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The beginning

February 16 2023

Back at the start


This night happened long ago but it’s still very clear in my mind.


Hubbys best friend was recently separated and was super down in the dumps. Hubby wanted to get him out of the house and make him smile


We went to a pub near his house and picked him up so he could drink and let loose


The boys were having an awesome night and had a couple too many to drinks. They had me laughing so hard and it was great to see his mate laughing.


I was wearing a sundress with straps and cleavage out, always have the girls on show lol.


By the time we left hubby was pretty handsy and I was pretty tipsy. We were walking back to the car and I was walking infront of the boys and I don’t know what overcome me I lifted the back of my skirt and flashed the boys my bare arse. I laughed because they were both like a deer in headlights.

We drove our friend home and hubby was being really cheeky and stopped at a park on the way home. He looked at me and said go out there and flash us again like you did and stay there unrill I say come back. I think he thought I wouldn’t do it so I did. I got out and walked to the front of the car infront of the headlights. I faced away and flashed myself again.


I knew they were up to something but I was feeling risky, my hubby dared his friend to get out and “go and feel her up”

I heard the back door open and knew it wasn’t my husband. My heart was pounding. His mate came up and grabbed my arse and I diddnt flinch. I felt his hand move around a little his fingers exploring my arse and I felt his fingers touching my lips. Hubby was watching the whole thing and I later found out he loved seeing me grouped.

His mate played with me for a little then returned to the car.

It was so simple, so risky but what I diddnt know at the time, it would start us down a path of sexual discovery and help us mould who we really were as people.

Hubby told me he was rock hard, seeing some one who shouldn’t be touching me touch me was the hottest feeling he’s felt sexually.

This happened about 15 years ago. And I’ll start sharing on here our explorations



  • 2Samsungs

    05 Nov 2023

    Innocent introduction to sexy fun!

  • squrting

    18 Feb 2023

    Very short and got us pretty horny and your husband is a very lucky man 😍😜💦💦