Visit I the night, Part one

December 05 2023

You’re laying in your bed wondering why I haven’t responded to your messages, you’re annoyed a little, more worried.

“It’s not like my lover to not respond to my messages, especially those which are voice recorded, the one in which I sent him whilst I played with BOB”.

The sounds of my fingers flicking my clit, rubbing my aching moist snatch and finger banging my wet and juicy love tunnel.

The roar of BOB as he begins to vibrate and pulsate, the feel of him gliding over my clit with his slippery tip, sends shock waves of ecstasy through my body.

My moan as he enters my ever wanting pussy, his head slowly stretching me open.

Oh how horny i am wanting to hear back from my lover.

Where could he be?


You slowly drift off to sleep, eyes drowsy as they begin to close slowly.

Off to dreamland you head.


As you begin to dream, the street lighting brightens as a car approaches, then the lights go dark again as the sound of the motor in your street stops close by!

During your dream you’re hearing different noises but are unaware what’s really happening around you.

A car door opens and then closes quietly, light footsteps slowly get louder like they are approaching your front door.


A couple of strange noises are heard, like someone pushing buttons of a lock box, then a click and rustle and click again!

More footsteps, your dream has you oblivious to what’s happening around you, the sound of a key being inserted into your front door goes unnoticed, a creak and then nothing!


Unbeknown to you at this point, I’m standing at the end of your bed, trying to control my breathing, excitement running through my body as I slowly start to undress, trying not to wake you to ruin the surprise.

Socks, Jumper, t-Shirt, Jeans,

Finally I get to my boxer shorts, keep them on, take them off? That is the question I ponder for a split second before coming to the realisation that you’ll be hungry for my cock as soon as I wake you! 😉


I lift the end of the doona, checking to see if there’s a sheet on the bed making sure it doesn’t become a hinderance to my devouring plans right in front of me!

I slide right in between your legs as I begin to slowly kiss and lick my way up your inner thighs, at this point you begin to stir, now as you awaken, you realise that this is the reason why I’ve been so silent!


As you begin to feel my wet soft lips and tongue working its way up your thighs, you part your legs wider ready to accommodate what you’re about to receive!

Wham, you feel my pointy tongue hit your now dripping pussy lips as my tongue rises and glides up and over your little button.

I can now taste the sweetness of your sticky free flowing juices.


Back and fourth over your swollen clit goes my tongue, around in circles, vacuum like suction with my lips.

My hands wander upwards grabbing your breasts, they are soft and warm and voluptuous, their nipples hardened with excitement.

Your hands grab the back of my head as you begin to moan, louder and louder as my tongue and mouth devour your snatch.


Then I slowly begin to insert 2 fingers, you can feel them slowly sliding in, they become wider and wider the deeper I go.

I can feel you’re super wet and slippery, the sounds of my fingers banging against you, those moans getting louder and louder, your body quivering with delight.

You raise your arse, still pushing my head deep into you.

I remove my fingers and delve my tongue inside you,

My tongue now lies so close to your naughty area that I can’t control my desire to at least flicker my tongue over your arsehole and give it a quick rimming.

A little squirt of sweet juice flows from your ever wanting pussy, I devour it instantly and start to eat it again but you tell me to stop!


Your body shakes with excitement, now you’re really awake and ready to play!

Lay down mister you demand me.

You hop up off the bed and open your toy box of treasured fun.

Rattle rattle rattle goes the sound of the hand cuffs.

As you place me in the first cuff, you lean across to cuff me up completely as your breast rubs against my face, now I’m completely handcuffed, but can still use my mouth so I begin to suck on your nipples.

They are hard and excited.


Next you request for me to lift my head, as you apply the blindfold.

I’m vulnerable, helpless but horny!

I hear the click of a bottle, then feel the warmth and strength of your hands as they grab a hold of my cock.


My shaft is now completely slippery, it’s warming up as the oil you’re using starts to take effect.

You stroke my shaft slow at first, building up speed as you go.

One hand then both hands, one way then the next, soft pressure, hard pressure as you squeeze to get that blood pumping!


Then I feel the tip of my cock get super excited as your tongue flicks the end of my swollen knob.

You then begin to circle my thick juicy knob with your tongue, stirring up some pre-cum for you to taste like a sample of what’s to cum later, your advances sending shivers up my spine.

Then I feel the warmth and wetness of your mouth as your lips press up against each side of my shaft as you’re about to begin sucking my cock vigorously.

Your mouth is wanting to give pleasure, your tongue swirls crazily around my cock like you want to devour it whole.

The sounds of your suction giving the best blow job, your ever wetting mouth sliding up and down me, you stop and spit on its head before diving it deeply into you throat once more, shockwaves racing through my groin.


I just want to grab your head and fuck your mouth so badly, but I’m tied up so are at your mercy instead.

Your tongue and mouth driving me crazy, please untie me, NO, you say, you’ll just lay there and enjoy it like a good little boy!


You decide the best way to shut me up is to spin around and sit on my face so you can keep me busy so I’ll stay quiet.

Now I have your hot little arse in my face.

Time to work the magic of my tongue also.

Sweet juices still flowing from your dripping snatch, but now it’s time to rim that tight little arsehole properly.

My tongue swirls around and around before slowly sliding inside your hole, you squeeze to tease me.


You stop slurping away on me, and keep rubbing me slowly to keep me super hard as you prepare to ride me in reverse.

You move down and hover above me now with bent knees you lean all the way forward and slide your hand backwards to rub your clit and part your lips to tease me you then spit on your finger and slide it in your butt hole ever so slowly to show me how relaxed your feeling and how much you want my cock inside you.


“You want me to fuck you now don’t you lover” you say

“Indeed I do” I reply.

You lean back and stand him up before lowering yourself onto him making him stretch your tight lips.

As the tip enters you, you lift up teasing my knob which is now very swollen and large.

The blood all flowing to my now engorged cock, thick veins line my shaft waiting to rub against your insides.

You tease me by riding my tip, but it gets to much for you also so then your balls deep with a big moan of pleasure.


“Oh my god, your cock feels amazing inside me”

“Thick blood pumping veins, Big thick knob punching it’s way inside me”

“I want you to stay in me forever”

“Time to take those cuffs off you now and let you look at me whilst I ride your cock”

SLAP on that cute arse as my hands are now free leaving a big red hand print.

I lean forward and pull you backwards to I can now lift my knees backwards and pump you quickly and vigorously and make you scream with desire.

You’re loving it being nailed wildly.


Your body starts to tremble as you get closer and closer to orgasm, but just as you’re about to erupt, I stop and turn you over on all 4’s!


I flick my knob against your clit giving it a little rub before slipping it inside you again, little groans are heard as I push forward.

Pound me lover, I want to feel you deep inside me you demand.

“I wanna feel your balls slapping against my thighs, going balls deep inside me”.


Time to get serious, I push your head down into the bed before grabbing both your wrists and pulling them backwards.

I hammer my cock in and out of you like I was pounding the pavement with a jackhammer.

Regaining some breath I stop for a second and stand up, slide myself back inside you and change the angle to try and make it feel even deeper, you moan as it enters you deeply, “oh god yes” “Fuck me”

After a little bit we stop for a drink, sweat pouring off us both.


Think it’s time we go into the kitchen and prop you up on a stool and give it a workout.

“Fuck yes we should”

I sit on the stool and lower it to its lowest point, move myself forward slightly so you can hop on top of me, “this is going to feel awesome, get right up in there and I can control the speed and tempo” you say!

“Ride me baby, ride me”

You lift your leg over grab my cock in your hand and guide yourself on top!

“Fuck yes, wow that feels really good”

You wrap your arms around my neck, lean down and kiss me passionately, then whisper in my ear, “I’m gunna fuck the shit out of your cock right now”

You sit back up and begin to bounce at a rapid rate.

The moans begin slowly and softly but increase ever so fast and loud.

“OMG, yes” you begin to scream, “I’m gunna cum”

Uncontrollable shivers take hold of your body as I’m left panting!


  • maca14

    05 Dec 2023

    What a fantastic read. Loved every word.

  • Bifemwantsfun

    05 Dec 2023

    Forgot to take the blindfold off at some stage to be able to see her putting her finger in her arse...