Nude spas for couples

Nude spas for couples

    | Mar 15, 2019
sensual25   Couple Man 40yrs Woman 45yrs
What is missing in Sydney is a spa sauna for couples where the pressure of playing is not there. I assume a lot of couples have concerns of going to swingers club because of the purpose in itself. Nude beaches are very good to flirt but nothing else apart from it. Something in between those two (club and nude beaches) would be ideal for the majority of couples . Sydney has many saunas but they are all for gay men.why couldn’t we have something like that for couples. What do you guys think??

- Posted from rhpmobile
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Couple Man 46yrs Woman 45yrs

Swingers clubs

We go to OSS and never feel any pressure from anyone!

We are going to get a hot tub for winter and would love to share it with other couples with no pressure

Nudist resorts often have a pool and a spa but we haven’t been to one yet!

We have a pool and spa here in Sydney and love using them!
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Man 60yrs

I have pool myself
I definitely wouldn’t go to a public one especially in a swineres place
Don’t want to see the little white dots floating around
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Redmustang   Couple Man 45yrs Woman 40yrs

I guess you may need to get a hotel room with a spa and invite a sexy couple over for drinks.

Even though it would be in a hotel room it still doesn’t have to mean anything else apart from saying hi and getting to know each other.

Both parties are then in a neutral environment as not everyone feels comfortable going to relative strangers apartments/houses etc - even though yes one couple will still be host as such..
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OkeyDoke45   Man 49yrs

A rose by any other name...

As soon as you get a gathering of naked adults, unless it is at a strict naturist establishment, and I would say especially in a setting like the gay saunas you mention (which, by the way, are all about fucking as much as you can in your lunch break, and I have been to them, wholly recommend them by the way for anyone interested), sex is going to be on at least half of everybody's minds.

It's a nice idea, to just hang out in a sensual environment naked with others, all mood lighting and Sade (yes, I know - I'm old) piping away in the background, everyone draped around trying not to leave snail trails on the furniture, gazing longingly at each other, with no hint of anyone wanting to take it further.

But that's basically a library with optional clothing.

I've not ever been to a club, but plenty of other forumites here have, and from what I gather they are largely hassle-free. If you want to just go and watch, go and watch.

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