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Win A 20th Anniversary RedHotPie hoodie - 50 TO WIN!We're running it back!!! Our recent hoodie give-away was so massive we're doing it all again - That's right,...

RedHotPie Editor | August 09 2023

Win A 20th Anniversary RedHotPie hoodie - 50 TO WIN!

We're running it back!!! Our recent hoodie give-away was so massive we're doing it all again - That's right, we're turning 20 this year and to celebrate we're giving you even more love - we're giving away FIFTY premium RedHotPie hoodies! Get your drip game on lock with the slickest hoodies on the planet, and show everyone you're living your sexiest life! These hoodies are killer! Double lined, heavy duty zipper, contrasting dual hood cords, and of course some RHP flavour on the chest, arm and back. Seriously, this is some elite kit! Get in the draw now!


  • hotwife4fun71

    01 Feb 2024

    Hi would love a hoodie we have been on here since pretty well the start of Red hot pie (with a few small breaks) and have had a great time meeting great people

  • RazzDazz

    16 Jan 2024

    Yes please, because nothing says 'couple goals' like matching sexy hoodies – the perfect blend of warmth and swinger charm, keeping us hot in both temperature and style!"

  • openingup

    30 Dec 2023

    A Hoodie and Heels (and nothing else) would be an awesome outfit to heat a cool night up by the fire 🔥 ❤️

  • Blueflamingo

    28 Dec 2023

    Would absolutely LOVE one of these! ❤️


    23 Dec 2023

    Yes please please please I need me a hoodie 🙏

  • April

    22 Dec 2023

    I can't believe I won one of these!, I'm in love with it! Thank you thank you thank you 🥰 I'll take a pic wearing it and post on Instagram and tag rhp soooooon ok? Thank your again xxx

  • Marriedandkinky

    09 Dec 2023

    I'll take an XL thanks

  • Pebbles42rox

    09 Dec 2023

    Please is the word I would love to promote me and my guy in these lol

  • KARL1

    01 Dec 2023

    Pleassssse 🙌🙌🙌🫶🫶

  • Knickerless

    29 Nov 2023

    Something warm and snuggly for Melbourne that means I don't need to carry a pineapple around sounds very convenient!

  • KittyKaz

    28 Nov 2023

    I’d love to have 1 & spread the RHP word around. 💋

  • kinkypleasures

    16 Nov 2023

    Please please please.... The MUST HAVE accessory that lets people know we are real. The only thing that suits a horny couple more, is a horny couple with matching hoodies.... KINK IS IN THE HOOD!!! Thanks for the chance, and moooochos gratosssss (spelling!!??) to any and all fellow Piers that like this post. Cheers.....AND good luck to all....

  • Bay24

    04 Nov 2023

    A huge THANK YOU to RHP for the hoodie. It looks great, feels great and has got quite a few positive comments which has also led to a couple of intimate encounters. The gift that doesn't stop giving Hahaha.

  • umeus90

    28 Oct 2023

    How do I get one of this haha

  • altan

    17 Oct 2023

    Would love to win one of these hoodies ❤️

  • Kinkpanther

    06 Oct 2023

    I’d love to win 2 please cause obviously some girl will steal one off me

  • missdeviot

    03 Oct 2023

    I'd love to win one yo add to my hoodie collection.. some women love shoes, I love hoodies 😍

  • Sub4Use

    29 Sep 2023

    How to enter I'd love to get my hands on one of those

  • partytowers

    22 Sep 2023

    How do you get in the draw

  • Biwife13

    20 Sep 2023

    Hubby loves the thought of me flashing him while I'm wearing my brand new RHP hoodie, and nothing else...

  • SunSandSeaandSex

    11 Sep 2023

    Awesome hoodie!! Thanks RHP!!

  • Katastrophe

    10 Sep 2023

    Thanks for the hoodie love it

  • jackx2

    10 Sep 2023

    Just received one of these hoodies, in the post, great quality , and very warm, RHP is the best

  • touchbase

    10 Sep 2023

    Awesome prize turned up in mail last week. Going to bust it out on trip to Europe next year.

  • MrSlinky

    06 Sep 2023

    I take it this is over, but keen to see what's conjured up next ;P

  • nicennnaughty

    02 Sep 2023

    Yes please if possible I’d adore snuggling up naked in a RHP Team Hoodie! May I please enter the draw!!! 😻

  • Rockym01

    29 Aug 2023

    How do we enter to win one of those fabulous prizes

  • Lets_pla

    27 Aug 2023

    How do we get in the draw?

  • sophiewantsthat

    17 Aug 2023

    Exciting x my fav app

  • SilkyJohnson

    16 Aug 2023

    If I win ima rock this at the next event 😎

  • XBonnieClydeX

    12 Aug 2023

    So excited to have won a hoodie!! Was a big surprise when it arrived in the mail! Thanks so much Red Hot Pie! 💋❤️

  • ParisPleasure

    10 Aug 2023

    Love RedHotPie... Opened my eyes to some amazing things and Iv met some amazing people thru this amazing site. Mwah xx

  • halfstarved

    10 Aug 2023

    Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate my membership on this site by entering the competition. It is such a brilliant advertising system by your members being out and about in the hoodies