Make her squirt! A quick guide to female ejaculation

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Learn the basics of what it takes to make her squirt and give your girl a sheet soaking orgasms!...
Is squirting the stuff of urban legends or is it real? It’s definitely real. Squirting is not a party trick. It either it happens, or it doesn’t.

The question isn’t if female ejaculation is real, the question is why don’t trust women to tell us?

When we credit people with their own sexual experiences we can all learn from them. When we accept that bodies are diverse and amazing, and that we don’t know it all. Only then can we better learn and understand each other.

Female ejaculation does not always happen, it depends on the situation, how stimulated and comfortable women are. It is estimated that around 60% of women can ejaculate. Some experts even state that female ejaculation is something that has to be learnt, which means that you may need some training to do so.

It’s quite normal to experience female ejaculation during sex, but it’s also normal if you don’t do experience it.

So, to clarify what squirting is, here are a few questions we’ve answered and some tips if you want to try it.


Nope. Research shows that a large number of women can squirt. If you feel like you are missing out, don’t. Because you may be able to learn how to squirt.


Heck yeah, you should try it. According to a study conducted, 80% of women and 90% of their partners who have experienced this said it was good for their sex lives – so why not give it a go?

You might or may not get there – again it’s not clear if it’s a born or learned skill – but all the same have fun trying to succeed, it’s lots of fun. So, if you want to give it a go, these squirting techniques and tips may help you with achieving a stronger orgasm or a squirting orgasm.

If you want to try it, here a couple tips to follow:

Get her to relax

The most important thing that helps a woman squirt, is that she is in the right frame of mind. This is everything, really. If she feels judged, nervous or shy or that she can’t let loose, there’s no way she’s going to squirt. The secret is that she needs to feel comfortable and free that she can let loose and squirt.

Use lot of lube

Plentiful amounts of lube are absolutely recommended for this. You will always benefit from extra lube, because making her sore or scratching her is going to kill your chances of making her squirt. 

Stimulate the G-spot

Be certain that your partner is completely aroused. Use loads of foreplay, focus on the clitoris and other erogenous zones and then move on to stimulating the G-spot.

You find that squirting happens during G-spot stimulation. You can find the G-spot by sticking a finger in vagina and making a ‘come hither’ motion. You know if you feel an almond-sized area wrinkly skin. A quick note, it is vital that your hands are clean and nails are trimmed to avoid infection or injury. 

Get a toy

If your fingers get tired, because squirting, especially if it’s the first time, takes time and fingers get tired. So, bring in your favourite vibrator.

Hop on top

Not going to sugar coat it, it may be difficult to squirt during sex, especially in the beginning. If you’re game, try woman on top position, facing him or back to him. This position helps you better control the angle of his penis.

Don’t hold back

Just like you won’t hold back an orgasm, don’t do it here. Relax and just let your body enjoy it

Some women squirt more than others, but the sensation will be pretty intense.

It can be a shock the first time it happens, but the good news is, you’re most likely doing something right, so you can be proud you’re pleasing her.

If the sheets get wet, don’t make a big deal of it – just have a towel handy! If she’s embarrassed, reassure her it’s completely natural.

If it doesn’t happen

Don’t get discouraged if she doesn’t squirt the first time, you can try again. When you eventually succeed, she’ll love it. If it never happens, she’ll still love all the attention and the orgasms as a result. Bottom line is - squirting and not squirting are both normal. 

It's great to want to experience another aspect of sexual pleasure, but don't let that translate to pressuring yourself to squirt or feeling "inadequate" if you don't. It should go without saying that if you feel pressured to do it, it's just not going to happen.

That’s it. Hope these tips help you with squirting.

If you’ve discovered your key(s) to squirting, do you have any advice to offer? Please share in the comments below.

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Posted: Dec, 07 2018
Mmmm just need a whiling play mate to put theory in to practice
Posted: Dec, 06 2018
Love the article, however I also think it depends equally on the lover and their technique...... They need to know what they are doing.

Check out my singles profile @squirttrainer I am very passionate about this subject
Posted: Dec, 06 2018
I have been squirting since my teens. And can have 30 or so orgasms in a 20 mins sex session. One episode of Sex In the City, Samantha (the sexually confident one) hypothesizes if one could run out of orgasms. And I wonder if that is a thing. I kind of feel sorry for guys, because it seems unfair how much fun I have in comparison. It is very unbalanced. Sometimes I freeze or has Spazgasms and cannot do anything. This is the only thing I enjoy about being a female.
Posted: Dec, 06 2018
I have been squirting since my teens. And in a regular 15 minute sex session I could easily rally 50+ orgasms. All with the right penis and motion, of course. I kinda understand why I'm such a tart.
Posted: Nov, 27 2018
Come to me , I will help to experience it.
Posted: Nov, 08 2018
Posted: Sep, 27 2018
Yes amazing to watch! It gets me so excited that I'm busting to jump on
Posted: Sep, 16 2018
i do like a squirter big turn on
Posted: Sep, 15 2018
its ezy
Posted: Aug, 21 2018
I'm an explorer of the female
Posted: Aug, 07 2018
54 and have only just been shown how and made to squirt multiples. Pretty amazing. Love it!
Posted: Jul, 27 2018
I’ve made every lady squirt no fail absolutely surprised faces I love it especially licking up every last drop of her cum as she watches me drink every last drop begging for more tasty pussy juice yess please
Posted: Jul, 27 2018
Hey can I join with any couple please?
Posted: Jul, 27 2018
Posted: Jul, 23 2018
Im 37 and only squirted (quite small amounts) a handful of times over years and mainly on my own, recently though my amazing current man and I experienced me squirting so violently and so much that our mattress was soaked through 😯 and I even continued to squirt when he entered me and withdrew after we finished. It was incredible something I've never seen week only in the movies lol...
Posted: Jul, 23 2018
With the right attention I will squirt over and over. I find the most amazing orgasms are from oral stimulation. Guys it doesn't stop there. As I am just getting over the shakes and shivers of that orgasm if he starts to thrust into me I will feel the squirty orgasm building almost immediately grinding into his cock to hit that perfect spot as soon as he pulls out I will squirt all over the room. Once ithe squirt dies off thrust in again and carry on. When I think it's all over and we've cum together I have the after shocks and my body goes into a sort of fit. At that point I literally just need to be licked in the right way and I will just start cuming over and over. I've easily had more than 50 orgasms in a 3 hour season. Having turned latex sheets into water beds can be dangerous at position change so still need a good 20 towels on standby and keep well hydrated before, during and after. Happy squirting!
Posted: Jul, 23 2018
For me a guy should know what he’s doing exactly I’ve only had 3male that made me squirt 1st is penetration wise must have really thick & long & hit my g spots.

Second is I had FWB he could make me squirt a lot by eating me greatest feeling ever when you’re reaching your climax he keeps eating my clit gently till I cum over & over then I’d squirt eventually. But the best was 27times I’ve orgasm in one day such a euphoric feeling when u both climax.
Posted: Jul, 21 2018
I have made a couple of ladies squirt before
Posted: Jul, 21 2018
Mmmm...squirting is wonderful, especially when your lover knows how to make you climax with it.
Posted: Jul, 21 2018
Love it, doesn't always happen, but when it does, it's such a turn on. Wet sheets and bodies, but worth every minute.
Posted: Jul, 21 2018
Hmmm think really it’s another word for no bladder control.
Posted: Jul, 21 2018
Any ideas anyone? Around penrith nsw
Posted: Jul, 21 2018
We are looking for a good cheap venue for fun times that won’t ask too many questions or want credit cards or addresses
Posted: Jul, 21 2018
There's definitely a technique to making a women squirt. As the article suggests not all can do it or there is a fear of being judged. I've managed to get quite a handful to squirt-but certainly not all. Most have been squirt virgins and are overwhelmed with the sensation and heightened sensitivity. It's beautiful helping a woman squirt.
Posted: Jul, 20 2018
if the guy is good enough i can squirt across a room........if he bores me he ends up across the room lol
Posted: Jul, 20 2018
It’s the most awesome feeling making a naughty lady squirt for the first time and watching the absolute pleasure on her face.
Posted: Jul, 20 2018
Wow...I need some squirting training I think. A skill I am lacking
Posted: Jul, 20 2018
I've found a little pressure and caressing of the public mound brings on copious amounts
Posted: Jul, 20 2018
Invest in a good plastic underlay or latex sheet, especially one that is portable. Its amazing that not all venues think about this.
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
It's such a fantastic thing to see, especially for the first time a lady gets there, and to look her in the eye is simply sensational. Seeing the reaction gets me highly aroused.
Great article & like all things, it's the journey not the result where the fun is.
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
It's a wonderful experience, which we are lucky to have quite often. Does not always happen, but probably when relaxed and g spot stimulation seems to be the key.
Towels at the bedside nèeded to put on bed afterwards. Bliss!
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
Is squirting the ultimate, I don't believe so.
I have taught women to squirt as a challenge.
Some say it feels great and different but prefer a normal orgasm.
Some are not comfortable with the mess.
I say if you get them to squirt during sex you cant feel anything that it is so wet. LOL
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
Thank u for the article. My hubby and I are in an open relationship for some years now and I have experienced many things in this time. Although some men have made me squirt I am yet to feel any sensation from it. I also find it hard to cum. Rubbing the clit vigorously does not do it for me, infact it turns me off. Can anyone offer any advice on how I can experience the wonderful sensation of squirting that i keep hearing about and how to cum more often please😋
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
I enjoyed the article. Thanks for the tips. it's an awesome turn on to help a woman to squirt. I guess the key is relax enjoy and change the sheets......
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
For those that can, KMart sell a waterproof protector sheet about 100cm square. Ours is so good we've considered nominating it for Product of the Year 😁
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
Fun occasionally, but having your bed soaked in pee, even worse some one you just met that nights pee , not so fun, lol We have a picnic blanket, the ones with plastic on one side, we put on the bed, but spur of the moment. who can waste time getting it.
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
I am s huge squirted learnt this some 7 years ago through a guy who got me to squirt over and over I just love the sensation of it so do most guys I get with too best experience I have ever had love doing it
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
I just want to add that I’ve had some incredible experiences with my partners that have been able to squirt quite easily & others that I’ve had to work much harder for lol & a cpl that just couldn’t . I also want to ask if anyone would know the make up of squirt lol & pee , with 1 former partner I honestly couldnt tell the difference but with others there’s a clear difference between the two .
Not that I care ;)
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
We love watching people’s reactions when they haven’t witnessed a woman squirt before. It’s quite easy to learn. Can also be achieved by standing up having sex, one leg up
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
It is an amazing experience to see the look on a women's face when you bring her to be squirt for the first time...
I am yet to meet the women who can't but they definitely have to be relaxed and it's much easier when they are not trying to squirt and just go with the moment...
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
Squirting can b learned and when u do - it’s so hot. Reaxingnis key. So having a lover that knows your body and how to make you quiver is vital. I squirt for those who take the time and energy to know me. And we are both rewarded. Most men love me to squirt on their face while women love it on their tits. Either way - I’m happy to oblige.
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
We love to show ladies how to squirt 💦💦💦
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
Following this
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
We have been with so many non believers and they come away amazed. There are some positions that will give you a better chance of squirting but once you have experienced the feeling you will live it. It’s also a massive turn on for the male half also. It’s just a great experience for everyone. Just remember extra towels. 💦💦
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
One of the best articles I have read on squirting..... My singles profile is squirttrainer so it is something I am rather passionate about :)
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
I learnt to squirt at the age of 47! Wonderful it all the time now and can sometimes squirt just by the thought of a sexy encounter.
Posted: Jul, 19 2018
Great article
And to those non believers as I was.......Sometime back I had a wonderful time with a lady that would not have sex in a bed...she would get so horny that when she came she would GUSH..... not Squirt..... the feeling of her Squirting all over my genitals was absolutely amazing..... it was unbelievable... she could soak three big towels right through.

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