Squirting – Fact or Fiction?

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Squirting, gushing, female ejaculation, whatever you call it, it’s a RedHot topic that never seems to go out of...
Squirting, gushing, female ejaculation, whatever you call it, it’s a RedHot topic that never seems to go out of fashion! Here at RedHotPie our sex doctors are constantly inundated with questions about it, not to mention the Hot Forums going crazy with chat about it: women wanting to know what it is and how to do it, men wanting to know how to make women do it, whether or not it’s real, what the mythical g-spot is, whether it’s just urine or not, and on and on! So, we’ve decided to create an article that answers all of your squirting questions, in no particular order. Whether, you’re a believer or not in squirting, you’re sure to have fun (either on your own or with a partner) trying!

Is there a difference between squirting when you orgasm and peeing?

The fluid that is released during squirting is not urine, so yes, there is a big difference. Don’t believe us? A simple taste and smell test will prove it! There has been debate raging on for years about whether squirting is just a woman completely letting go and peeing as a result. Some people will argue till the cows come home that squirting doesn’t exist. Research into female ejaculation is a relatively new field so it’s seen as debatable. We happen to think that the non-believers just haven’t experienced it!

Some very sexy-minded scientists have done research into the phenomena and discovered that the fluid released when a female squirts has a similar chemical composition to male ejaculate, minus sperm of course. The fluid that is released during female ejaculation has been found to come from the Skene’s glands, which are a part of the g-spot. What is this g-spot you’ve been hearing so much about? The g-spot is sometimes known as the female prostate, as it’s in the same position (whilst on a different wall, of course) to the male prostate and is similar in size, shape and function.

Are you able to teach yourself how to squirt?

Yes, although the jury’s still out on whether it’s better to practice on your own first or with a partner. Ladies, we’d suggest practicing on your own at first if you sometimes have difficulty relaxing and feel pressure to squirt. If you have a partner that wants to learn - or already has an idea of how to make women squirt - and that you feel completely comfortable with, even better! That means you can lie back, relax and have them do the hard work for you!

Do all women squirt?

We’re going to open up a potential can of worms with this controversial statement - all women can squirt. In saying that, it may be extremely difficult for some women: weak pelvic floor (PC) muscles and an inability to relax can make it damn near impossible for some women. However, you don’t have to envy those women that can ‘squirt on command,’ there is hope for you yet if this is something that you really want to achieve.

Do your Kegel exercises regularly to strengthen your PC muscles, as these can help you not only learn to squirt, but also to reach orgasm more easily. To identify the muscles that you need to strengthen, practice stopping urinating midstream. The muscles that you clench to stop the flow are your pelvic floor muscles. To do your Kegels, squeeze these muscles tight and clench for five seconds, then relax for five seconds. Aim to repeat this process three times a day, for around thirty repetitions each time and soon you’ll be cracking walnuts with your….Well, maybe not, but it can make a huge difference, trust us.

When it comes to an inability to relax, there is no magic cure. if you visit the bathroom beforehand, you’ll be able to let go of any fears of urinating, making your chances of squirting more likely. Remember that squirting is natural and that most men find it a turn on, knowing that you are getting incredibly turned on! Mentally focus on the sensations, rather than worrying about the mess.

What is the best way to stimulate a woman’s g-spot to make her squirt?

Just as any woman can learn how to squirt, any man can learn how to make a woman squirt, or, as mentioned previously, a woman can take matters into her owns hands and teach herself! It will take a lot of practice and the use of a certain technique, but if you’re patient, it will pay off big time! Begin by learning your way around the female g-spot, as it’s the main player in the squirting game and whilst some women can squirt via other methods of stimulation, the g-spot is key. Feel your way around and get to know this spot well!

If you are working with a partner, begin by getting blood flowing all through your body. Try to relax by getting your partner to give you a sensual all over body massage. If you are working on your own, take a soak in a tub and stroke your body all over. Once you are really relaxed and aroused, it’s time to seek out that elusive g-spot! It is better to try and find the sweet spot when you’re really turned on, as it will be more pronounced.

Lie on your back and spread your legs, firstly making sure that you are well-lubricated (naturally or otherwise). Insert one or two fingers completely inside your vagina and curl them to feel around for a spot on the front wall that has a different texture to the surrounding skin – it might feel spongy, rough and raised. Use a ‘come hither’ motion to stroke and if you’re having trouble finding it, press your other palm flat on the outside of your pubic area.

To stimulate the g-spot, start by pushing against it using either your fingers, or a toy (preferably curved and specifically designed for g-spot stimulation). You can then start to rigorously rub the area. You will probably find that you’ll need to be quite vigorous. Through constant stimulation of the spot, you’ll begin to feel like you need to pee. Just relax and continue; fight through the sensation and you’ll start to feel an intense build up before squirting. Flexing the PC muscles can help push you over the edge. Once you’ve mastered the art of squirting digitally or with toys, you can move on to trying through intercourse. Some positions that encourage squirting are doggy style, woman on top grinding against him, man on top but with her ankles up around her ears or knees to chest.

Should women who are squirters warn new partners ASAP once it looks as though the action is headed that way?

It might not be such a bad idea to give a heads up to any partners when playing if you gush more than Niagra Falls! As a courtesy we’d suggest that you do, as it will at least allow them to lay down some towels, which is especially important if you are playing where you are going to be sleeping. No one likes sleeping in the mother of all wet patches.

So that’s pretty much it. It’s simple in theory, yes, but bear in mind that it can be much more difficult in practice. Persist though and you’ll experience some of the most intense orgasms ever. It is well worth the effort. Therefore, don’t be deterred if it doesn’t happen right away. Don’t look at it as a failed experience and get frustrated, as this will just end up in repeating the pattern as next time you try you’ll be tense and anticipating failure. Look at it as a learning experience. In short, relax, explore and enjoy it for the sensations…even if you don’t squirt. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if you really want to squirt, you’ve gotta be prepared to put in the hard work. So go forth brave sexplorer and have some wet and wild RedHot times…then be sure to share all the juicy details with us afterwards!

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Posted: Sep, 08 2019
I had a FWB who squirted. She seemed to be able to do it with ease. The first time it happened she was riding me - I'll never forget the moment. It was one of the most erotic things that had happened to me at that point. It was such a turn on having her gush over my cock and onto my pelvis.
Posted: Aug, 26 2019
I have a friend I met on here who squirts it is the best thing love it😜
Posted: Aug, 12 2019
im glad you did Lolita, it seems an awesome thing to happen to a lady. would love to help out.
Posted: Aug, 07 2019
I had never even heard of this phenomenon until I did it a few weeks ago, thanks to new friend I found on this site!
Posted: Aug, 06 2019
I squirt when taken to the highest levels. My man loves it and so do the guys lucky enough to experience what I can do.. they always want more.. lol
Posted: Jul, 16 2019
I have made woman squirt many times during sex, but unfortunately I haven't figured out how to do so every time. There is something immensely satisfying about seeing a woman experiencing such extreme pleasure. The squirt is definitely not pee. I've had it on my cock, on my face and over my entire body. It ends up functioning like a lubricant that you use to bring on the next orgasm.
Posted: Jul, 12 2019
mmm wish I could do this or find a man who could help me achieve this!
Posted: Jul, 11 2019
There is nothing that gives me a SENSE of accomplishment than seeing a partner litraly gushing pupils dialated heaving chest looking at you and what did you to me and why can't I feel my legs .... every man must explore , every woman is different just saying
Posted: Jun, 30 2019
Fact. Just before i turned 40!! Always read or heard stories about squirting and always wondered. Well thank f... i got out of my box and got with my soul mate. Never have i experienced the feeling. Letting go, i was floating, just keeps getting better the more we play. We cant stop
Posted: May, 25 2019
I love taking a girl to that point.It's great fun.
Posted: Mar, 03 2019
I was having a 69'er with a woman one time, had a small vibrator in her vagina, slid a digit in her arse and she squirted all over my face. Never got to recreate the event but it was awesome.
Posted: Jan, 29 2019
Finally I can add something to a conversation about squirting. I had my first ever experience squirting on the Australia Day long weekend. I was with a new lover, a gentle, intuitive, generous but dominant man. The first I knew it was happening was when there was suddenly what looked like upside down rain gushing into the air above my pussy. The sounds of him finger fucking me changed too, from a juicy squelching sound to just the sloppiest wet sound! Unfortunately I became so overwhelmed that I burst into tears and lost the ability to talk or move briefly. I remember him asking me if I was ok and if I wanted a cuddle. It was all I could to nod my head yes and to accept his affectionate after care. I might never experience squirting again, but I am so happy I know my body is capable of it when with a generous and skilful lover.
Posted: Jan, 18 2019
I squirt.. Fact..
Posted: Dec, 16 2018
squirting mmmm my forte in less than 30 seconds and thats just being touched by my guy......gotta stop him being abe to do this to me lol
actually its more drowning him than squirting lol
Posted: Nov, 07 2018
My wife squirts more when two guys are fucking & playing with her together
Posted: Sep, 23 2018
love love love squirting
Posted: Jul, 28 2018
I love a woman squirting!!
Posted: Jul, 26 2018
*slides off chair*

Needing this...
Posted: Jul, 23 2018
A former work colleague squirted on me so much, I felt as if she was washing me with a hose. It was a massive turn on and the rewards were orgasmic. I now search for continuous squirters. 😁
Posted: Jul, 23 2018
SQUIRTING-Female Ejectulation; usually happens when stimulation of the clitoral/g-spot and internally of the vagina simultaneously with hands or vibraters; a clear liquid that, as the name suggests, squirts from the vagina; if the said areas are stimulated correctly, the female can squirt over and over again for long periods
**The clear, odourless liquid that squirts from the vagina is not urine. Urine is yellow. That said, if the female hasn't toileted before being aroused and if she pushes too hard, urine is possibly going to mix with the clear liquids.
**The amount of clear liquid that can escape the vagina when squirting is truly amazing. Personally I squirted so much the mattress was ldripping underneath; laying on thick plastic which was turned up at the sides collected litres of my clear liquid. That time yet again we asked Google about squirting and the amount of liquid a woman's body lost.
**If you're a squirter 2 beds are required
Posted: Jun, 21 2018
I've gone all my sexual life thinking I couldn't squirt, but I was very wrong. If your partner knows what they're doing, it's the most intense and insane orgasm ever..especially when accompanied by playing with the clitoras. Makes my legs week and my body shake 😘
Posted: Jun, 16 2018
Believe me its a fact ask my guy less than 5 minutes im gone bad its orgasms galore pity abt the sheets or where ever lol
Posted: May, 30 2018
I am a squirter and its definately not pee
Posted: May, 26 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed a squirting woman about a year ago. Tasted delicous not pee at all
Posted: May, 15 2018
squirting work
Posted: Apr, 30 2018
Male here adding something. It is both wonderful & debilating depends on how you see it. Imagine having to change your sheets every day & the practical stuff involved. If you are a blessed with this ability you kinda have to embrace it.
Posted: Apr, 29 2018
i can squirt if the guy is worth it lol with my guy i can drown him lol
Posted: Apr, 28 2018
I myself, made an appointment with a female Physiotherapist that specializes in that area of incontinence shall we say as I was sure I had pee'd during sex with my husband. As I have had a baby also even though I was active with all forms of exercise during my pregnancy I was sure I had become another statistic of female incontinence basically.

Hubby was adamant I hadn't, but I was a non-squirt believer!

Funnily enough when I describer the sensation, and had an examination, I was informed, that there was nothing wrong with me, and that I was one of the lucky few that in my 31st year on earth I had finally inherited female ejaculation attributes.

Now it's basically a "every time" occurrence, whether its a full squirt, gush, trickle, whatever... the human body is an amazing thing!
Posted: Apr, 08 2018
Its a thrill showing a woman how to squirt for the first time its well worth the time and effort
Posted: Mar, 30 2018
It's such a turn on a squirter 😈
Posted: Mar, 13 2018
Every woman we've been with ... we've made squirt!
It's an awesome thing to make another woman do. It's an awesome thing to be able to do.
Posted: Mar, 12 2018
Confirmed fact, Skeens gland, google it!
Posted: Mar, 10 2018
Squirting exists! Had the absolute pleasure of discovering it only recently with the right partner. I was bending over a desk and came from behind. My new partner now can have me squirting with his amazing tongue. The best feeling ever. I would love to do it one time while riding hard on top of a face - especially if they have a few days facial growth. Mmmm 🤤
Posted: Feb, 19 2018
I can confirm squirtin exists. I have only ever had the one girlfriend who did it, it is definitely not pee it doesnt even come from the pee hole, trust me ,Ive had face fulls of it.. its a hot gush and not like porno pissing. my opinion is that a fluid build up inside the uterrus during sex is forced out at orgasm but hey Im no doctor
Posted: Feb, 06 2018
My ex always makes me squirts, expect his bed is soaking when we have sex
Posted: Jan, 13 2018
I love making a woman squirt......... It is so sexy :)
Posted: Nov, 28 2017
If I have a great connection and relax with my partner, yes I squirt , I have taught myself control, oh and I can squirt with nothing but my mind , it's amazing 😉 guess I'm a fortunate one 😁
Posted: Nov, 23 2017
Ive tried for years to both physically and mentally "let go" ....sadly it still evades me......until then ill keep enjoying my wonderful orgasms. I appreciate that i orgasm!
Posted: Nov, 08 2017
Squirt or piss. Both fun in the bedroom as long as your both getting off on it
Posted: Sep, 30 2017
of course its real most men just suck and arent patient enough with there tongue gymnastics.
Posted: Aug, 01 2017
thats true, my wife always squirt and pissing.
Posted: Jul, 22 2017
I do find for myself personally, that it is quite mental... there is a point where I almost say to myself.. I'm going to completely give myself over, totally relax and let myself go. If I'm in the zone and completely comfortable I can and will squirt. It's so liberating and partners always look it
Posted: Jul, 20 2017
My ex squirted a lot. It was the biggest turn on! We always had to put down a couple of towels whenever we had a session.
Posted: Jul, 14 2017
Its definitely a magical experience to give a woman a Gspot orgasm, especially if she has never had one before, never knowing it was even part of her anatomy! Ive found with most women you can tell yr on the right track as the whole top wall and sides of her vagina swells, feeling very puffy or spongy.... Soon after that bingo, and fun to watch!
Posted: Jul, 11 2017
Theres a bunch of porn stars who did a doco on it a few years ago, thats how I learned, sea4ch and use a pirate bay Mirror server, install utorrent, and your set. Again, I heard about it, then searched and watched it, fucking great show.
Posted: Jul, 11 2017
wake up , get over it move on, its real.
Posted: May, 02 2017
love a woman that's a squirter just wish I could find anther one
Posted: Apr, 20 2017
Anyone know how to stop doing it?
Posted: Mar, 17 2017
I'd love to squirt but I just can't let go.... just embarrassed that I'm going to pee over some poor guy and the bed. Last time someone tried to do that to me, I leapt off the bed. I think I'd love to be tied spreadeagled and someone strokes me til I squirt lol
Posted: Jan, 21 2017
Defiantly tell the person you are with that squirting is on the cards as yes it does make a mess.
Having said that it is certainly a wonderful mess. Watching my wife squirt when we are playing is great. It is a big hit at any parties we attend. First party she was too embarrass and delayed it till late in the night then finally it happened to the roar of all those in attendance.
Big part of our play both by ourselves and with friends.
Posted: Dec, 12 2016
My wife and I discovered squirting and now it's a big part of our for play she always reaches a massive orgasm after she has flooded my fingers 😘😘😘
Posted: Dec, 06 2016
Wow xx
Posted: Oct, 14 2016
i have experienced this alot i really enjoy getting a woman to orgasm that hard and squirt all over me,, i believe its not pee however i do think there is a limit to ejeculation and if pushed to far or pressure on the wrong spot can actually leed to a woman peeing accidently,, im also told somtimes they cant tell themselves as it can feel very simular,, it is a very fun and satisfying form of 4play in my opinion..
Posted: Sep, 23 2016
its not pee, its not even close to it
saw a "science" article that claimed it was pee because it came from the same hole.... really .. the same hole
oh well i guess sperm is just pee then too ... i expected better from the scientific community

it does not smell, feel, or taste the same
there is also two different types, a very watery clear release and a thicker white release

from what i have experienced the thicker release is from a deeper vaginal orgasm and the more fluid one is from the "come hither" motion with the fingers behind her clitoris

people who think its pee, probably still think that women don't have a prostate
ah well , got news for you
Posted: Aug, 02 2016
I have a "mate" that he reckons that in Perth swing scene 7 of 10 girls that he has encountered squirt with extremely high sex crazed lebidos. I think there must be something in the Perth water. Pun intended! Love squirters and squirters make the world go round.
Posted: Jul, 26 2016
Yes its true my girl squirts often its not pee ' pee dont look milky its not a
Ways milky sometimes clear sometimes she squirts shit loads other times just a little we once had sex on a park bench at st kilda thought there wasa king tide the amount of squirts she had that night wonderful thing
Posted: Jul, 26 2016
It's real alright. And it's not Pee! My beautiful partner squirted no less than 13 times in one session. It's the most erotic thing I have ever seen. Now I'm horny again!!
Posted: Jul, 12 2016
i do know for a fact some women squirt... im experiencing it now with a woman who gushes!!
Posted: Jul, 07 2016
Surely there's. Squirter close to me that is in need of a long wet session.
Posted: Jul, 07 2016
There's nothing better than making a woman squirt, I simply can't get enough. I'll keep giving them orgasms for as long as they want. I need to find me another squirter.
Posted: Jul, 06 2016
The non believers have yet to experience the sensation....maybe that's why they get so cranky about it
Posted: Jul, 01 2016
Very exciting and satisfying for both
Posted: Jun, 17 2016
Don't need to read the article - I know its true.

Men - go buy a lelo brand toy angled for gspot access.. in addition ensure the clitoral stimulation 'ears' are present. About $180 or higher, but fantastic quality and you are one step closer.

Any experienced lady I'd suggest the Lelo HITACHI clone, warning - serious toy ! lol
Posted: May, 06 2016
I would love to squirt for my man..
Posted: Apr, 08 2016
Come here motion ( with your fingers ) works wonders down there .
It will feel a lot rougher than the rest of the inner vaginal wall
All women have a gspot but not all women are gspot sensitive.
Great ways to exercise your PC muscles are by using some Luna beads .
Practice makes perfect 😉 One you start you never stop 😉
Posted: Mar, 15 2016
many years ago, i was with a young lady who did exactly that, every time we made love she squirted, at first i thought she had wet herself but as soon as my tongue touched her , she would uncontrollably gush a liquid that certainly was not urine, sweet and sticky yes.and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the moment, should have married that girl.
Posted: Mar, 12 2016
Sad to see this load of old crap (or is that pee?) is still being peddled... A number of recent studies of women who squirt have all found the same thing. The fluid comes from the bladder. How do they know? Easy. By doing ultrasounds before and after showing a partially filled bladder before proceedings and an empty one afterwards. This is not to say you won't enjoy it, or to make any other judgement, just that you should know it is basically urine. It tends to pick up a few extra hormones/peptides along the way, if you're doing it right the lady in question is highly aroused at the time of issue after all, but the the science is basically in.
Posted: Feb, 06 2016
I absolutely love watching/making a girls scream, squinting is just a bonus! Preferably while kissing her friend opposite and grinding her sweet spot into my face.
Posted: Jan, 08 2016
yep fact, one lady laying on her back me doing the stimulating squirted all the way down my leg and even some on my foot!
Posted: Dec, 29 2015
I love it when a woman squirts
Posted: Dec, 28 2015
Squirting is not just sexy but it's sensual and intense..any woman can with the right technique ..by intercourse or touch..I've fine tuned it and get fully turned on bringing a woman to an intense gushing climax for her first time..then they want it over and over ..I'm happy to keep the trigger goin..I find two fingers the best but enjoy my hardness being pushed out with a flood of juices. Just sayin
Posted: Dec, 24 2015
i would have to say fact
Posted: Dec, 15 2015
Ive never had the pleasure of being with a women that squirts but would enjoy every second of it....its something that id be happy to drink or be drenched in if the chance ever came my way.....If anybody wanted to show me id be ever so greatful
Posted: Dec, 14 2015
Absolutely fact! And a fucking lot of fun!!!
Posted: Nov, 25 2015
There is nothing better than being with a woman that squirts!!!
Posted: Nov, 24 2015
I'd love to squirt , I need someone to show me 😂
Posted: Sep, 24 2015
so nice to be the one who makes her feel comfortable enough to let go.. patience and consideration for her are paramount. No point being pushy about it, or both will be disappointed with the sex.
Posted: Sep, 21 2015
Im a major squirter. Whether being hard fingering, being fisted or when Im cowgirl and it runs down the mans balls and if I lean back it runs up their chest. Men don't seem to get enough of it. I don't consider it peeing like scientific studies say it is. I cant see how squirting is clear and sweet, pee is yellowish and never tasted it but can imaging how discusting it would be. I know mine is sweet as I tasted it on the mens chest and was really surprised. Also its suppose to be like an orgasm, its not with me, yes it happens when Im excited but I never know its cumming till its either gushed or squirted out, and its not as intense as other ppl that have experienced have told me. I feel my gyno ruined some amazing feeling I could have had when I had my hysterectomy and she closed me inside at 8 inchs. But I still feel like a women, still cum like a women, I can feel that wondering feeling of cumming, just not squirting.
Posted: Sep, 18 2015
It is one of the most erotic experiences I have had the pleasure of being part of. Sadly, we are no longer playing. Take your time, get her well and truelly on the boil and hold on for the ride of your life.... The 1st time we splet together, she said that I had a snowballs chance in hell of finding her elusive G-Spot. Inserted the "Bird" finger, traced a straight line from just inside her vagina. Towards her navel, 10 seconds into it, I detected it.... The distinct feel of the soft, but firm flesh with the surface of a "Waltun Shell" She Said WTF.... How did you do that. Practice and she was amazed that it ws quick, but I also knew what to do to achieve a Squirt..... Its not a Pokemon...... Happy Hunting...
Posted: Sep, 17 2015
ii love when i get a lady to squirt yo just need to be patient and feel the vibes throgh the reaction u get from ur lady when ur pleasing her with your handsor ur tounge lol patience is what yo need
Posted: Sep, 08 2015
Yep, it is for real. My wife c, gushed for the first time last week when we were playing with another couple. He had her squirting a few times. She said after that i had gotten her close on many occasions and she stopped me , as she thought she was going to pee. In the moment he convinced her to relax and go with it. She did and she squirted! Next time the kids are out I'll doing my best to make it so! Though she is not sure if she liked it. Some women don't enjoy it much I'm told. we will continue this journey and see where it leads.
Posted: Sep, 08 2015
I like it when I make a women squirt especial when its for the first time and they have never felt the pleasure of squirting they either loose it total or they get reserved and in denial. But I have found lady's with an outty are more likely to squirt and I love it very much when a woman looses control and orgasms like there's no tomorrow and fulls in an absolute hep and when she tires to walk has jelly legs and needs assistance. Sensational I love it!!!
Posted: Aug, 14 2015
I've been lucky in that I have had the awesome experience of having 7 women squirt for the first time when I've been with them. The 1st one was my ex wife, she was totally disgusted and never allowed herself to do it again, the rest were amazed and really got into it.
Posted: Aug, 11 2015
Last week my wife and I took the leep and started to play with some other couples at a party and knowing that she loves a squirt, I got her going in front of a few others. Before we knew what was happening, there was a fair crowd of people watching us all get a little wetter than normal and we were loving it. What happened next was a massive surprise, two younger, good looking couples asked if they could join in as they had tried to have their partners squirt before but not had any luck, so the I happily let the blokes have a go at making my wife squirt which she did with gusto whilst I was lucky enought to do my best at making the girls squirt. I'm very pleased to say that not only did I manage to bring both girls to a squirting orgasim, but they absolutely loved it and I managed to tick a few other things off my fucket list at the same time. Thanks to those who joined us that night, we had a blast. xxx
Posted: Aug, 03 2015
fact for sure. have made a woman squirt, if she was dripping before. Then she was gushing after.
Posted: Aug, 02 2015
its true alright mrs hunnybutt squirts all the time she only had done it a few times before we met.no does it everytime we have sex or oral i absolutley love it makes me feel lile ive done my job right lol can hav multiple ones aswell
Posted: Aug, 01 2015
It's soooo true. I've been squirting for the past 3 years. The more you do it the easier it is to do. My partner gets me there weekly. It can be time consuming, so patience can be helpful. We have actually seen the pin hole the fluid comes from inside the vagina. I highly recommend all women take the time to learn the art of squirting. Once you've experienced it you'll chase the amazing feeling that comes with it.
Posted: Jul, 02 2015
i love it !! looking fwd to some more of it at party on saturday night :)
Posted: Jun, 15 2015
i am still on the quest for the holy grail ,are there any volunteers out there willing to show me ?
Posted: Jun, 13 2015
If you are with a squirter for the first time you may want to put a towel down! The hotel bed was a mess when I checked out.
Posted: May, 23 2015
I have recently been proven this is true and omg what I have been missing!!
Posted: May, 07 2015
It is urine but contains testosterone (according to some scientists) excreted by the female prostate. Anyone who has had squirter wet linen that isn't washed until the next morning will recognise for sure the smell of dried urine. Remember that urine is sterile (germ free) until the proteins in it decay and bacteria breed.
Posted: May, 02 2015
18 I learnt I was a gusher. 25 my ex freaked out when I squirted, he thought I peed on him lol. Funny now but at the time it really made me feel embarrassed about my body. It totally killed the mood and sex was never the same after that night. Now however it's a different story and he's history. Squirt on ladies
Posted: Apr, 15 2015
hmm intro..... never had the pleasure of this...... I'm hard to get off at the best of times.... not sure why....
Posted: Apr, 08 2015
This is possible...after becoming single and exploring the male section of society...yes gentlemen do still exist...pleasure the lady 1st and reap the rewards....
Posted: Feb, 26 2015
My First Post on RHP... Ta..Da!! Squirting, fact or fiction? FACT!!! Well, I happened to have some (too much) free time on my hands and was feeling particularly horny, so I decided to investigate this phenomenon! After much personal research, here's what I found: Ladies and gents, I believe every woman has the ability to squirt. Definitely by the same method that christian6900 has shared. Manipulation of the g-spot which is found just inside the front wall of the vagina. It feels like a little raisin. The key is for the woman to be relaxed and open to the sensation she will experience and not to pull back. I also found that a woman can ejaculate as well. A different consistency to that of squirting, more slippery and milky and a perfect lubricant for your man's member. He'll love it!. Hope this helps...
Posted: Feb, 09 2015
I have had a few partners who squirt and whilst it may not be urine it is body warm fluids than come out of the peephole and honestly if they went for a pee before they had sex then it wouldn't happen or send out as much fluid, For men and women orgasm is heightened by a fuller bladder but guess what. Any guy who likes it all over him or his face is either telling fibs or a sicko
Posted: Jan, 31 2015
I made my partner squirt last weekend... Holy shit!! you should have seen it!! It was like a burst water main!! first time for her and first time for me making someone squirt. best moment ever. I hope every couple gets to share the same experience.
Posted: Jan, 20 2015
Finally. A forum that's informative, educational, and accurate. I've had first hand experience. Squirting is real and every woman can squirt and the fluid is definitely not pee :)
Posted: Dec, 11 2014
Omg ive just learnt how to squirt. Let me say im like a kid with a new toy. Cant get enough. Love it. Oh what a feeling.
Posted: Dec, 07 2014
Greatguy2013, what did you enjoy most about reading this blog?
Posted: Dec, 07 2014
Yes took a few goes but it is amazing when you can
Posted: Dec, 07 2014
yes all women can, once the shock of the first time, they do enjoy a lot.
Posted: Nov, 30 2014
i was a non believer.....so i did my research....i read articles, i watched porn, an ex of a male i was seeing at the time offered to show me it was real - and so i witnessed it up close and personal. then came the difficult part - learning to do it myself. toys didn't work, nor did the guy i was seeing at the time have the ability to get it happening. then along came a guy who got me gushing in 5 minutes......an expert player :) changed my life. now i can work it on and off as my desires see fit.
Posted: Nov, 27 2014
fact foresure...even younger females squirt...its like a prize to a male means your pushing her in all the rite places.I love it myself. squirt away
Posted: Nov, 19 2014
Definitely a fact.. I've had more than one experience with this... Bit of a self pat on the back for a lover as you must be doing something right!! hehehehe ;) mmmmm
Posted: Nov, 08 2014
It's a fact & a real turn on for me .
Posted: Nov, 02 2014
I squirt every time with my partner, previously I never did until I met mark and ladies if I get a G Spot vibe with your guy using it very fast and hard you will squirt, most amazing feeling ever.
Posted: Oct, 29 2014
I have made many ladies Squirt even a lady that was unable to orgasm for many years... It is a beautiful thing love getting wet and seeing the pleasure on a Ladies face while she is Squirting :-)
Posted: Oct, 28 2014
I didn't know that I was a 'squirter' until I was 50! and it is a magical feeling. I can have multiple orgasms and not squirt, it depends on my 'partner'
Posted: Oct, 28 2014
Squirting is definitely fact. One of the hottest things during sex is for a woman to squirt their juices all over you.
Posted: Oct, 26 2014
I squirt!
Posted: Oct, 24 2014
Squirting is the hottest thing !
Posted: Oct, 16 2014
I've just seen it in movies...till now :D this month I found TWO girls that squirt...IT'S AMAZING The first one surprised me completely...and after I asked to go on, to do it again...and she did it other 4times... was absolutely one of the most exciting night of my life!
Posted: Oct, 09 2014
Intense and potent feeling, leaves you wanting more and a big turn on for my partner
Posted: Sep, 22 2014
I love to squirt, so far I have only been with one guy who has been able to get me there, it is an amazing feeling.
Posted: Sep, 15 2014
It is the most intense feeling ever. I have learnt how to make myself squirt and the first thing I did was show my husband, who also knows how to do it as well. I can go on and on to the point where I cant physically stand for a while. Honestly teach yourself how to its the best ever.
Posted: Sep, 12 2014
very true anyone can do it and is easy self taught with a lot of fun practice you just need to learn how your body works
Posted: Sep, 04 2014
I Love it, Only had one experience with a squirter and there pussys are so unique!!..MMMMmmmmmmm biggest turn on =)
Posted: Sep, 04 2014
Ive had the pleasure of finding a girl who squirted on orgasm. I find it super arrousing and love it. Would love to exprrience it sgain in another lover.
Posted: Sep, 02 2014
I cum quickly, hard and often but am yet to experience this. I must learn.
Posted: Aug, 29 2014
Yes a partner did it almost at will after she learnt to relax and feel comfortable knowing i loved it!! best turnon and in one night of none stop sex she had squirted and orgasmed seventeen times.it was by far the best night ive had and unless i find another like her it will always be a night i will never have again.
Posted: Aug, 29 2014
love working a shaved pussy making it squirt
Posted: Aug, 27 2014
I'm multi-orgasmic and a squirter. The only negative is that being spontaneous can be difficult because I have to hold myself back so as not to make a mess!! Also public sex the same applies! But the curse is a gift and as I love to say "squirter aren't fakers"!
Posted: Aug, 26 2014
I agree it does happen. My partner squirts and its awesome. I get off watching it!
Posted: Aug, 24 2014
My partner squirts nearly every time and has multiple orgasims. Its so great and she loves it . And I love it too. It makes for great and messy sex but we like that too. Its extremely sexy. Just relax and go with the flow. Best sex ever!
Posted: Aug, 08 2014
ive not long ago taught myself to squirt and I love it
Posted: Jul, 15 2014
A casual partner made me squirt for the first time the other day. I'm 46 and had no idea I could do it
Posted: Jul, 15 2014
fact definitely a fact and so very very very very much fun
Posted: Jul, 12 2014
Oh It's real alright...No doubt about it ;)
Posted: Jul, 08 2014
Cant wait to give this a go. Any female volunteers?
Posted: Jun, 24 2014
My fav of all fantasies xxx
Posted: Jun, 23 2014
Can you teach an older girl new tricks Yes you can!!!! I just recently got together with a lovely, caring man who got me squirting like crazy. I thought that only happened in porn. Boy was i wrong. Awesome fun.
Posted: Jun, 17 2014
I have had 6 or 7 ladies that squirt, 4 for the first time and most can`t squirt every time but I believe that is due to not relaxing enough! Due to worrying because there past sexual partners have freaked out over the mess (embarrassment) Me love it get my face right in there mmmm! (make your ladies feel great about them selves as well as the brilliant feeling of the squirting orgasm WOW) IT`s the greatest sensation watching and feeling the enjoyment of the lady! Love it!
Posted: Jun, 14 2014
Totally agree about giving the guy or girl a heads up that you're about to squirt. I happened very unexpectedly to me once when after a long period of intensive foreplay and love making the beautiful and amazing girl I was will squirted a solid stream of cum when I was making love to her in the missionary position. I didn't know what had happened however I realised straight away that it wasn't urine. Women are way more sexual than men!
Posted: Jun, 14 2014
Massive turn on! loved it and love the taste of it!
Posted: Jun, 10 2014
It is an absolute thrill for me when a woman squirts, not only does she feel good, but it makes me feel like I know what I am doing. The thought of it happening is a major turn on. the best is when you can bring a woman to squirt, when she has never experienced it before.Very satisfying i
Posted: May, 20 2014
I had my first gusher the other weekend I must admit it is the biggest turn on I have ever had
Posted: May, 11 2014
love to swallow
Posted: May, 10 2014
ive had 5 or 6 squirters , many first timers feels aweso e for me let alone her
Posted: May, 07 2014
Well ive had a lot of women and they orgasm but never had a full on squirter still waiting maybe pull it out as they cum lol
Posted: May, 04 2014
Making a woman squirt:-) :-) __more than half of all woman since I learned how to get it done
Posted: Apr, 27 2014
Thank god someone has finally put all of my regular statements in writing... I have made women squirt whom violently argue black and blue that they didn't... "I don't squirt, thats disgusting"
Posted: Apr, 11 2014
amazing feeling i love to squirt
Posted: Apr, 01 2014
I love squirting, it's so much fun
Posted: Mar, 31 2014
some women sqirt some time before orgasm
Posted: Mar, 27 2014
It is such a turn on making a woman squirt ! A , it's great to see her reach that highest pleasure and B , you always get an invite back lol
Posted: Mar, 24 2014
Love it to;)
Posted: Mar, 15 2014
I don't need G spot stimulation to do it...clitoral is enough.
Posted: Mar, 12 2014
Definitely fact!!! Love the blended orgasm (squirting and clitoral orgasm simultaneously) and is the only way to go!
Posted: Mar, 10 2014
very hot when a woman squirts
Posted: Feb, 27 2014
yes its very true and I love it ask my hubby he loves it
Posted: Feb, 26 2014
Yes, yes yes it is real and it does happen. Friend of mine can make me squirt all the time. Love it !
Posted: Feb, 26 2014
Ask any of our friends and they will confirm it is true and we haven't meet anyone who doesn't enjoy it when it happens
Posted: Feb, 26 2014
Done it as a result of oral sex a couple of times. Awesome. Just gotta have the right man!!!
Posted: Feb, 19 2014
Sounds AMAZZZING going to Master the art of this for DAM sure!!! Sounds deeeeeelicious. Give me an intense hard fuckkkkkerotic orgasm anyday. Yummmmm !!!! Thanks for posting this :)
Posted: Feb, 18 2014
Posted: Feb, 05 2014
I want to squirt!!!
Posted: Feb, 02 2014
discovered during a play meet last night that I can indeed squirt... now to work out how to get it happening at home!!
Posted: Jan, 31 2014
also i want to add that i had never had an orgasm with a partner, until my current partner (mr hotbibriscl)....my guy is very good and just took the time to know my body, first was a little gush and now he can make me cum whenever he wants during any which way or not lol
Posted: Jan, 31 2014
Yes squirting is real...I've only found out i can squirt in the past 2 yrs. My partner was a big help and now its Niagra Falls lol When we play away from home i do tend to try and hold it as they really dont know how much i can squirt and keep squirting for hours.... We do love the look of surprise and awe as it happens.....and yes they all ask if we could teach them lol
Posted: Jan, 18 2014
The bosses wife was the 1st for me and i found it amazing mmmmmm yumm
Posted: Jan, 17 2014
We can teach you Speedchaser. I squirt all the time and hubby has helped a number of friends achieve their first.
Posted: Jan, 15 2014
Best for me while being fucked in the ass... it just has that effect! Gushing all over the floor!
Posted: Jan, 15 2014
Can some 1 teach me please
Posted: Jan, 03 2014
yep im one of them. hubby loves it and I love it should be more of it
Posted: Dec, 30 2013
Oh yeah baby, it's real - and bloody awesome!
Posted: Dec, 09 2013
I can not think of anything that is a bigger turn on than a woman that can squirt, but more so if she enjoys doing so.
Posted: Nov, 30 2013
squirting is a technique that can be learned. i have only experienced it in the past 2 years. it is an excellent achievement that feels like no orgasm you,v ever had
Posted: Nov, 25 2013
The PSA in the urine proved that all women are capable of squirting under the right circumstances, relaxation is the key ladies, men learn the technique. Happy squirting Guys. Cheers Paul.
Posted: Nov, 25 2013
My ex of 30yrs only squirted 3 times, each time it was having sex outdoors that turned her on enough to able to squirt. It is definitely not urine, each time she said she was going to pee, but I assured her she wouldn't & that it didn't matter if she did & she was able to squirt. Unfortunately she lost her sex drive, but I did get to taste the sweetest nectar known to man. In a chick profile she put that she was a "squirter" because she had 3 guys run out because they thought she had pissed on them. More knowledge on both sides of the street is what is required, I would only recommend that ladies use towels and try it with a lover that they are very relaxed with and don't give up, the end result will be worth it. Guys, you will end up with a face like a "glazed donut", but to see your partner have the ultimate orgasm is something every man should experience. I read a forum recently were all women that orgasm'd showed levels of PSA in their urine, however some were to low to squirt.
Posted: Nov, 20 2013
Mrs Ranch Loves to squirt but not with just anyone
Posted: Oct, 30 2013
I can't wait to try this!!! I hope it works!!
Posted: Oct, 29 2013
Squirting for a few months now and loving it...
Posted: Oct, 20 2013
cant get enuf of it!
Posted: Oct, 15 2013
it had been a exciting fascination for some time and wanted to see a girl squirt while having sex with her. with a fuck buddy once after havig talked about it several times pryor it happened all if a sudden. we were at it tgen she said im going to squirt......what .....squirt squirt. let i go then gush wow better than i thought. wasnt urine either
Posted: Sep, 22 2013
Yes it is true and yes it's fantastic to be involved with a women squirting. And no it's NOT Pee. I first found out with my girlfriend when having oral one day I lost control and just went crazy and as I got right into it she wriggled and spasm intensely until she squirted all over me. We practiced for a while until I could get her to squirt with sex whilst on her back with her legs over her shoulders. The best squirting experience was with oral and omg I loved it too. To see a women go completely nuts on a squirting orgasm is exciting and such a turn on and to follow up with sex a few minutes later is divine. I found a video with a couple showing how to squirt by using a males hand and after a few times I tried it with sex adapting the same technique and it works although took a few times to learn how to replace the hand successfully lol.
Posted: Sep, 21 2013
Vote 1 for squirting My partner has always experienced free flowing orgasm/cuming, however since learning to relax and some intense motivation on and about the g spot, the flood gates are not only open at will, but wide open to a full flow. We are all smiles here now no matter what the position/ activity.
Posted: Sep, 04 2013
Take your time to learn how a woman moves and before you know it you are both looking at each other with a silly grin and the knowledge that it is better if you are not selfish.
Posted: Aug, 30 2013
Fiction - no scientific evidence. Gynos say its pee. Women who squirt can't control their pee valve. Don't hate the messenger.
Posted: Aug, 29 2013
my partner has it down pat now and love squirting I think I love it more because he loves it
Posted: Aug, 23 2013
the first time a woman squirt in my face while i was licking her , it didn't taste like piss the taste was better cus i already taste both...now im better making any woman squirt at any time if she likes to try squirting...thanks to the { how to make a woman squirt }.
Posted: Jul, 28 2013
still trying to squirt !!!! tried the techniques ...think i got very close , certainly the wettest ive ever been ....oh well gotta get back to practicing ...................
Posted: Jul, 26 2013
Yep it is real . I've seen girls gush , squirt and lot more than dribble :) yummy And yes it is so much trying to create such a high and wild orgasm , pleasure and satisfaction in ones partner mmmm oooohhh yesss
Posted: Jul, 10 2013
Love it. Get the plastic sheeting out!
Posted: Jul, 10 2013
It's real!
Posted: Jul, 07 2013
I've been trying to squirt for a while but have never been successful. since reading this i shall keep on trying :)
Posted: Jun, 28 2013
I've always been able to squirt (hence the nickname) and have found that it can be intimidating for some men. Yes, the towels are a must and with the right partner, I can gush over and over and make a real mess. LOTS of fun when you're with someone who enjoys it also!
Posted: Jun, 27 2013
I love to domm
Posted: Jun, 05 2013
unfortunetly squirting is definetly not a myth, something that i have absolutely no control over and can cum (squirt) several ties in a sex sesh... i do have to warn guys before hand.... never had a guy not like it, however can be frustrating at times too
Posted: May, 28 2013
The most amazing orgasms are from the g spot and squirting is part of the intensity! Yes of course it exists and it only took a 23yr old guy to prove to me lol. A little embarrassing when you almost drown them though lol. Go the younger guys ;)
Posted: May, 25 2013
My lady mainly squirts when I am fisting her, once my hand is inside her I can open it up and strum her G-spot with my fingers, drives her wild, she squirts like a hose, and it definately is NOT pee, have tasted them both direct from the fountains, they are very different but both yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Posted: Mar, 03 2013
Its not difficult if you care to take the time. Two fingers in and up against the front wall (g spot area) with the palm of your hand against her clit (though i love to get my tongue amd mouth there too ready to catch the impendinding shower) and move them fingers vigorously will soon see her gushing...whether its pee or cum im not about to get into the argument.... as it doesnt matter to me andIm yet to have a woman say she hated the experience.. i love it..
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
we would like to add that it is true ,we discovered it by chance 2 yrs ago and yes she can squirt at least 4 times in a row till she can take no more
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
Internet is a wonderful thing. Bit of research, bit of practice and look out for good times
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
Yes It's True! Squirter's are out there, I had my First real encounter with a couple last week where the Lady Squirted in short Bursts over a period of Time. It was not Pee, Pee has a distinct aroma about it, also a little bit of color, This clear liquid had no color, and hardly any taste to it. I lost count of how many Orgasms this Lady achieved, but needless to say She enjoyed every single one of them! The intensity of Her Orgasms was evident in Her face, It was great to watch Her build up to the next one. The G-spot area inside Her Vagina seemed to swell up to the size of a Walnut as She was building up to the next Orgasm, then it would subside a little, then swell up for the next one, When you have your Face buried in Her Pussy It's was very easy to tell when the Next Orgasm was coming along. Only downside was the changing of the Bed sheets, Haha But that was a small price to pay for bringing about such pleasure to the 3 of us. Hubby said I Did Well!
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
My sexual Dynamo loves it when i get her squirting ..Sunday I did not want to stop and she nearly passed out in extasy.
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
Yet another use for the amazing Shamwow...
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
Lets just say, 'For those gals out there who have never experienced squirting...Practice makes perfect.' Enjoy the journey!
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
Its fact .......yum yum gotta love it
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
God yes, women can most definately squirt and I have drank gallons of the stuff, definately not urine at all. Don't know if already stated here but there was a very good docco about it on SBS2 a week or two ago and tests show that it is a prostate based fluid, yes, women have prostates, two of them. It has been considered a redundant organ so no-one ever looked into it or wrote about it. They cheked for Prostate Specific Antegins in the fluid and it was there. The glands are either side of and above the vagina. They also found that by checking the urine of squirters and non squirters before sex there were no PSA's but after sex ALL women had PSA's present which indicates that ALL women squirt but the amount varies greatly. Also ultrasound tests showed that women with a thicker division between the urethra and vagina where the squirters, they are not sure if thickness determins squirting or squirting builds thickness. The docco was called G-Spotting.
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
my lovely hubby printed off instructions from google! we practised together yes it is true, chicks can squirt and multiple times too and no its def not wee!!! it can be pretty messy tho :/
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
FACT! Mmm mmm love it. Very intense. Just not for every occasion though
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
I was a non believer for many years... But seems at last I've found the knack of it... Doesn't always happen, but seems to be happening more & more & more often. Must be all those Kegels I've been doing paying off at last!
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
Experienced it with the female half of a couple I met... it was indescribably one of the most arousing things I have recently experienced... she was very self conscious but I couldn't get enough of making her squirt :)
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
Thanks for this article as speaking to other ppl there has been a huge confusion as to what squirting is! quite a few ppl seem to think it is peeing during sex......... I always thought it was female "ejaculation" and I've experienced this when really aroused and stimulated :)
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
practice makes perfect ;)
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
Well we were nion believes but can categorically state that squirting is very real. Blew us away the first time but its def a phenomenon and lots of fun!
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
All women are capable of it.....and its not a difficult thing to teach.... but I feel theres too much pressure for women to do it at present... like a fashion or fad. Sure, its fun for everyone....but its not everything....
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
Just to verify this topic YES YES YES YES it's sooooo true I discovered the art of making women gush & squirt about a year ago since then I haven't look back. Women are totally leg less and amazed.
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
I was always a bit doubtful about this, so I did the research... there is plenty about on google on how to make a woman squirt. When i was in my early 20's I had a girlfriend that squited all over me one night... I was sure she peed on me, and I think she may have thought that too. Then another time when I was going down on her, I knew from the taste it wasnt urine. So fast forward 20 years and I followed the instructions on Google, my wife squirts now during intercourse, and is well practiced at it. The point to note from your article, I never told her thats what i was out to cause, just long sessions of going down with a slow pace that never stops building, and the gentle 2 fingured 'come here gesture'
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
Yes all true. I have had regular mouthfulls unexpectedly. I have only experienced it with african girls amongst whom its much more common apparantly. Nothin really sexual bout it, just large wet patches on sheets and diminishing friction. It helps if u know how to work the G spot, thuogh I have achieved squirting with oral stimulation; I can do without the mouthfull though! :)
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
the love of my life squirts i love it and it does not taste like urine its gr8 all wet and slippery oh yeah
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
I agree that all women have the inherent ability to squirt if they are relaxed and comfortable and have a partner who can find and stimulate the G spot! In my experience once they have achieved it the first time-they tend to get much better at it at subsequent times. It certainly is a different type of orgasm to clitorial or vaginal. Am happy to guide any women or couples that want help practical help on this issue. Cheers Tony
Posted: Feb, 19 2013
I have seen it done many times but never been able to do it myself...more than welcome to take any hands on lessons from another woman ;)

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