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Shy at first, but when I'm comfortable I'll blow your mind!

I'm a very curious and experimental person, that means the sexually too! I'm not confident about my looks although my friends say I look great. I am into most sports and play something regularly.

Putting it out there to see if we can find some friends to talk about our interests, a bull to help us out or anyone willing to try anything at least once!

RE WRITTEN ! Right up front im mature and i dont live in syd or melb . However im self employed and visit both regularly . On positive side im genuine mo bullshit person who is now single and looking to chat meet or enjoy sensual fun . Im not a dinasaur...

Average MF married couple who love being together and also love watching each other being enjoyed by others and playing with couples and groups. He hits the gym regularly and she gets there when she can and they’re both working on shaking off their...