Unsolicited dick pics

May 20 2024

One of the things that sets as humans apart from animals is our self-awareness or sense of self.

Our perception of the collection of characteristics that defines us, and understanding that different people have different perceptions.

Turns out, one of the reasons (there are definitely more, like maybe that big one really is so amazing that you have to share) guys send them is because as us guys are such visual creatures, many of us simply assume without thinking that is what the ladies want as well.

There is also a direct correlation with our level of self-awareness and IQ.

I think I'll leave that one here and see what people think.



  • Opalrose


    23 days ago

    Yeah you’re visual and we aren’t. Whatever.

    You all know it’s wrong but it still happens. The more risqué our photos are the more we get sent.

    I never have, and never ever will, chat with someone who thinks shoving their dick into my online face is acceptable.

    “Oh but it’s a sex site!” I don’t get dicks shoved in my face at a rhp event, or anywhere else but on here.

    If you got your dick out in a bar or on the street to get some girls attention, you’d be arrested.

    No doubt someone will say they love getting them randomly sent through. Cool. Get permission first.

  • Ourmalibu


    23 days ago

    If most men can keep it in their pants in the real world and not get it out to show people when chatting then they can do the same online.

    As for assuming it’s what we want…
    Umm…No, Don’t assume anything, ever!!

  • Kokoflamingo


    23 days ago

    We know you love your dicks 😊 However, receiving a pic of a complete strangers dick isnt a turn on for me. Even though I state on my profile I dont want dick pics, they still keep on coming. When I say, thanks but you are married/ a smoker/ younger than my prefered age, they send one anyway, It wont change my mind. I know some women do like to see them, but I prefer to wait. RHP actually tells guys not to send unsolicited dick pics, but it makes no difference. A classy shot of an outline in some jocks or shorts is far sexier.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    23 days ago

    I agree men are visual, doesn't mean it's OK to send women unsolicited dick pics without consent, does it?
    It's like my cat bringing its hunt to my front door. I know he's proud and all that, but sometimes, I ain't touching that! My IQ and visual senses, just doesn't like the look of it. 🫣

    Ms Foxy

  • RagnarPrime


    23 days ago

    Research dopamine spike associations with anticipation rather than the reveal. It’ll answer some of the obvious questions as why it’s best to market the idea of something rather than just show it off up front.

  • FeistyFatty


    23 days ago

    Let me preface this by saying, I absolutely LOVE a good dick pic/wanking/cumming vid. However, if a man sends me an unsolicited dick pic I reconcile that he feels THAT is his best feature. So, in that case..... I'm completely turned off and already swiping onto the next prospective profile.
    For the gorgeous men of RHP...... We ladies are also visual creatures...... But seeing your gorgeous face and smile will yield puddles more often than dicks, gym selfies and flexed six pack/bicep pics (cringe) ...... Just sayin' 🩷

  • ashandpaul


    23 days ago

    Well Shane I think you hit the nail right on this one!
    Dick pics are not something I would like to wake up to, I would much prefer a nice message about your self, a pic of your self and your face that is far more honest and it also makes me want to reply back to you. I know what a dick looks like, and I think when and if the time comes I’m happy to ask for that. But there is more to you then what hangs between your legs! I would rather know more about you and what gets you going 😉 I’m a talker so love the conversation, the dirty chat and the get to know you stage.
    Hit my nail right and that’s how your winning m! 💋 💋💋

  • Sawadee


    23 days ago

    You are talking about a % who feel the way you described.. There are just as many guys with a higher iQ who know better' yet get dragged along with these uninvited unthinking wankers...
    I agree ' men are visual creatures ' but that doesnt give them the green light and do as they please..

  • nightingale8

  • Fun_Two_Pleaser


    23 days ago

    There are probably 100s of topics/conversations on here that mention dick pics and that it’s not the best move to send them without warning or consent. Regardless of guys being more visual, it seems to be a constant issue for single female profiles on here and yet the constant and overwhelming response/opinion is DON’T SEND THEM! And as Kokoflamingo pointed out, RHP actually tells people not to.

    To state the obvious, one of us has a dick, we have never felt the need to sent dick pics and we never will. This could be one of the reasons why so many single females on here seem to be guarded and reluctant to engage with genuine, fun couples, as they feel like they are going to receive more dick pics.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    23 days ago

    Can we please acknowledge those who do accept unsolicited dic pics. They are also a problem.

    Ms Foxy 🫣

  • countrytouch82


    22 days ago

    Just in relation to unsolicited dick pics...

    Sing it with me please women, you know the words:

    "Am I ever gonna see your dick again?

    (No way, get f*cked, f*ck off!)"

  • Flirty2020


    22 days ago

    It is against RHP community guidelines, and the law, to send unsolicited messages containing penis photos. It is also poor etiquette.

    So why do so many males on here do it? Do they think that because this is a “sex site” that it is acceptable and welcomed?

    Do they think that their penis is their most valuable asset?

    Do they walk up to others at the supermarket, bar, train station etc and whip out their penis and or show strangers photos of their penis? If not why not?

    For us it is a turn off that results in the following :-

    1. Report to admin
    2. Block profile concerned

  • FitAndGeeky50


    22 days ago

    It's ignorance, desperation and disregard for others all wrapped up for the most part.

    Ignorance that (in general, your mileage may vary) men are much more visual, especially for the parts usually covered up, so the assumption is women want to 'jump to seeing this' as much as they do.

    Desperation, in that they aren't getting any attention from normal means here, so what could work? Most of them have at least enough self-awareness to look in the mirror and realise (for most) their hairy flabby body isn't going to appeal greatly (unless they are trying for that bear in the woods look to make themselves appear safe to female hikers🤔 ). They realise the rest of them (again in general), isn't going 'to sell themselves' so they latch onto the one part they figure still looks great - heck, they certainly have a high opinion of it! - and figure the ladies will as well.

    Disregard. Well now they've 'solved' their desperation of what can I send to get some pussy? Especially if 'I paid for this site, they HAVE to respond' is in effect. Here the 'wouldn't do it in the real world' flies out the window. Dick pics are RHP spam emails. Spammers don't care if they send 1000 emails, if 1 or 2 get the desired response. Dick pic senders are the same. RHP guidelines or not, they know the chances of any detrimental outcome is minimal. So if they spam 100 or 200 women with pics, if they get just 1 or 2 positive outcomes from that, well that's big wins to them. They don't care if the other 98 think they are arseholes. They aren't the ones who responded so they don't care.

  • curious_mind82


    22 days ago

    The very one person I have connected with on this site had ‘I will not send dick pics’ in his bio… that right there was the line that made me go ok, I feel comfortable responding to this guy.

  • 53SexyandSingle


    21 days ago

    What astounds me the most is when I respond to a respectful intro message, after viewing the profile, with a ‘Thank you for your message, but you don’t match what I’m looking for. All the best in your search’ … And in return I get sent a dick pic. Like seriously guys, that is not going to change my mind and suddenly make me want to engage in a conversation with you. The only thing it makes me do is utilise the block button. But some guys just don’t get it … which in turn means they don’t get it ! 🤭

  • RachWandered


    21 days ago

    I’m very visual but this doesn’t stop me from seeking consent from people before any sexual contact (bonking, pics, vids etc)
    Not sure what being visual has to do with the whole “getting consent” stuff
    And low EQ or IQ basically says if you’re dumb or dumber you are excused!!

  • RachWandered


    20 days ago

    Also convinced I have the EQ of a mushroom but I still get consent …
    Because when you don’t get consent you don’t have any right to call what you’re doing anything other than a crime.
    Yes. It’s that simple. We need to stop thinking up loopholes, justifications and victim blaming.

  • MajekMonkey


    19 days ago

    I've actually gotten unconsensual pussy pix a few times now. I guess most guys like it so they copy it.

  • No_probLlama68


    19 days ago

    Self awareness appears early in life for humans. So does learning that others can be aware of you, too. Yes we all have eyes and delight in the colours of the world. Not really sure what point you’re trying to make here with this post, to me it sounds like you’re trying to justify that it’s ok to send dick pics because men are apparently more visual and thought it would be ok, and then that there is a link toward self awareness and IQ…..
    What is this direct correlation?
    What does it have to do with the topic of dick pics?

  • Massage_Donor


    12 days ago

    "... assume without thinking ..." Yep, they're the key words. Is it really that hard to think before doing something? Y'know, maybe include the concept of consent in your thinking? Or to validate an assumption?

  • Scarlettxox


    3 days ago

    Self confessed size queen here... I demand them.. above anything else haha, so many men get offended, be direct and to the point, life's to short

  • cheekyone9


    3 days ago

    What I don't understand is what the guy gets out of sending an unsolicited D Pic?
    For me the best part of sending a D Pic is the fact that someone is curious enough or attracted to you enough to ask for it.
    To me that adds another level of arousal and if they like what they see even better!
    Each to their own I guess but respect is a big thing that needs to be shown to everyone.
    I'm a bit of a exhibitionist and I love when I catch someone checking out my bulge or my body and I hope they get turned on and think sexual things about me, however I would never force that onto anyone by sending unsolicited pic's.
    ✌ ♥ 🏝