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Couple Exploring.

People say we're attractive, but hey we're modest. Both professionals looking for very discreet fun. We prefer to be spontaneous rather than plan an evening.

25 from tauranga Maori 😊 trying to find myself again. Was very active but lost myself just looking for fun as of now I am a single father so Dad bod 😂 only been called a Dilf like once or twice

Not really a bucket list. Just love meeting yummy people and going with the flow of connection there. I'm very visual and have a great imagination and love the build up to a first meet.

I like working with my hands and getting dirty… in my shed.

Hi, 23M. Looking to explore outside of regular vanilla stuff and dive into what's out there. Outside of this my hobbies and outdoor walks, stocks and I'm a bit of a film fanatic.

Easy going relaxed qnd go with the flow kind of person. Get on easily with everyone and have a good time. Drama free and nsa