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Hi were a couple looking for a guy to have fun with straight guys, bi, or bi curious guys. Not looking for friends but just a guy to join in our sex sessions. Must be clean and respectful.

Man Looking For Fun Woman

Open-minded single man seeking to meet people for fun. Passionate and very giving,sex should be like Xmas where the joy is in the sharing and giving and not in the receiving. Not after commitment but you can never say never so for the right person,...

We are sensual, caring lovers who want to connect mentally as well as physically. Ongoing FWB would be ideal! Also content creators so if you would like to collaborate or have a perve let us know.

I'm looking to shake things up and get a little kinky with someone. Fit and going to the gym good looking

its all About fun. Naughty, Open minded. if it feels good we are in! We will try anything twice, maybe 3 times. We're pretty open-minded and up for trying new experiences, as long as they're enjoyable and safe. So feel free to make suggestions!...

Fulfil me :)

I want to work my way through the Karma Sutra with singles/coulples. I'm of average looks, but overall I'm a great package! My interests are varied and I pretty much enjoy anything.

She is horny all the time and will try anything twice, if you push the right buttons the floodgates will open. We love to continually experiment to get the best out of life. His experimental side; he doesn’t want a penis near his mouth or arse. He...