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2 Real Hotbods!

We are considered an attractive older couple but definitely not pretentious. We enjoy sexy flirty fun with like minded intelligent couples.

Seeking people for friendship

Nov 2023 Update, wow we've been in and out of the scene since 2018. Time to update this. We've since become parents, our gym bodies are not as hard as they were, however with encouragement, Xavier can get v hard, especially when Erin shows...

I'm looking to shake things up and get a little kinky with someone.

Hey, New couple here looking at starting our adventure. We are new to this all and pretty much taking the "go with the flow approach." We are a pretty relaxed couple that enjoy our sex life and are wanting to add a little more fire to it...

I'm of average looks and build but I do look after myself and present well.

Toys tools and tongues

Bi gentlemen polite well read and cheeky been in the scene 20 years. Easy going , approachable genuine and lots of fun. I’m here to meet open minded couples and have an ongoing growing connection. If I say I’ll meet, you can be sure I’ll turn up on...

We are a happy couple just looking for like minded people to have fun times with. She loves attention

Come say hello

I’m a fun person, down to earth, enjoy a laugh and looking forward to exploring and connecting with other like minded people. I look after my appearance but don’t profess to be a male model.

Couple Looking...

Open-minded couple seeking to meet people for fun. We are lost for words at the moment but we’ll come back to update this later so you can get to know us better.

Looking for casual fun

Love sex, variety and get a thrill from hooking up with randoms. I'm open to new things but not keen on anal or anything violent or disrespectful.