Dress up and get down

This month we want to hear all about your dress-up nookie sessions! Whether the threads were in aid of a costume party or perhaps you were dressing to the nines for a wedding, what ever the occasion, if fine clothes helped you get naked, we want to know about it! As always, the sexiest stories will take home the cash award so get writing peeps.

November 2014 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Nov 01, 2014
I was on holidays in NZ when a friend of mine said to me that she was going to set me up with her best friend. I agreed to do this and after a night out at a transexual show / dinner my friends best friend and i decided to go out on the town. After a few hours of partying i ask her back to my room which was a five star hotel room. At the time she was staying at a backpackers for the weekend. After a few bottles of cheap wine i started rubbing her legs. After this we started pashing in the middle of the lounge room. We then started to pash harder and during this i picked her up and carried (while still pashing her) turned the light off in the bedroom and we undressed. For the next 4 hours we fucked so hard that... read more
"After a few bottles of cheap wine i started rubbing her legs..."
Posted: Nov 01, 2014
I was on Great Keppel Island at the end of 2004 for NYE bash at the resort that was running at the time and as per usual there were the hormone drenched 20 and 30 years old drinking and partying. During my time there i was doing the usual organised free activities and everytime i did one it was always the same hot woman doing them. After doing a couple of them we started talking outside of these activities and got to know each other well. On my final night there i decided that i had enough of partying i went for a quiet beer or two and during my 2nd beer this hot young lady turned up beside me. I didn't recognise her as she was in her non work clothes. So after a while we chatted and as she wasn't working the next day i invited her to... read more
"I have never ever experienced better or hotter sex"
Posted: Nov 01, 2014
So we think the secret might be out, we keep getting asked 'who are all these new friends you are seeing and how come they are all so hot?' we tell our flatmates that they are PT's that we have met in the industry. Anyway a young married couple came over, one flatmate was away, but the other was hovering around, cramping our style and generally being a fifth wheel. We went out for breakfast and when we came back the flatmate was gone, was she working today or at UNI could she have just popped to the shops? We were sure, she was gone for the day.

The play started kissing on the bed, undressing, touching, licking, bodies, arms, legs, my god this new young lover she is passionate, and she makes so much noise, she tells me that my cock feels great inside her, she tells me that... read more
"She moans and groans and cries out, bucking underneath me"
Posted: Nov 01, 2014
I had just finished an organised tour of the top end when i got a call that my flight home moved back a day. So after that i had a spare night, so i decided to go out on the town in Darwin. After walking by a few bars i decided to go into one that was a little empty of patrons. After a meal and a few beers a couple of ladies who seemed as they were best friends walked in and started to order drinks for themselves. As i wlked up to the bar for a drink i caught the eye of one them as i went back to me seat. Then we looked at each other a little more and i decided to go and introduce myself to them both. After a few rounds of drinks i proposed to Karen whether she and her friend Sarah... read more
"It was my first time with 2 women"
Posted: Nov 01, 2014
We were going out to hit a few pubs and clubs after a long stressing week of work . After working 50 hours I decided to treat my self to a new dress and lingere so i went for a sexy red crutchless nickers and sexy bra set, and bought a red hot revealling dressas well . As we decided to head to the pub first I thought i would wear a jacket, long high knee high boots and head off and unwind. The music was great the atmosphere perfect the scenery wasnt bad either so as it started to get hot and stuffy i decided to take of the jacket let my hair down drop a few shots of zambuca and take the night in. Yes i felt sexy but as i watched every hot couple walk in i also felt aroused so... read more
"she kept me moist by slipping her fingers inside of me"
Posted: Nov 01, 2014
The wife and i had talked about attending a swingers party for a few years until we had built up the courage to finally go to one , one of our regular 4some couples P & J said they we going to one and would we be interested in going with them , we said yes we would love to go .
It was daunting as we entered the room being our very 1st time with 10 other couples gathered around the bar and spa chatting , our friends introduced us to 3 couples they regularly swing with , after a few hours of getting to know everyone our mood of shyness which soon changed , my wife started to become so wet and horny as myself was getting so sexually aroused .
We both approached separate couples and before we knew it the the wife and i were both heading off... read more
"my tongue was tasting L's body from top to bottom"
Posted: Nov 01, 2014
I just finished an organised tour of the south island of NZ when i flew up to Auckland for the week. One day i had organised a day trip to Waitomo Caves. After an excellent day in Waitomo i unfortunately had go back to Auckland. That was until i met the return driver. Doing the usual thing of sitting in the 2nd row, the driver asked to sit up the front next to her. I did so and after a few kilometers we started talking about sex. After many kilometers of chat we had to stop and get fuel. We then set off again and continued to talk. Then for no reason at all she pulled over and asked me would i like a hand job. I quickly undid my jeans and dropped my jocks and sat in the back seat with her. Then she gave me a hand... read more
"she pulled over and asked me would i like a hand job"
Posted: Nov 01, 2014
It all started when a co worker started flirting with me i couldnt help myself, Of course I flirted back this continue for a few months. We often had evenings out were we would go to a local pub, well I saw this as a opportunity to see how far my co worker was willing to go, I decide that I had to find a outfit that was going to knock him dead and then hopefully I would have a night of hot fun.
I Had just recently lost some weight so was feeling very happy with myself so of i went shopping for a seductive outfit, which I did find wasnt over the top but showed off enough cleveage and enough curves of my body to get a very good response from him, he commented on how sexy i looked, I responded with a very light hearted thank... read more
"no sooner had we got in the door our hands were all over each other"
Posted: Nov 01, 2014
I used to work for a resort chain in the whitsundays, and after a night of partying i decided i needed to crash out back at my room.

as i was heading back i bumbed into one of the "holiday temp" staff who had somehow picked up this smoking hot blonde.
he was asking her to wait a minute as he went and got something from his room. (condoms)

as he was running to his room, the hot blonde saided she needed to go to the bathroom, so i volunteered the use of my toilet.
as we arrived at the room i shared with my mate, i found that the whole room had been TP'd and that he was laying on his bed with the guilt party, pashing hard, and rubbing her pussy through her pants. being half drunk and noe horny as hell, the prospect of having to find a new place to... read more
"the girls rode us facing each other"
Posted: Nov 01, 2014
A friend of mine had asked me for a favour, as she had been so tied down with work commitments, would I mind cleaning her house for her, she had a dinner party coming up and could not get in enough time to do it herself. I on the otherhand had plenty of spare time on my hands, so I obliged willingly, after all its nice to do favours for friends in need.

A spare key was left under the mat and I arrived to begin working, an hour into the "mundane job" I started looking around at her clothes and trying on some sexy dresses and heels etc when I came across a box with some sex toys and porn dvds. I instantly felt naughty and very aroused by my find and decided I might put one in the dvd player and have a look.

Of course the excitement of... read more
"Before I knew it I was on my knees"
Posted: Nov 01, 2014
It all started when our newish employee asked me for my security code for the warehouse alarm. She told me she needed it to use the shower after her early morning boot camp exercise sessions. This woman was the hottest woman i had ever known. I had fantasied about her and i fucking in all sorts of positions, until i went into work early to do some backlogs from the previous night. As soon as i saw her in her tight bike shorts with her g-string outline visable and tight exercise top i got a raging hard on. She liked what she saw too, so she asked me would i like to join her. I said Yes of course. (How could i refuse fucking my fantasy in the shower) We fucked for at least half an hour and came with a huge load of warm cum inside her manicured... read more
"This woman was the hottest woman i had ever known."
Posted: Nov 01, 2014
I was on my annual trip to Queenstown NZ when i was on my final night there i decided to do a pub crawl. I started with dinner at a well known bar in the centre of town. I was served by hot and sexy french lady and i ordered a pasta dish. When i was eating she was having her meal at a different table and she started asking whether my food was good is said yes, but she still was winking at me. I assumed she was after something. A few hours later i was walking down the mall on the way back to my room when saw the hot sexy french lady with an English co-worker. Then she rubbed up against me in a very sexual way. After that she looked at her friend and we held hands and went back to my room. When... read more
"I thought i was in heaven as these 2 ladies pampered me in an orgy"
Posted: Nov 01, 2014
i was an innocent 17 yr old living with my newly divorsed mum..we needed a room mate so we invited her friends brother to come live with us..i had always had a crush on the 31 yr old tradie even though he was so much older...id dream of him all the time sneaking into my room.
id have sex a couple of times but really had no idea what sex was all about let alone head jobs,doggy,anal,anything that wasnt missionary.
me and me sexy tradie would sit and watch movies together and hed take me out with his friends and sneak me into bars where i shouldnt be...and one night sitiing on the couch he fell asleep with his legs laying over my lap ...or at least i thought he was asleep.,...next i felt him grab my hand and move it onto the zip of his pants..i slowly undid his jeans with... read more
"i have never been pounded so hard before"
Posted: Nov 01, 2014
I'm a temp worker, and I've been a few places. One I remember quite well. As I worked in the warehouse for most of the day, I had worked up a bit of a sweat. One of the girls from the office needed help to shift a recentshipment of paper.

I carried most of the new stores in, when the photocopier appeared to be stuffed up. She was just under 5' 5", blonde and blessed with perfect C's. Doing my best to help, I had a look at what was wrong.

She had chosen a knee length skirt, and it showed alot more the closer I got. I felt her hands at my belt. Two zips and a belt later, and around at least fifty copies of some of the best fifteen minutes I've had at work.... read more
"She was just under 5' 5", blonde and blessed with perfect C's"
Overall Winner
Posted: Nov 08, 2014
I was invited to be the Mistress of Ceremonies at a friends wedding.I had met the Vicar only once before and thought that he was indeed a very sexy God botherer .I chose a beautiful tuxedo with a plunging neckline cami to wear and had the Vic firmly in my sight......When all the formalities were over and the dancing began,the Vic and I were like two heat seeking missiles.He just grabbed me by the hand and we were quickly out the door.It was just a short drive to the Vicarage but I decided to give him a little taste of what was to cum.Carefully I unzipped him and soon my tongue was swirling around his hardening shaft...I was delighted to hear the small moans he was making but I didn't want him to cum quite yet......Suddenly he stopped the car and looking up I could see that we were there...He... read more
"I was delighted to hear the small moans he was making"
Posted: Nov 14, 2014
So for a headsup on how it happened me and my ex where in what I call semi open relationship since she was allowed to be with other guys or girls I even encouraged her and I wasn´t cause she was extremely jealous and I was fine with it. So this one time she told me to dress up as a security guard (I had a really convincing costume from last halloween) and go to a specific address. She would´t tell me why when I asked her and kept on saying I was gonna love it so I just figured it would be a role-play night. So according to her instructions first I sent her a text telling her I was on my way she replied back with a naked picture of her on the Balcony which at the moment thought she took herself with self timer or something... read more
"I could see her get ridden by a stranger"

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