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Top 10 Short Shorts GIFsWe're in the cold, hellish depths of winter... but we can dream. Dream of warm summer days, sweet, tanned skin,...

Rebecca Daniels | June 30 2021

Top 10 Short Shorts GIFs

We're in the cold, hellish depths of winter... but we can dream. Dream of warm summer days, sweet, tanned skin, and extremely tight short shorts! Jessica Simpson rocked us all with her denim Daisy Dukes, but there's so much more to the world of short shorts, and we thought this fashion icon deserved its own Top Ten, so here it is - enjoy!


Because exercise, damn it! Never has physical exertion been more important; amidst the general craziness of life, sometimes you just gotta pull on your teeny tiny workout shorts and get a sweat on. Bravo!


Why stop at shorts? Short tops is clearly a thing, this short shorts, short top combo is out of control hot. What next? Shorter short shorts and shorter short tops? Ahhh, yes please. 


You are getting sleepy… sleeeeepy… this gif is hypnotic AF. That said, if you owned that ass, of course you’d spend all day doing this.


Cleanliness is next to godliness as they say, and damn if these ladies don’t look clean. You could eat those asse… errrm… eat off those asses.


This is why you pay the big bucks – just look at that view! The skyline’s not too shabby either ;) 


Just gonna… pull these… up here. Voila! We ask you… has a self-inflicted wedgie ever looked so good? That is of course a rhetorical question. 


Might these jeans shorts technically be a couple sizes too small? Sure. Are we going to let anyone tell this young lady that? No, we are not.


It’s been a crazy world lately and things have been getting weird, especially at the local supermarket. But if this is the kind of thing we’re going to be seeing… we’re OK with weird. 


Another edition of “I Swear I Used To Fit Into These”, defiant woman vanquishes short shorts and wins the day… and our hearts. 


Ahhh, we’re just gonna be quiet now and let you enjoy our top short shorts gif.   


Bonus – 
Yes, it’s a bonus LOL gif!! Woof, Peter. WOOF.

Which GIF is your personal favourite? Let us know below in the comments!


  • jhanmelbourne

    09 Jan 2024


  • Harry_69

    13 Nov 2023

    #9 has the Daisy Duke going-on & that does it for me 😍

  • Dazzler

    19 Jul 2021


  • Dazzler

    19 Jul 2021


  • DiscreetDates

    13 Jul 2021

    #2 & #8

  • FancyFace

    11 Jul 2021

    They're all amazing... hard to choose one in particular 🍑

  • startingover61

    07 Jul 2021

    Bonos one

  • manual69

    06 Jul 2021

    I can not choose 🤔 upstairs definitely put you together without a Floor 🤩

  • Dreamboat112

    06 Jul 2021

    3,1 damn Hot hot

  • naughtytintin

    02 Jul 2021

    8, 6, 5, & 3 get my votes with too slim a margin for different reason to call it!

  • WifeStyle

    02 Jul 2021

    May we request a top 100 ? The first 10 are delicious, why stop now !!

  • winkd

    01 Jul 2021

    No 2 for me, love a pair of Levi’s on a woman and god damn it’s sexy watching her pull those up!

  • Badoldman

    01 Jul 2021

    Hmmm!!!!!!!! No 11 would be my choice 👍

  • Annoo

    01 Jul 2021

    They're all awesome, but 8 does it for me too. Consensus rules. Appreciating the effort gone into researching. How many were looked at one wonders.

  • Bright_Cannon

    30 Jun 2021

    Great collection!

  • multiplayer

    30 Jun 2021

    Yep, #8 is amazing.

  • Mr_Man5580

    30 Jun 2021

    Number 8 for me. A woman who does that has total power over me.