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April 2017 - BDSM Bangs.

This month we want to hear about your BDSM bedroom bangs! If you like the chips, dips, chains and whips then this month is gonna be right up your alley. Tell us about your sexy adventures with bondage, shibari, toys, wax - what ever you're into! And remember, the hottest story takes home the cash award, so give us all the graphic details.

Apr 2017 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Apr 01, 2017
“Are you going to tell me?” I enquired, in a neutral tone.

“Is this some sort of confession?” he glared, but it ends up being more of a knowing smirk.

I laughed, then; “Are you going to spill?” a second time, and my last.

“Negatory,” he answered.

I reached to the side and pulled on the tether that held him fast to my side of the table.

He jolted and almost kissed the table. With, his, face. “Wench,” he grumble, playfully.

“Well, looks like I’ll have to do something about this.” I pulled on the opaque black scarf that lay over a range of (currently unknown - to him) items at my side of the table.

He squinted. A 10cm rule? He laughed in surprise. “Where did you find that?”

“On the ground,” I answered

I pulled a little further. Another ruler. 30cm. Plastic. Their eyes meet. I pull again. A yardstick. His eyes widen. I smirk. There... read more
"I watch him wriggle against the hard edge of table. His ankles uncomfortably tethered."
Posted: Apr 01, 2017
The giggles escaped our red lips. The lipstick shade was the one thing we were allowed to choose. We decided the same shade. It soon came as a surprise that lipstick is all we were going to wear.

He wrapped his hands around each of our willing hips, and leads us towards the door. We three stand there a moment, before he pushed the door open with his foot.

Darkness. Darkness so complete it seeps out of the doorway and teased our bare feet. I shivered.

His hand dropped from my hip, and I miss his warmth. He turns and entwine my friend in a warm embrace, and pulling her nakedness against him, kissed her deeply

I sigh

The kiss is broken. He turned to me and twinned the movement. A deep kiss, filled with longing and urgency.

She sighed.

Then with a rather hard and spank on our two bare rumps, we are ushered... read more
"He turns and entwine my friend in a warm embrace, and pulling her nakedness against him, kissed her"
Posted: Apr 01, 2017
He arrived at my door, to find it ajar. Pushing it tentatively he heard my voice, “Enter.” So he pushed

“Stop,” I called from the other end of the hall way.

He stood there, foolishly, with his hand against the door, wondering what was going on.

I smile and look at him, “You get one word. One word only. Do you understand?”

He was about to answer, but holds the one precious word.

“Undress,” I say.

He slowly undressed. He was coyly embarrassed that I can see how he is reacting to me. He tries to hide his erection. Who knows why, I think it is hot as fuck.

“On your knees, and crawl to me,” I say. I'm trying to be serious, but I almost giggled.

He does so.

Shame I can't see his cock anymore. Oh well.

He crawls towards me, and immediately slips a little and almost swore. Now... read more
" I smiled. I should have guessed. So I slowly pull up my skirt. And smile as he watches the hem rise"
Posted: Apr 15, 2017
Leading him down the hall, I lent him my arm, though I was half tempted to let him bump into one of the many pillars that spanned our path to the hall at the end.

We paused at the grand wooden doors. Their grandeur all but gone, but the sense of finer times lingered. My fingers traced over him. From his shoulder, down over his bare back, and the slight curve of his firm ass. So worthy of a pinch. So worthy of a spank. So worthy of what was about to befall it.

“You look wonderful,” I whispered against the bare skin of his shoulder.

He almost giggled, but tried for something more masculine, and almost succeeded, “I feel very naked.”

“But you’re not,” I returned. My fingers stepping a slow route up to his face and gently ran around the border of his blindfold, just checking there were still no gaps. “Are... read more
"From his shoulder, down over his bare back, and the slight curve of his firm ass."
Posted: Apr 15, 2017
The lick of the red slid against my thigh, tantalisingly slow, before a twist and a bite is given against my flesh, and one more knot is tied.

This one seems slower, or has my perception of the passage of time being distorted. Lick. Bite. I sighed against the wet silk, that was loosely draped over my lips.

His fingertips trail over my skin, moving between the lines of rope, touching my skin and feeling how taut the ropes are. Moving one here and there for alignment, or is it to touch the rope markings left on my skin.

A whisper, that I didn't quite catch, and then my hands are lowered slowly from their position tied above my head. The rush of blood and nerve made me me shiver, and my body floods in goosebumps.

His fingertips run slow rings around my wrists, and seemingly satisfied, he grips one of... read more
" Was that his mouth, or finger tips against my mound? My mind was concentrating on my knees."
Posted: Apr 19, 2017
It was spontaneous I remember thinking, it's finally happening. As I stood by the window, the blinds drawn & blindfold heels and corsette on, my senses came to life.

Less than an hour ago, I had answered the add, with no idea who this stranger was other than a picture of a tanned athletic chest, a few quick messages enticing me to let him come to fulfil the fantasy of my dreams.

I heard the door that I had left ajar for him, open the soft music playing in the background suddenly became deafening as I listened for his footsteps to try to estimate how close he was. I was shaking with fear but with excitement also, my body was flooded with sensory awareness as he entered the room, where I stood facing away from him. I thought I would faint, as he walked into the room, & I could... read more
"His hardness was behind me, I could feel a well endowed aroused penis, pushing into my bottom"

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