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Recently single, Not looking for a relationship or anything like that.. I'm interested in hooking up with like minded girls so we can explore fetishes and fantasies and have some wild sex.

Shy at first, but when I'm comfortable I'll blow your mind! Soft masc with tired golden retriever energy looking for a curvy femme to ruin her lifeā€¦

Lipstick Lesbian hoping to meet someone gorgeous!!! Hello gorgeous ladies! I'm a lipstick lesbian who's just coming out and hoping to meet someone gorgeous that blows my mind. A hot friend to play with, perhaps romance with, and hang out with Who...

Just a woman trying to find what makes her tremble at the knees. Message me, don't be scared xx

Shy at first, but when I'm comfortable I'll blow your mind!

I like travel, movies and food I fantasise about interesting girls and women I also myself thinking about beautiful trans women (particularly inside me).

I'm not confident about my looks although my friends say I look great.