What the F**K is the World’s Largest Swingers Convention?

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The world's biggest swingers convention is at our doors once more....

Ever heard of Naughty in N'awlins? D and I made our way over to New Orleans in 2016 to check out what the fuss was all about. This was only 6 or so months into our lifestyle journey and it was an eye opener that’s for sure.

Over 3,000 Swingers parade down the famous Bourbon Street to let their freak flag and sex positivity vibes fly. There’s classes, panels, opportunities to learn about BDSM, Kink, Sexual Health.. There’s boozy out of control day parties and massive bar takeovers. All events are hosted by the infamous Bob and Tess Hannaford, original creators and New Orleans locals.

Back in 2016 we weren’t ready, we were super overwhelmed and walked away thinking how, what, when, why… but we also went there with a perception that didn’t hold true. We thought, 3,000 + swingers in the one city, taking over not one but two hotels… OMG there must be frivolous behaviour everywhere! We went in with a perception and came out the other end wondering how we could have made our time there even better.

Well, the good news is that 3 years later and I’m heading back! Granted I will be going as a unicorn (yes, a solo swinger lady is heading into the depths of the world’s largest swinger event!) but I’m ready for the fun. This time I’m going in ready to party, catch up with friends, make connections and really put myself out there without any fear or restraints.

In July 2019 I’ll be co-hosting the Podcast Meet and Greet with fellow lifestyle positive podcasters and bloggers, I’ve offered to host a day party and I’ll be there with literal bells on! I’ve already bought my tickets to NIN, I’ve got my flights and hotel sorted and I’m ready to go (so the countdown begins). I’m also going to be unleashing my true self at NIN 2019, I’ll be making this my coming out party and using NIN as an opportunity to be my true authentic self.

In the past 4 years of my lifestyle journey I’ve had to hide away who I really was to my work colleagues and friends due to morality clauses in my work contract. However, in 2019 I’m quitting my job and I’m ready to come out of the closet.

If you’d like to hear more about NIN send us an email or get ready to listen to our podcast. We’re going to get Bob and Tess on the podcast to talk about how they believe the swinging lifestyle has changed over the years and what makes their event the world’s largest and most successful swingers party.

If you’re keen to come along with me please (please god let there be some sexy Aussies) let me know in the comment below and I will get in touch with more details.

So wish me luck friends, I’ll be back to report on my trip as I get my sexy outfits planned, beef up my exercise regime and get ready to come out of the Fkn closet at the World’s largest swingers convention!



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I’m C, the better half of the Swinging Downunder Podcast duo. I’m super excited to be sharing the Non-Monogamous Lifestyle with you and writing about some of our sexy travels, events and hot tips. I love to share our global swinging lifestyle with you and cannot wait to get down and dirty about all aspects. I’m SexPositive and I believe in all things Love, Balance and Sexy Times!

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Posted: Feb, 01 2019
Hey guys, check out collette club in NOLA, a great swingers club
Posted: Jan, 23 2019
I would love to attend this event, my mate well his mother and I have been fooling around with one other. But I have also sucked her son's she caught me with my mates cock in my mouth and I was sucking it slowly. She didn't say anything she just joined in with me sucking her son's cock. I would love to see my mate and his mum and me wearing silky panties in a kinky threesome
Posted: Jan, 22 2019
Unfortunately we just miss out. Will be there at end of June, but will have to check out the local scene. Any tips?
Posted: Jan, 22 2019
Hi there, it’s a couples event, did you have a lady you’ll be bringing
Posted: Jan, 22 2019
Hey, you can find info on our website; http://www.swingingdownunder.com/naughty-in-nawlins-2019/ If you have any specific questions I’m happy to answer. We’re all confirmed with a bunch of other couples from all over the world xx
Posted: Jan, 22 2019
Yes, every July in New Orleans. This year the host hotel is already 60% sold
Posted: Jan, 20 2019
What an opportunity, I would love to accompany you.!!
Posted: Jan, 19 2019
Would love to come along would you be able to send me some info please
Posted: Jan, 18 2019
Hey is it an annual event?
Posted: Jan, 17 2019
?? sexy aussies on the loose!
Posted: Jan, 17 2019
We will definitely be there. Have our tickets already and are looking forward to The Big Easy hot and humid nights ...
Posted: Jan, 16 2019
Looking forward to attending your coming out party. See you and hopefully more Aussies in July ??
Posted: Jan, 16 2019
I would definitely be interested and will in the US around that time anyway ??
Posted: Jan, 15 2019
Hi, I’m definitely interested in heading over!

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