How can I make sex last longer?

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Hi guys I have tried everything and still cant make sex last. This is really embarrassing on dates. Please help.
If it makes you feel any better, the latest studies suggest that as many as 45% of men are done in under 2 minutes and most of the rest come in at around 3min, 45 seconds.   Hardly porn star material. Of course, the rarefied few that make it past the 10 minute mark may not be all they are cracked up to be either.  Why?  Well extended sex can often be associated to sexual disassociation.  In other words, their head is not in the game and it has become mechanical.  So long is not always better.

There is however a very simple solution.  Don’t have sex until she is almost satisfied.  Yes, that means foreplay her to climax and only jump on when she screams for it.  The G-spot is a very useful tool for helping a woman feel sexually released without actually having sex, so get very acquainted with that and you should be set.  In the meantime, here are some other useful suggestions you can try;

NUMB SPRAY – You can actually buy condoms with numbing agent to desensitise that area.  However, Dr. Ian Kerner, author of ‘She Comes First’, recommends Promescent. “You spray it once or twice on the head of the penis, and let it absorb really well, so the woman does not experience residual numbing”.

VIAGRA – Yes, not only can it get you started but it keeps you going too.  Latest research shows it can extend sex by up to 11 minutes.

MIX IT UP – You don’t have to jump on like a jack rabbit, why not treat sex like a degustation?  Have a few good thrusts, then go back to kissing or licking or anything to reset your lower regions.  You should be able to at least double your time like this.

QUICK FIX – Have a sneaky masturbate before sex.  This is a great way to extend your reach naturally, however, the closer you do it to the actual sex the more effective it is.

THE SQUEEZE – This technique was developed by sex researchers in the late 50’s.  When a man is close to orgasm, the woman puts her thumb, index and middle finger around the tip of the penis and squeezes until the tension subsides.  Then start again.

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Posted: May, 27 2018
But the fenugreek and eat them either in ppwder or swallow with water, natural solution
Posted: May, 10 2018
Go to your GP and tell him/her that you are having some depression and ask for Zoloft. When I (male) was using it for depression it really did make me last longer. I was using a full tablet - so maybe only have half a tablet. Mind you it made me only able to cum the once in a session which quite pissed me off as I am accustomed to shooting several times in a session.
Posted: May, 09 2018
Do you have any advice for the opposite problem... delayed ejaculation? I know it’s commonly held to be an awesome trait to last all night, but sometimes is like to be able to enjoy a quickie while still climaxing
Posted: May, 09 2018

Stay 2'stroking rather then take ^^^

Some people......seriously.....
Posted: May, 08 2018
1- Drop a load before the date
2- Keep your pants on till you have made her cum first, You have hands and a mouth right?
3- Don't make it about you, don't make it about putting your pekker in the honey pot, make it about her, be sensual, be selfless and after you have made sure she is satisfied then you can have your turn.

Skygod is right though, zoloft about zoloft, but it is a he'll of a drug.
Posted: May, 07 2018
You could also try Tantra. I have been practicing for a while now. With tantric practices you will be able stay more present with your partner than you thought possible with complete control over orgasm and even eventually being able to separate orgasm and ejaculation. There's many resources on the Internet and practitioners in most locations. It takes some work but the rewards will be well worth it

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