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Firstly, I would rather be accepted or denied by telling being honest than lying my way into someone's pants. If that sort of person appeals to you, read on. I'm a very 'bloke next door' type of person. I would modestly say that I'm...

I have quite a few fantasies I’d like to bring to life. I have wanted to be a sub to a couple or single F for a long time. Have had some experience but looking to really push the boundaries now. Open to many things.

Shy at first, but when I'm comfortable I'll blow your mind! Sex! Let's be honest about things, my main interest is lots of sex.

I'm a very curious and experimental person, that means sexually too! Sex! Let's be honest about things, my main interest is lots of sex.

Hi there RHPers, Thanks for having a peek at our profile. Maybe something here piques your interest? We're an adventurous couple who are looking for like minded couples or ladies to get up to no good with. Our interpretation of 'no good'...

A smile is free

It’s time to have fun, would anyone like to join me. I promise you will smile or laugh 😆 I’m tall, dark and what’s the one? Oh well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. I cannot wait to head back up to Sunny Coast. See you soon

We are soul mates, twin flames and best friends. We are very happily married and have an amazing sex life together. We just love excitement and seeing one an other turned on . We offer get commented on our transparency between each other so we don't...

I am a very easy going guy who loves to have fun and experiment with a range of different pleasure and kinks. Recently out of a long term relationship so just looking to test the waters and see what's out there. I am bisexual, I only date women but...

Just spent 3 days at a conscious kink/tantra festival. My cup is soo full right now, and often. I’m looking for fun times to fill your cup as well. My interactions are negotiated with RBDSMA.