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  • Farmer84

    The Farmers Daughter

    It was nearing dusk one late spring afternoon while baling hay for one of my customers, when a Ute came down the road, pulled into the paddock and headed straight towards me. As I pulled up, out...


    Posted on: February 18 2024

  • Expert_0786

    True Story “WOMEN ORGASM”

    This is a true story about the first time a woman I was seeing had an orgasm. Jess was tall, in her 30s, gorgeous with beautiful green eyes, nice C-cup tits, and a shaved pussy that I enjoyed...


    Posted on: February 15 2024

  • bartender67

    The Gentle Couple

    Very cordial and her hubby just chatting about regular shit...then all of a sudden he's like so dude...what's happening here...we gonna meet for fun or what? I was so taken aback as i was...


    Posted on: February 14 2024


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  • Falcon1957

    Feb 02 2024

    theinvisableman is so correct, this site is suitable for sub 55 yo woman and some buff guys sub 50 yo, the rest of us are ignored and our messages are never answered. Where else can we go?

  • Beachychick76

    Feb 02 2024

    As a hotwife and being polly I much prefer to meet guys that are wanting ongoing friendship and fun instead of one night stands. It's not easy in finding a guy who wants the same yet in searching I met a guy, Andrew, sometime ago on RHP and chatted for a few days via msg. We spoke about anything and everything including how I gave a great blow job. He seemed like a very nice guy and extremely genuine so I arranged to meet him at a pub to see if we hit it off. I arrived and not long after he pulled in. We sat and spoke for a while and he seemed to be a nice fun guy in person aswell. In conversation he brought up how I mentioned I gave great head. I suggested I could show him. I told him to jump in my car leaving his parked at the pub I drove across a bridge and turned off on a road that took us under the same bridge and parked. I got out and folded he back seat down to give us more room. I told him to jump in which he did with a smile on his face. He slid down his pants to where I seen how big his cock was, I was quite impressed. There was another car parked down further with an older guy there yet it was very discreet place to play. I took his cock and started sucking him and as he got hard I was happy to see how big he was fully erect, 9 inches,yummy. I sucked and wanked his cock to the best of my ability and he was loving it. There was no way I could deep throat such a big cock but I definitely took a lot of his cock in my mouth. I knew he was about to cum so I sucked him harder untill he exploded in my mouth swallowing every drop. He reacted by saying that he had never been sucked like that before and absolutely loved it. He also said tge old guy parked down from us was watching from a dustance lol. We jumped back in the car, drove back to the pub and went our own way. We msgd a few times over the next week and made arrangements to meet again. We arranged to meet again on a fare few occasions yet not as often as i would have liked. He would come to my house to

  • Theinvisibleman

    Feb 01 2024

    Well... Been here before. Same experience as always. Thousands of hot sexy people on here.. great community and lots of stories and other things to do. But if your not smoking hot or young and buff......might as well be invisible. Have fun. Cheers