take it out on his friends

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i sat down and undid a few buttons
Im a very thoughtful sexy girlfriend... so when my new boyfriend had to cancel our friday night plans to work i decided to pay him a visit there. Id spent the arvo at the day spa getting plucked and preened and any girl will tell you the feeling of a velvety soft freshly waxed pussy gets your juices flowing. I wanted cock and i wanted it bad. He was a security guy on graveyard shift, very little action and he only worked with one or 2 other guys at that time of night... my plan was to go in wearing my winter coat buttoned up over my completely naked body... i did my hair in long loose thick waves strapped on a pair of wickedly high and sexy stilettos deep red glossy lipstick and collected myself and strode in expecting him to nearly die when he saw me. Instead some young guy totally lost for words told me he'd find out where he was... i took a seat in the tiny office... then another older guy comes out not believing his eyes... "youre his girlfriend! um um hang on.." i sat that nearly sliding off my set i was so wet totally loving how hard these guys were over me... The older guy came out and said we cant really get through to him... i followed him out the back, "well hes not exactly on roster tonight" ... what?? oh now this really pissed me off, i wanted revenge!! and was still aching for cock. It was raining pretty hard outside so I asked if I could wait until it stopped..., i brushed past the young one close enuf to feel he had a raging hard on... i was looking the other one in the eye and biting my lip... i sat down and undid a few buttons, then spread my legs and started touching myself.... i sucked the juices from my fingers and gestured for the older one to come over... i led his hand over my tits then showed him where to touch me, i saw the younger one looking thoroughly dejected and undid all my buttons and opened it and motioned for him to join in. It was barely a minute before i was on all fours one cock deep down my throat and the other fucking me stupid. i came like a bitch swallowed a load got up buttoned my coat and ran out into the night...  
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Posted: May, 23 2013
Love it!
Posted: Mar, 13 2013
Love that story....revenge is sweet :)
Posted: Mar, 12 2013
What a lucky lady.

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