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I'm a sensual, sexual, caring lover with a devious streak and looking for an ongoing relationship with a cheeky, open minded person to explore this with. I always had the desire to attend a swingers event and would like to find someone open to...

Not sure what to put here at the moment. Just looking.

I love to have fun. Do you?

I like to enjoy life, do the things only people dream about. And to enjoy life you got laugh be happy don’t judge embrace and to top it off be open minded. That’s me in a nut shell life is good.

I am a 6ft Tall Polynesian Man, genuinely kind, humble and respectful yet assertive. Take pride in the way I hold myself, I keep a high standard of hygiene. I am not afraid to express my emotions verbally and physically.

I love the nightlife and spend a lot of time at bars and clubs with friends.

I'm of average looks and build but I do look after myself and present well.

I'm looking to shake things up and get a little kinky with someone.