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Mens Grooming - the new waveLads… are you sick of hiding your face as you scurry though the lavender scented aisles of Myers and the sort,...

RedHotPie Editor | January 27 2021

Mens Grooming - the new wave

Lads… are you sick of hiding your face as you scurry though the lavender scented aisles of Myers and the sort, desperately wanting a skin moisturiser or god forbid some hair products? Do you dream of a sanctuary, free from the frills and pink colour schemes, a space in which you can kick back and treat your body to a few simple comforts? Maybe a shave and a pore mask, maybe some tightening lotion for those crows feet, all with a beer in your hand and the game on the telly.

Well the call for this Narnia-like wonderland has been answered. Men’s grooming is a boom industry and Australia is riding the wave hard. Men everywhere are starting to maintain some of the upkeep the women folk have been practicing for years… and both sides of the fence are loving it.

Grey hairs are disappearing, stubble is seemingly more manicured and the monobrow, well we’ve almost beat that out of existence. Wonderful salons are popping up around the country catering to the male need and the female want.

We took some time out with Leycester Corey of Guys Grooming in Perth to ask him what this new market is all about.

So men’s grooming… give us the over view, what's it involve?

Men’s Grooming is one of the fast growing industries at the moment due to the change in perception on how men should present themselves. Men are now going beyond brushing their teeth and washing their hair to present themselves successfully for both business and the fairer sex. Men’s Grooming incorporates the whole body from head to toe and everything in between. This includes well known treatments such as hair styling and colouring (especially for Grey) as well as shaving and trimming the beard areas. Men’s Grooming also includes treatments that are relatively new to the average man such as massages, facials, Hand and foot detailing, tanning and waxing.

And what are the most popular treatments for men?

Guys Grooming has had interest in all treatments but the most popular have been waxing and hair colouring. The modern man does not have to be hair free, but a well groomed approach to body hair in all areas is now very important to men wanting to present themselves successfully on that first date or that Board meeting. Men should always have two eyebrows, not one and hair does not need to be seen poking out of noses, ears or shirt collars. Guys are very conscious of looking their best and are regularly keeping the grey either away or at a reduced level to feel confident.

And what sort of guys are you seeing in the salon?

We have guys from just about every area, age and profession. We were blown away with the cross section on men who care about their grooming needs. From Solicitors and CEO’s to Brickies and guys in the mines, we have them all as regulars. We have the casual surfers and the Professional Sportsmen. Basically, if you use your body, you need to maintain it. The teenagers focus on their looks just as much as the retirees like to feel relaxed. Wives book in their husbands and office workers refer their mates. We have yet to find a demographic that has not come back to Guys Grooming.

Any celeb client names you can drop?

We would love to drop a few names but the great thing about Guys Grooming is that we provide a relaxed atmosphere where guys can feel confident that they won’t be bothered, so advertising who comes here would go against that principle. We can say that we do have some of the guys from the Eagles, Dockers and Glory as well as Radio and TV personalities as regulars and have been known to groom some of the rock bands when they come to town.

Why has men's grooming become so popular over the last few years?

Men’s Grooming has evolved so fast in recent years because of the lack of focus in salons on Men and the role models that are constantly in front of us. Ten years ago, Beckham stood out as a very well groomed guy, now you see guys dressed and groomed just as well as him every day. Women have been enjoying the benefits of regular treatments for years but the males had to be content with fitting in to an environment built around the thriving female business. Sales of men's grooming products reached A$374 million in Australia last year, yet men have had to wait last in line and listen to Enya in pretty pink salons if they want a treatment. We have seen a huge demand for male grooming venues (not salons) that provide a comfortable masculine environment for treatments and retail in Australia.

What will differ between a guy’s treatment and the traditional treatments for women in salons?

A guy’s treatment will differ from a woman’s treatment because they have a different focus. Men want simpler options and need to maintain a regular high level of grooming rather than significantly change the image as beauty treatments tend to do. Men want the ladies to notice that they look younger and feel more confident but do not necessarily need them to know why. A great example is Hand Detailing as opposed to a Manicure. If you detail your car, you tidy, clean and protect it, but you do not change the colour of the paint. A hand detail follows the same logic, all men need to know is that the hand or car looks and feels great without creating unwanted attention.

And what about the salon environment itself?

This is a major factor that differentiates the female and unisex salons from Male Grooming venues. The male clients have to feel comfortable before they can relax and enjoy the experience. Guys Grooming prides itself in NOT having Waterfalls, pink decor, women’s magazines and all the other female comfort items that define the typical salon. Men’s grooming venues need to cater specifically to guys wants and needs while staying professional and modern. We have especially focused on the things that matter to men, like magazines and Foxtel channels on Business, Sports and Men’s Fashion.

And what’s behind it all? What are guys really wanting from a grooming experience?

In a Word, Confidence. They want to walk out feeling better looking, cleaner, fresher, sharper and more relaxed than when they walked in. Who does not want to increase their chances for a successful boardroom presentation or that cute girl in accounts? We provide the services that make them feel better about who they are and how they present themselves. Your chances for success go up dramatically when you don’t have to worry about nose hairs in night clubs and mono brows in the meetings.

So does it really work? Do you hear success stories from return clients?

It sure does work and there are some relationships out that we would like to think that we helped start. We have a client who comes in before every big presentation for a hairstyle, massage or facial to give him that confident edge. A great indication is the amount of guys that return to us regularly to maintain their new grooming regime, especially before the Friday drinks and weekend parties. It is also great to get emails from the Wives and Girlfriends thanking us for grooming their man.

Bllokes, what's your favourite way to pamper yourself? Ladies, have you treated your man to a pamper sesh? Tell us below in the comments!