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Hotwife Fantasy

Hi Sam. I would like some feedback on why I get turned on by the thought of my wife have sex with a hung guy?

All About the Bass?

Do guys really care about size? how many guys go for bigger girls and what turns them on about bigger girls.
I'm starting to lose faith that I will ever find a man.

Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

Why is it that women seem to not like a real gentleman?
I hear about all the stories around work, about how the guys treat women like crap but always have a girl. Meanwhile, gentlemen seem to not be able to find anyone.

What Men Want.

Hi Sam, are guys on this site looking for a relationship as well?

Al Fresco Self Love

Outdoor masturbation. Ok or weird?

Cast a Wider Net. Sow More Seeds

I'm sure this is question one million on the same topic for you but im at a a loss. I have been on this site for over a year and I've had maybe 3 girls ask to see my private photos. That's it, no conversation, no meeting or drinks, no anything. I've messaged hundreds, never vulgar or inappropriate, i...

No Sex At Home = OK to Cheat?

If a man is not getting any sex with his wife, but loves her deeply is it fair if he finds a friendship with no NSA with another woman or gets involved with a couple for threesomes. Should he be honest and tell the wife how he feels and what he is planning?

How Much Personal Info Is Too Much?

Hi. How much personal information should couples reveal to another couple on first date over dinner or drinks? For example, first/last names, kids/family life and occupation. Thanks.

Chocolate Fetish?

I've met a woman who wants chocolate rubbed over her. I asked her does she have a preference but all she said was 'expensive'. Can you recomend a brand or type of chocolate that is commonly used?

Sorry, But Your Penis is Too Small?

How do you politely tell a guy that his penis is too small? Is there a polite and respectful way to say you were not satisfied?

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