To be a cougar, you have to be naturally wild

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Slowly with trembling hands he ran them up the inside of my legs
The private swingers party was in full swing. Some 30 people spread around the 3 bedroom California bungalow in the eastern suburbs. My Husband loves to watch me; especially with girls or being passionate with a male, he or I fancied at such parties.
He had his eye on and indicated a likely candidate. A good looking man in his early 40’s.
Gym fit and already catching the eye of two young single girls in their 30’s.
I knew that I had to catch his attention. So I started to slowly dance to the soft music; playing as background music in the lounge. My sexy Filipino body was of course naturally tanned, my skin was silky soft, my nipples have dark black circles to highlight them.
Black gold my husband calls my body; that he enjoys so much.
I locked my eyes with my choice, smiling and seductively licking my lips. Letting my tongue slip out.
As I danced slowly ,turning my body around; knowing my dress being backlit was showing my curves as clearly in the subdued lighting, as if I was naked.(my Husband had trained me well) the conversation buzz in the room had stopped, I knew all eyes were on me.
I brushed my right hand over my left breast, tweaking and massaging my nipple. Then slid my hand down to caress my pussy, barely covered by a red G string.
At the same time still licking my lips. My eyes slowly moved from his and my gaze travelled across his body, moving in the direction of his crotch. I thrust my body suggestively forward in his direction. Even though he was on the other side of the lounge. It worked, his hand went straight to try and cover his now bulging erection. He dropped his eyes with initial embarrassment, but quickly recovering he walked towards me, ignoring the grasping hands of his admirers; that realised they had missed their chance.
He dropped to his knees in front of me, first pressing his face against my dress to lightly kiss the fabric and sniff my aroma .Slowly with trembling hands he ran them up the inside of my legs. It felt awesome. Then pulling my G string aside from my wet dripping juicy pussy.
His tongue was soon lapping up my juices. His hands gripping my buttocks, He lowered me down on to the well placed Scatter cushions. I unzipped him and soon had his gorgeous cut cock in my greedy mouth.
Ah yes I don’t like being called a cougar, but it empowers me to be one LOL  
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