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I’m a sporty, outgoing guy who loves good misic and some dancing. I’ll play any sport and love to socialize. I’m African American. Born in Texas, but have been in Auckland for just over 3 years now.

Hey Im a European boy new to Auckland and looking for likeminded ppl.

Huge hugs to you all xxx We are an experienced couple from NZ and have been on another popular lifestyle site here for over a decade. Neither of us are Masterpieces but scrub up well! We are young(ish..) professionals with a young family. To that...

Well I'm a stunt cock master professional who loves fun frisky adventurous sexy people who love to flock together and the femme fatale loves sensuality in any formim a all things go and I love to watch my female friend be fucked and I can help...

Social, open minded,, inquistive and respectgul. I enjoy meeting new people and creating new friendships and experiences that we can cherish forever.