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We’re a curious, social and easy going couple - looking for the right woman to satisfy my bi-curious interests in a threesome :)

ENM couple based in Wanaka, NZ. Looking for 'friends with benefits' — we're into private parties, nights out/in, lake days, and short getaways (family life permitting). To us, genuine connections, mutual respect, and thoughtful consideration...

QTNCPL    M 64 F 62

Queenstown, Otago

Fit and active NZ couple visits Australia on a regular basis for holidays. Looking for like-minded couples and/or singles for erotic interludes. Also looking for couples visiting Queenstown.

Hey guys im looking for a normal guy to have some fun I'm married to an awesome man but he wants me to have a bit extra which is awesome as I've always wanted to have extra guys. We are looking for guys willing to travel to the south otago...

Hey there, it's me, Patrick, an open-minded man originally from Germany. I came here to New Zealand by my Sailing Vessel Annabelle, because I travel the world with it. Please don't mind me about my English speaking, there could be some mistakes....