'You Can't Ask That!' RHP Swingers featured on ABC

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A very special 'Swingers' episode of 'You Can't Ask That' by the ABC, features amazing couples from RedHotPie....

Premiering on free to air ABC tonightt (August 8th) at 9pm AEST, ‘You Can’t Ask That’ tackles the sexy and intriguing world of Swinging.

In its third season, ‘You Can’t Ask That’ gives often misunderstood and marginalized individuals or communities an opportunity to speak for themselves, addressing misconceptions and stigmas surrounding their lifestyles. The show pushes the envelope, raising questions that traditionally go unasked, in order to educate and discern between myth and truth.

RedHotPie partnered with the ABC to source talent for this very special episode. Four diverse Aussie couples, and one illusive ‘Unicorn’, answer several awkward but honest questions about the swinger’s lifestyle and all that comes with it. The questions are submitted anonymously by real people, promoting discussion that might not often be raised in polite company.

The episode broaches such topics such as;

‘How did you talk your partner in to this?’

‘What’s it like watching the love of your life get pounded, and loving it?’

‘You must be a good root, have you learned any good tricks?’

‘Are you a seedy sex pest?’

The wonderful guests delve into the reality of swinging; and speak honestly about how the lifestyle has affected their body confidence, courage, self-worth, relationships and sense of community. Hoping to spread an understanding of how a relationship can thrive and grow as a swinging couple, the questions are answered bluntly and with incredible honesty, with a few X rated stories thrown in for good measure… this is an episode not to be missed!

Be sure to tune in this evening for what is an informative and hilarious special; or check it out on ABC’s iView streaming service – it’s there ready to watch right now!

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Posted: Aug, 12 2018
Well done 👍👍 never take one for the team and comuication is the key. Respect is on top of the list
Posted: Aug, 09 2018
Wow what a great show ...

The single unicorn woman, loved her comments and the masked couple from rural WA I just loved their attitude. Well done Rhp for being involved 😄
Posted: Aug, 09 2018
It was amazing and eye opening. Nice normal friendly people with a fun positive and open attitude towards sex. It’s inspired my wife and I to join, I’m pretty nervous though!
Posted: Aug, 09 2018
I wish there were more programs like this on TV!
Posted: Aug, 09 2018
That was great, well done everyone!
Posted: Aug, 08 2018
Well done to all involved in this piece, the couples were fantastic and Megan was gorgeous. Great work!
Posted: Aug, 08 2018
Lovely fun sexy people who spoke well and with grace - great tv! Well done to all involved x
Posted: Aug, 08 2018
This was so fantastic - good on everyone for being such great ambassadors!
Posted: Aug, 08 2018
Well done to those that had the courage to go on and open up... This will help remove the stigma and mystery and hopefully attract more to this awesome lifestyle!! :)
Posted: Aug, 07 2018
This sounds awesome!
Posted: Aug, 07 2018
Finally some good tv viewing!
Posted: Aug, 07 2018
looking forward to this
Posted: Aug, 07 2018
Can't wait for this episode. Should be good to watch. :)

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