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Please be aware we no longer live full time in Australia so there’s a good chance we may not reply unless you truly catch our eye. We do still travel around various parts of Australia however. We are a genuine ‘hotwife’ couple. She is primarily...

I like working with my hands and getting dirty… Mrs loves to play with ladies!

Happy couple looking to spice up the sex liife, into hotwifing and wife like to watch hubby play too

Genuine fun loving euro guy loves sex exploring pleasure and chasing orgasms

Hey we are looking for a big of funny coming to the gc for new years to meet up and have some fun

I am a sensual, caring lover who wants to connect mentally as well as physically.

I like to mix it up, exercise, reading, movies, cooking… variety is the spice of life!

Two words: hard core. I make sure I keep myself presentable and in good health. Sex! Let's be honest about things, my main interest is lots of sex. I'm clean healthy physically fit looking for some NSA FUCKING a fuck buddy would be nice. Holla...

After my separation and covid i need some excitement in my life again

Hello my name is Samuel. I have experience in this lifestlye and overseas. Looking to meet legit people. Approach my genuinely not with crazy sexual messages. Then we can start chatting and see how we feel about each other.