmth.

Your nervous being in a crowed room, yet not wanting me to stop. The more you blush the hotter you get. I finaly touch you, your wetness clinging to your panties. i slide your undies to one side, gring my thumb against your pulsating clit, the relief is instant.

Someone walks past you hesitate only for a second but grind even harder.
Your now at the point of no return. You take control and drag me to a broom closet you feel my hardness as we close the door.
Unzipping me you feel me throb, the lighting is poor yet you see my pre cum oozing with each pulsating beat.

You need me inside you hitching your skirt... read more
Posted: Dec 06, 2008
It started as a fun night, as they all do,Work Christmas Party, Wild Wild West Themed. Not many could under imagine the Wild WILD things we might get up to now could they?
Food, Drinks, thats fine, but Ive dressed up for this occasion and I know you like it. Tight Jeans, Tight top, and those thigh high cow girl boots?who could resist? You keep staring at me, even though your talking with your work mates. I just smile back and you know whats hiding behind it.
Everybody else gets too drunk and rambunctious so we decide to take off to our hotel room.Not after having a flirt and testing the waters with a few of the girls though.
We walk into the hotel room, OH MY GOD the robes are so comfortable and soft on my skin,I cant help but ditch my jeans and constricting underwear to reveal the surprise of nakedness... read more
Overall Winner
Posted: Dec 07, 2008
Christmas had arrived and this particular year my girl and I headed away with her best friend to a beach shack up the coast.

Our first day of relaxation was spent on the golden beach that was literally on our doorstep. The sight of my dark haired beauty strolling to the sand in her tiny white bikini certainly took away the stress of the working year. Her friend wasn’t at all hard on the eye either, and was a little bolder than us. She had arrived on the sand in a summer dress, but didn’t waste any time stripping it all off. Her rationale was that it was a private beach, and if anyone was about then let them look. Well I was about and it was difficult to ignore her pert, golden-skinned body lying exposed right next to us. My girlfriend noticed my distraction and just looked at me... read more
Posted: Dec 19, 2008
It was just last week when my i noticed the reception girl started looking a bit horney,i am 20 years older than her but i know the look..I asked her to type an urgent report late in the day and she said if she didnt finish it she would stay back to get the job done.
once the office was empty she knew what she wanted, she bent over to pick up a file off the floor just giving me a glimpse of of he well rounded ass with a tiny purple g string, of couse I had to comment on it and she sat on the edge of my desk just to tease me a bit more.It was only a matter of time before i had my face buried in the her silky smooth pussy while she sucked my cock till i could give no more then we both went... read more
Posted: Dec 21, 2008
It was after the staff Xmas party. A great night where averyone got on well and many wanted to keep partying. Many of us headed off to a club, me tagging along. I had no plans except to enjoy some fellowship with my workmates - something not often done due to our stressful work environment.

A blonde came up to me and said hello. At first I didn't recognise her, I hadn't seen her since her mother's funeral about 25 years ago and at that time she was a brunette - I had only ever known her to be a brunette. We talked, drank laughed and remembered. She reminded me I was the first person she had sex with. As the night when on she reminded me about many others things. The size of my hands. The thickness of my cock.... read more
Posted: Dec 28, 2008
Twas last xmas eve. Met a few mates for a traditional few at the local, leaving the wife at home. I was passing the dance floor when a beuatiful tall blonde caught my eye, something seemed familiar about the way she moved her body. I circled for a closer look, and when I saw her huge beautiful brown eyes, I recognised her instantly. I snuck up two inches from ear and whispered " hello stranger". She turned and our eyes met for the first time in 14 years, although she still remained five years younger than I. We chatted a little, shared a ride to a party and then chatted some more. We decided on a walk together and chose a recently constructed board-walk in the dunes of a beach we used to surf and swim at together years before. As we approached a seating area my 19 year old... read more

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