M66 F60

holiday trip continued...

September 12 2023

An hour and a half from Eucla, I called Bill on the 2way to let him know his car was throwing a little smoke from the left rear wheel, we pulled off the road and sure enough his brakes had collapsed and were heating up. As we had Rick's 4x4 on the transporter we swapped vehicles with Bill"s and carried on. Rick's car was set up with internal camera's and was connected to his phone and laptop, he soon had the camera connection from the 4x4 to the trucks sleeper cab monitor's, we could now see and hear everything from the vehicle, Rick is a genius at tech stuff and well he decided to stay with his 4x4 for till at least the next stop testing the system.


With a thumbs up and all systems go we again set off, Me with Mary and Mel, Rick, with Bill, driving and Dayle laying across the back seat chatting with everybody via the camera system it wasn't long and the girls were chatting about setting up a dinner somewhere. Bill was feeling as Rick later explained horny as fuck after last nights roadside sleep over, and well Rick began to help him out, Dayle too was encouraging them by giving sexual instruction, while we watched on the monitors in the truck, it was almost lunch time and a rest stop was pretty much the option of the moment


We stayed in the truck watching on the screen, parked behind them ,Rick was now bobbing his head on Bill's cock which looked larger than his 9 inches, Dayle had reclined the seat so that Bill was now kissing Dayle passionately while Rick sucked his huge cock. We were the 3 of us voyeurs to a bi sexual threesome, Mel, Mary and I were now masturbating to what we know was a fantastic encounter for a couple whom had been bi curious and sexually charged ,we too are so happy and delighted to accomodate their desires as well as making new friends. We decided to stay the night and make our way to the show the next day.


Mary, Mel and I set up our stop over camp site while the others finished off their activities, gaining applause from us when they eventually emerged, from the 4x4, Dayle with only an open shirt and panties, Rick and Bill in shorts and Tee shirts both had their zippers open ,Bill still obviously aroused, and not ashamed.


Dinner was quite an event as we all wanted to know from Bill and Dayle their thoughts now that they have experienced the lifestyle we enjoy, Dayle began with an enthusiastic smile reaching for the two ladies seated beside her and embracing them with hugs and kisses and saying she's feeling liberated ,then moving to Bill and pulling his cock out and going down on him bringing him to fill her mouth once again, this time Mary and Mel helped her to finish, Bill said he too had thoughts of a bi sexual encounter for sometime, he and Dayle had often had fantasies of such, either with another male or female, having two couples was a bonus and to become friends with benefits as well, has really made their experience worth while.


Next day we headed off again this time Rick, Mel and Mary were in the 4x4, Bill, Dayle and I in the truck, they really needed the sleeper, and to relax comfortably.

We arrived at the show early in the afternoon and immediately looked for another friend car buddy and mechanic so that Bill could arrange repairs for his car, we found him and delivered Bill's car to his workshop, then set about our own showcases. With all that done we found our motel and joined the show festivities, our own festive activities also continued throughout the week and all the way home too.


We said our farewells to Bill and Dayle when back in Kalgoorlie promising to keep in touch, with another overnight session and headed home, total time away ,four weeks, two days and 9 inches of memories as we four agreed.


We have kept in touch with Bill and Dayle over the years after all who wouldn't.