Should I make a separate non-CD profile?

Should I make a separate non-CD profile?

    | Feb 06, 2019
AbiAphrodite   TV/CD 36yrs
I came over to RHP from Fetlife and didn't realise that unlike Fet, once you choose your 'type' (Man, Woman, TV/CD, etc) you are locked in. While I love crossdressing, most of the time I do stuff in guy clothes, as I am equally comfortable with both. I fear that having CD on my profile is a millstone around my neck, whereas being 'Man' would be less weird and people will be more keen to go for me. I'm wondering if I am being paranoid or would it really be better to have another profile for approaching women in particular.

General profile advice wouldn't hurt either, if people don't mind having a look.
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MzPenelope   Woman 31yrs

Different Audience

Good afternoon,
I too came here from the kink world. You might find it easier to have a separate "man" profile as while everyone has been very accepting, they also don't know all of the same terminology as lifestyle kinksters do and it can get confusing.
Your profile is well written and has a great sense of your personality.
For approaching and interacting with people in this style of forum it may be easier to have a masc/more vanilla profile in addition to your CD profile.
Great calves!!
Have a good weekend.
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The bulk of it looks great, I would also maybe tighten the age range and the seeking part. Just a personal opinion, to me people who are seeking basically everything tend to get less. Like some men who are seeking men, women, tv, CD etc will get less hits from women as some will go for straight men over bi etc.
All depends on you though, but I've noticed the change in the hits I get when I change mine. I guess it's like a resume, need to target it.

If you plan on keeping both just make sure the profiles are different enough not to notice they are the same person. If they are too similar, you're screwed if someone notices 😂
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AnnieWhichway   TV/CD 56yrs


You can message customer service to change your profile type.

That way if you only wish to have one subscription, you can make it the Male profile. The CD profile can get by as a guest as prospective punters can message you if they aren't a tight arse.

I have 2 profiles for each of our personalities. It is acceptable to have different profiles under the categories. In my case TV, single Male and at times a couples profile as required. It's very different to Fetlife here as you will find out.


Nice boots
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The_Antichrist   Man 40yrs

Reader beware....and firstly my contribution isn’t intended to suggest a diminished level of anyone’s humanity...but I realise it COULD be interpreted as such...

I’m a big believer in having one profile, and one only, unless there’s a couple component as well...

You are who you are, you like what you like, you choose what you choose...even as a man meeting a woman you will still possess that aspect of you...and by dulling yourself down by having more than one profile to appease people that wouldn’t otherwise give you the time of day, you begin the process of the oppression that’s so overtly fought against these days....

And I ask why would you even fuel that ??

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You could make a vanilla profile, but in reality it probably won’t get any more attention than the one you have now, just ask the other men on this site.

Personally I think you should keep the profile you have, at least that way when you do get some interest you know they’re interested in the real you and you won’t be facing that whole uncomfortable struggle that comes with revealing your true self to someone should you choose to pursue things with them. The potential for disappointment on both sides is huge when you hide things from people, you shouldn’t do that to yourself or anyone else.

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