it was her first time (squrting) Chapter Eleven

November 03 2023

Chapter 11.


"Oh, you want more, you naughty little pervert?" Crow chuckles, his voice dripping with arousal as he continues to ravage Minx's trembling body. "I'm not done with you yet. There's so much more pleasure to explore, so many sensations to indulge in."


Crow's hands, slick with their combined arousal, roam over Minx's heated skin, tracing patterns of desire along every curve. He revels in the softness of her breasts, his fingers teasing and tweaking her sensitive nipples, playing with the nipple clamps. With each touch, Minx gasps and writhes beneath him, her body aching for more.


But Crow has another surprise in store for his insatiable pain slut. With a mischievous grin, he reaches under her butt and grabbing hold of the rope lifts her up, position her so that his knob is now pressing against her tight virgin entrance. "im going to fuck your ass, making you scream while you squirt over and over again, your going to beg for more"


As Crow thrusts into her with a renewed vigor, the vibrating wand maintains its relentless assault on Minx's engorged clit. The dual stimulation has her mind spinning, her body aching for release once again.


"Feel that, Minx? Feel the way my cock stretches your sweet ass, how the vibrations of the wand travel through your entire being?" Crow groans, his voice laced with primal desire. "You're mine, my insatiable slut, and I'm going to make you come harder than you ever have before."


The combination of anal penetration, clit stimulation, and Crow's commanding words drives Minx to the edge of sanity. Her moans mix with gasps as she surrenders herself completely to the torrent of pleasure. Her body tingles with each thrust, each vibration, building towards an explosive climax.


With a final, powerful thrust, Crow sends Minx hurtling over the edge. She cries out his name, her body convulsing in waves of ecstasy as her orgasm crashes through her like a storm. The room is filled with the symphony of their pleasure, their bodies moving in perfect synchrony.


As Crow reaches the peak of his uncontrollable climax, his throbbing cock deep inside Minx's tight, eager ass, a surge of primal lust courses through his veins. In a moment of intoxicating desire, he grips the nipple clamps, firmly attached to Minx's sensitive peaks, and gives them a forceful yank.


A sharp mixture of pleasure and pain shoots through Minx's body, causing her to arch her back and scream out in a chaotic blend of ecstasy and agony. The rush of sensations overwhelms her, her entire being quivering with an intensity she's never experienced before.


As Minx's body convulses, lost in the throes of pleasure and pain, Crow continues to thrust relentlessly, his cock becoming a relentless piston of satisfaction within her quivering depths. The combination of the yanked nipple clamps, the mind-bending pleasure of her ass being filled and clit over stimulated from the vibrations, the raw power coursing through her veins sends her into a state of complete abandon.


Minx, overcome by this exquisite mixture of sensations, explodes in a massive, squirting release. A deluge of her essence cascades forth, drenching both her and Crow in a rivulet of her desire. Her ass clenching pulling his cock in deeper, milking every last drop of his hot, pulsating cum from him.


In the grip of mutual orgasm, Minx and Crow revel in the savage intensity of their connection. Their bodies meld together, locked in a primal dance of pleasure and ecstasy, as Crow's cock continues to spasm and pulse within Minx's quivering ass.


They ride the waves of pleasure together, their cries of satisfaction and carnal delight filling the room. Minx finds solace in the raw vulnerability of this climactic moment, surrendering to her deepest desires as Crow continues to pump his cock into her, his own release mingling with her intense orgasm.


  • FibiFun

    07 Nov 2023

    Wow…what a read! So hot 🔥. Thank you!