Am I a cuckold?

August 06 2018

My girlfriend of 7 years was a virgin before we met. She didn't grow up in a particularly conservative family or environment, but whilst her friends were counting cocks, her sexuality was being pushed back, and, one would say, neglected.

She is such a pretty girl: petite - 1.58m tall; thin; verging on blonde straight hair; smooth,soft and bright skin; small perky tits; round and sensual arse. She is everything I ever wished for.

The first time I saw her naked, my breath was taken away. she stood there, almost untouched, the moonlight which entered through the window was reflected from her beautiful skin, her little bush was wet, and the light made it shine, inviting me to penetrate her for the first time.

She was so tight, it took nearly an hour to get it in ( I was really gentle, who would want to hurt such a beautiful creature?)

Almost 7 years later, she managed to stay almost as tight as then.

Our sex life is pretty dull. She wouldn't agree to oral sex, role play, and needless to say - no threesomes, no anal, pretty much nothing but the old "I'm on top of her". From time to time I would hint: "Why won't we spice things up?", but she was reluctant to play along, and would get upset by these propositions.

A few years ago I started to have strange thoughts: I would picture her lying naked on our bed, in front of me, and between her legs another man - eating her beautiful little cunt, grabbing her small perky tits, his cock is hard as a rock, expecting to pound her completely. I see it clear as day, he lifts her up in the air, directing his throbbing cock between her soft pussy lips, holding her, getting her to bounce on him, soft but firm. Needless to say, I couldn't share it with her.

He came to crash on our sofa for a few nights, he said, asked if it's fine with us. He had just finished his contract at his old apartment and was searching for a new one, and so he needed a place to stay meanwhile.

I have known him since kindergarten, my best friend. We have seen each other at our most beautiful and at our most ugly, we know each other better than each one of us knows himself. Nevertheless, he could not know about these thoughts, about my cuckolding fantasies.

I said "of course", and looked at her for approval. She didn't seem very happy about it, but she said "sure", and so I opened a bottle of wine and we sat in the living room.

He always had great stories, but it seemed lately they even got better. He was living the bachelor life of the big city, worked as a bartender, and had some crazy experiences he was happy to share with us. I noticed that at first my girlfriend was a bit discomforted by these stories, but I was so happy to have him in my house, and I encouraged him to share everything in details.

I opened another bottle while he started telling us about his latest adventure - he had met a divorced woman in her thirties, they went to his place and fucked like crazy, and then she squirted on his face, and some of it got into his eyes. The rest of the night consisted of attempts to clean his eyes so he could open them, and he said that while his eyes were closed she sucked his cock non-stop as though nothing happened.

I laughed and laughed, and I noticed my girlfriend's attitude to his stories changed. She was intrigued, her body was now leaning towards him, her eyes widened, and she moved her legs quite frequently.

It was getting late and I needed to wake up early the day after, so I offered him a towel so he could shower, we made his "bed", and went to get ready to sleep.

As we entered the bed, she looked at me with a spark in her eyes, a spark I rarely see in them. She said: "Wow, his stories are crazy. Do you think he is exaggerating?". Knowing my friend and his sex life, along with remembering the size of his cock, I said "No, love, he is just a sex idol". She laughed, kissed me, and we went to sleep.

In the middle of the night I woke up from thirst. Of course, we drank so much and I wasn't aware of the fact I haven't had any water. I was not surprised to find I was alone in bed, because our bodies are so synchronized, that whenever one of us wakes up in the middle of the night, the other one does, too. I thought she went to pee. I went to the kitchen to drink some water, and my best friend was there, naked. "Oh, sorry, I thought I would be alone now, I'll go back to bed". I laughed and told him it was alright, while we heard a chuckle near us. She stood there, in her panties and top, staring at my friends giant cock. He tried to cover it up, and then it happened - I don't know how I let myself, but I grabbed his hand so he couldn't cover it. She kept on staring, and we stood in silence. One of her tits slipped from her loose top, and I noticed he's getting hard. I thought she would probably go to bed and we'll never talk about it, but she approached him, and grabbed it. He looked at me, surprised, even shocked, I should say. But his body wasn't as held back as his mind, and his cock was growing bigger and harder in her hand.

She went down on her knees, and gazed at me. I looked at her, shocked but turned on as hell. She saw that, she knew. She put it in her small mouth, slowly, looking at me the whole time. I couldn't take my eyes of her, of his cock in her mouth. I wanted him to pound her sweet little cunt on the kitchen table...

Will be continued?


  • JohnnyWalked

    10 Aug 2018

    Part 2 is now available, let me know if you want a third one...

  • JohnnyWalked

    09 Aug 2018

    Thanks for the comments guys!:)

  • JohnnyWalked

    08 Aug 2018

    Part 2 has been sent for approval:)

  • JohnnyWalked

    08 Aug 2018

    OK I'll finish it, just wanted to see if the beginning of it meets the criteria

  • 69tattoorob

    07 Aug 2018

    yes very good story very similar to ours wife only had a few lovers before we met and had sex only five times so was not experienced over the years we did every thing sexualy but i also fantasized about her with another man she was not keen but one day we met a man she was attracted to so i asked would you sleep with him shocked she said if i was okay with it she will so i arranged to meet him in our motel wife shaved her pussie and dressed in a little black mini skirt almost see thru top exposing her nipples she was laying on the bed when he knocked asking again are you sure we want this relax just have fun letting him he's looking at my wife small talk then he went straight between her legs started licking her pussie removing her gstring tossing it to me giving her a very quick orgasm she soon had his cock in her mouth now in a 69 they stayed giving each other oral for about thirty minutes she got on top of him sliding down on his cock fucking for three hours solid as i watched them