What is the go with Butt Plugs?

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Add some spice to your sexual exploration with some sexy toys...

I recall a time when I didn’t know butt plugs existed. I then recall the time when I saw my first one in a sex toy store on the outskirts of Brisbane and then I saw my first stretching kit. What the actual F&*k?!

Years later, I stumbled upon tails, but I’d never seen one being used or couldn’t contemplate what the fascination was with plugging up one’s butt.

Fast forward to our exploration of sexuality and entering in the lifestyle and you’ll find me, the owner of multiple butt plugs and tails, you’ll also find a person who transports them across international customs by the box full to a party in Mexico. (I really am a great friend).

Looking back on my journey with butt plugs is fascinating, this truly is an age for exploration of all things. So, here’s my story about butt plugs... 

When I’ve used them, what perils have befallen me and when a butt plug has empowered me to feel more like a sexually charged women.

The Rose Bud

This nifty butt plug was my first, I’ve had it now since shortly after joining the LS. This was a definite D purchase, you know when a box arrives with all sorts of play items and you’re fascinated to give them a try... it’s encrusted with a lovely (and classy) jewel, I guess that’s supposed to make it look nice. It arrives in an embroidered satin bag for storing as if it’s a sacred family heirloom.

My first encounter was...well, did you ever meet that new kid at school, and you weren’t quite sure they fit in? That was my butt plug, I took myself off to the bedroom, lubed up and delicately pressed it inside me. That afternoon, D I and I just hung around the house, cooking, cleaning, watching TV. I was trying to be inclusive with my butt plug, make it feel like part of the cool kids’ gang.

Fast forward to my attempt at wearing it to a LS party, I’m dressed in a seductive latex dress, hair & makeup done just right with my jewelled butt plug just kind of hanging in there. We walk towards the elevator, oh gosh, is it possible for a plug to fall out?! Surely this doesn’t feel right, entering the elevator I have no choice, I must check before we walk into this party, right?! Self-consciously I enter the bathroom of the party to check what’s going on, why is my new friend not quite fitting in.

Fast forward further to our anniversary weekend away, once again I wear my butt plug out for drinks and dinner. Walking along I’m feeling like my friend just isn’t right, I keep my butt plug in for a few hours before finally removing it in the ladies’ room (washing of course) and return to the table to slip it into D’s jeans pocket.

I start to wonder, is my butt an odd shape or size? Why am I not getting pleasure out of this experience, why does it not sit quite right? More on my expensive new friend later.

The Tail

Sometimes in order to fit in, we must stand out. At a recent party, I knew I was going to be nervous, this was not only our first ever kink party event, but it was also the first with this group, at this stranger’s house and in Singapore. I’m arriving self-conscious about my stature and weight, knowing I’d be very different from most people at the party. I didn’t want to allow any insecurities to impact my evening, I’m an awesome person (sorry, reading my mantra out loud) so I decided to just go with it, be courageous. I arrive in lingerie, bunny ears and a butt plug with a long fluffy white tail attached.

I stood out, there are no two ways about it, I was the tallest women in the room from a country no one else was from, in a party dominated by kink and not swingers. My tail had nothing to do with standing out, as most ppl hadn’t realised it was not part of my lingerie ??

I strutted around the party, wearing my tail, having a few drinks for liquid courage and then, something happened. My insecurities were still there, under the bravado of butt plug tail and yet I felt alive, I felt sexy, slutty and in control. I wore my tail all night long, except for taking it off for a quick play session with D. During the car drive home, D remarks that it was the longest I’ve ever worn a butt plug in and that he was proud of me for putting myself out there. I was proud too, sometimes it takes a little inner push to prove that you can do something and at the end of the day, a butt plug might be empowering.


We have been talking about doing DP for a while now and let’s face it, it’s not an easy feat. For me, I’m quite petite in the vaginal department so we needed to practice, taaa daaaaa insert (pun intended) my new friend. It was like a light bulb had gone off, let’s use the butt plug and have vaginal sex! I’m the cleverest girl alive!

Later it occurred to me that perhaps a penis allows a little more give than your average steel butt plug, it certainly worked with a little movement and adjustment of course. So maybe with the right 2 partners who are hard but patient, I can make it work.

You’re probably much more versed in butt plugs than I am as I think I may have had a slow uptake, however if you’re keen to read on, I’ll share my collection, my favourite and a little about my realisation that the Rose Bud and I, probably aren’t going to be BFF’s.

My collection has grown over the years, mostly thank you to D with a few additional late-night Amazon purchases from moi and of course gifts from girlfriends (your friends buy you butt plugs, too right?).

Here’s the total collection of butt plug accessories in the C&D household:

  My collection, after taking this photo I’m thinking I’m due for another purchase!

I have favourites, much like your favourite coffee cup that just ‘feels right’ there’s something about this butt plug that works. It’s comfortable, the size works the weight works and it doesn’t make me walk around with an odd look on my face.

It recently occurred to me that like friends, not all butt plugs are made equal! Maybe it’s literally that this time, it really is you and not me that’s the problem, so, like any sane women, I took my butt plugs for a little trip to the kitchen.

 Original RoseBud                                                                    Cheaper Import Version


Aha, this whole time, I’ve been walking around with an extra 127gm in my butt! No wonder the new girl and I didn’t quite get along! Choosing what feels and works best for you is going to be hit or miss (they have a no return policy on them.... weird right) so my advice is to start small in both size, weight and price tag before you bling bling your sex toy drawer out with butt plugs.

Considering getting your own? Start with a lower cost version, you can of course splurge and buy something fancy from your local sex toy store or grab a set of 3 jewelled ones like the below for only $24 from Amazon. Cheap and convenient.

                                                               3 Pack available on Amazon here

Have you ever used butt plugs? I’d love you to share your story, how did your new friend fare in the schoolyard? Are you terrified of that first introduction or want to talk more about what colour matches your outfit? Share in comments section below.

Yours in plugged butty splendour,



Artwork supplied by Mr H from BedHoppersUK podcast

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Posted: Jul, 20 2019
Some aren't surprised seeing me with a plug..but they are wen they see my cock in there as well
Posted: Jun, 21 2019
Butt plugs are awesome. Love when ladies wear them. I also like using them too. Loosens me up for my wife's strap-on, also I will wear it all day rubbing on my prostate making me horny as hell, nice big load for the missus.
Posted: Jun, 21 2019
Some of us guys do like them yes. I wear one at times. It rubs on my prostate getting me horny as hell, let's me give my wife a huge load. Also preps me for her strap-on or a good dildo session.
Posted: Jun, 09 2019
I've used plugs myself & in partners for years. I have an asslock that I've worn for several partners & they all love it & get turned on by it.
Posted: Mar, 28 2019
Would your husband let me see just how incredible it is..
Posted: Mar, 25 2019
Love us some plugs! Hubby is so turned on when I wear mine and the tail... whole other level! Hot Hot Hot.
Posted: Feb, 21 2019
Butt plugs are a major turn on
Posted: Feb, 21 2019
Probably you have one that is the wrong size for you. Or that has too thick a stem, the better ones for staying put have a large body, small stem and large base
Posted: Feb, 20 2019
How could a guy not love a woman with a fox tail butt plug...mmmm
Posted: Feb, 20 2019
Um..are you really supposed to like go out to parties etc "wearing " a butt plug..? I thought they were only for use while.. well.. you know !
Posted: Feb, 20 2019
ohhh .. the whole Kitten tail and ears ... sexy as fuck.. i imagine the tail being gently tugged on and i can barely think .. excuse me now .. a flush is coming on ...
Posted: Feb, 20 2019
Very exiting but had to keep it in ...
Posted: Feb, 20 2019
I have trouble keeping it in. What am I doing wrong?
Posted: Feb, 19 2019
Proud Kitty ears cuffs collars and tails always looking for a loving master ??
Posted: Feb, 19 2019
Love my plugs my Furry Tail is my Fav check it out on my Profile
Posted: Feb, 19 2019
They are great for both parties I love the feeling on my cock as vibrations are really stimulating. My partner's love the feeling of fullness the vibrations the movements of my cock in and out especially if I pull out all the way and plunge back in .They are never sure if pussy or butt will orgasm first .Once had both butt and pussy simultaneously she was in utopia and out for the count for 10 mins .
Posted: Feb, 19 2019
Yeah these tails are great fun.
Posted: Feb, 19 2019
Love exploring this also ????

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