one door closes another opens

September 27 2022

I had been talking to this girl i met through #rhp , we hit it off over text and quickly decided to exchange numbers so we could talk more in depth. After about 4hrs on the phone, we had pretty much made plans to meet over the next few weeks .

Well that was until i got carried away anyways, but as luck would have it things weren’t all doom and gloom.

Thinking i was just down on my luck, i decided to go to the local and enjoy a couple of cold ones.

Sitting there scrolling through the “Dates” section i find this couple looking for a single male to join them, Well i thought why the fk not 💁‍♂️

so i messaged them assuming i wouldn’t even get a reply, but within 5 minutes i had received one. We went through the usual banter and exchanging photos etc to them inviting me to their hotel for a drink . i quickly accepted their offer, finished the drink i had and called a taxi.


After about 20 minutes i arrived at their hotel room, i knocked at the door and a woman’s voice answered, she said “come in” .

i opened the door and let myself in to be greeted by the most stunning brunette i have ever seen, im not sure if it was the 5 beers i had already consumed or her massive double D breasts trying to break free or those sexy as fk eyes, but anyways my attention was soon changed when i heard a man’s voice saying “she’s a walking hard on ain’t she”

“i don’t think walking , sitting or laying would make a difference “ i quipped back .

they burst out in laughter and suddenly the room felt felt amazing calm and easy going.


we sat around drinking for about an hour, getting to know each other, our previous partners, life etc , when suddenly his wife stood up and said “we should let him choose” Hubby looked straight at me , wide eyed and a cheeky grin on his dial and said “oh boy, wifey must think you’re ok if she doing this”

the wife pulls her suitcase out of the cupboard and retrieves a smaller bag from it, she opens it on the bed and tips the contents out, i’ve never seen so many sex toys in a travel bag before. she signals me to come over with her finger, i stand and walk to her. she grabs by the back of neck and begins to ram her tongue down my throat, i’ve never really been a wine lover but the taste of that chardonnay on her tongue was quite arrousing , she removes her mouth from mine and tells me to pick which toy she fks herself with first.


i looked over at hubby and he’s already pretty much naked with his cock in hand ready for the show. i looked back at the toys and decided to choose silver one, she picks it up

and places her other toys away, i return back to the seat next to hubby where he tells me to get naked !!

well no hesitations here , i’m naked quicker than a fat kid blowing his allowance in a cake shop, his wife was already naked by this time and was laying on her stomach with her arse cocked in the air facing us , rubbing her silver vibrator all over her slit, circling the tip of it around her arse, back down and over her clit, you could see her starting to glisten as she let out these lil moans, my cock was getting hard watching this, it was throbbing so hard i thought it was going to explode, she slowly slides the vibrator inside her wet pussy, she lets out a load moan as she thrusts it deep, using her other hand to rub her clit, i’ve never seen a woman do this before , let alone watch her do it with hubby present, i was nearly about to blow ..

she started to slow down on her thrusts , she sat up , looked at me and said bring that cock here, i looked at hubby,he said “don’t keep her waiting, she gets mean”

i wasn’t sure if i was turned on by that statement or slightly intimidated , but i stood up and walked over to the edge of the bed, she positioned herself on all fours facing me, with her face positioned right in front of my rock hard cock, she spits on it 4/5 times, begins to lick her saliva all over my throbbing manhood and licks the drips off with her tongue before just impaling her face on my cock,


Now i’m not the biggest but 7.5 and she just took it all , i was still fkn impressed, i was in heaven, it was the wettest, sloppiest, most amazing and tight head i’ve ever had in my life, she sucked my cock like a dyson with nymph tendencies and i could feel my balls sending out an sos 🆘

She took her mouth away from from my cock and turned to face her hubby, she told me to fuck her from behind, i climbed up on the bed and positioned myself behind her, her pussy looked amazing, i spat on it and licked her up and down before driving my tongue into her arse, she let out a massive moan and arched her back so i could get in deeper, i removed the condom from its wrapper and put over my shaft, i slowly eased my cock inside her, i couldn’t believe how fkn tight she was, i started slowly , getting deeper with each thrust, my balls weee slapping hard against her pussy as i built up the revs, i looked over at hubby and he’s 1000 miles an hour yanking his cock, , i grab both her arms and mak her hood her arse cheeks apart as i continue to pound her from behind, i was just about to buy when hubby says, put it in her arse , well i didn’t hesitate, her arse was soaking wet from her juices, i spat on my fingers and gently eased one, then 2 inside her arse, she was pushing back against my fingers, so i spat on her arse again, wiped the tip of my cock against her pussy and slowly started to put it in her arse, the wife couldn’t wait, she wanted it so bad she was thrusting back, her moans were crazy loud now, she had her face buried in a pillow and was fucking my cock with her arse, i couldn’t believe how much of a pocket rocket she was, my balls started tightening, i could feel i was about to cum, i asked her where she wanted it ,before she could respond she was all off my cock back in all fours taking the condom off so i could finish in her mouth, she stared sucking me deep and hard, i grabbed the back of her head and rammed my cock deep in her throat as i shot my load, i could feel her sucking me for every last drop i had and i couldn’t help but think, how lucky this man was to have a wife like this ..

walked away thinking i need to find me one of these .. but yeah, no luck as yet ..


hope you enjoyed the read


we did have a round #2 but that’s for another time


  • couple_for_fun01

    10 Oct 2022

    Your reads are amazing, gets me hot just reading about it! You have a literary talent, amongst other things ;)

  • Thea111

    01 Oct 2022

    Thats a standard play for me 😘 So sweet you had an amazing time.

  • Lovelybbc

    30 Sep 2022


  • Rrandy7

    29 Sep 2022

    Love it!

  • Mischeviouslad

    29 Sep 2022

    Cool story lol

  • Nudegetaways

    29 Sep 2022

    Who were the Couple Lol

  • Churro

    28 Sep 2022

    I like the title. Optimistic.

  • RaymondCarnes

    28 Sep 2022

    Yes nothing like finding a horny woman that likes to suck & fuck real good & does a good blow job as well