bi 3way Part Two

February 09 2023

The drinks went down well, and the conversation flowed. Mrs is vivacious, attractive, blond, curvy and extremely sensual. Hubby is tall, well defined, broad shoulders and for a bloke good looking. We were all getting along well as another drink was poured, Mrs took the opportunity to sit between my legs and with ice in her mouth she started to lick my balls, flickering her tongue under my sack, it certainly felt good, Mrs then went onto her Hubby delivering the same.


We were both rising to the occasion and Mrs attention was then sucking down her Hubby's shaft, I stood with a firm grip Hubby took hold of me stroking while he grunted in pleasure. He soon had his lips around my cock and knew what he was doing as I started to sigh and give in to the attention while watching Mrs engulf his 8' uncut cock.


Mrs stood up keeping her hand around Hubby's hard cock, Mrs and I were close and as Hubby continued his devotion, I started to enjoy cupping her breasts, and leaning in for a hot kiss. Hubby then suggested we move to the bedroom, and we followed Mrs into the master with the views out to the beach, open doors to a balcony and the soft lighting made it very inviting.


Mrs laid me down on the bed she then crawled her way over me kissing my lips, and running her tongue along my chest, then torso, her breast and nipples making contact with me giving me a delightful sensation as her mouth found the head of my cock, with her lips tightly wrapping around my head she began to suckle with enthusiasm, by this time her pussi was lined up with my face and I spread her still slightly swollen lips and started to lick inside her tasty already fucked pussi.


Before long I felt a cock sliding in between Mrs and I and my tongue was making contact with both, I reach up and cupped his balls and with his cock head sitting at my lips he angled it down a bit further with his hand and pushed it into my mouth and begun to fuck, the further it went in the more I started to push my hips up and mouth fuck Mrs as Hubby continued to do the same to me.


Hubby backed his now wet cock out and lined it up to Mrs, he started to rub his cock around her outa pussi lips, pushing a little more and entering her, I lay back to watch his thick cock slide in and disappear fully inside. Taking it in to watching his pace and having such a good view to the fucking was super-hot, Mrs was enjoying being spit roasted as much as I was enjoying watching Hubby thrusting into Mrs, which made her take my cock deep giving me a good throating mixed with a determined bobbing action.


As we changed our positions Mrs laid Hubby down and proceeded to cowgirl his cock, this seemed like a good opportunity for me to set myself on my knees behind Mrs and I sat myself down on Hubbys legs. Stroking my raging 9' cut cock and the other hand massaging hubby's balls. With my cock lubed up I move closer to Mrs and line up with Hubby's shaft, then lifting it a bit further and firmly pushing to align alongside Hubby's shaft, I start to tease Mrs lips and slowly guided the head of my cock into her hole with hubby. More and more starts to disappear as she goes further down to kiss hubby he has slowed down his pace allowing me to enter deeper and deeper inside until both cocks are double penetrating her.


We both picking up the pace, the feeling of her pussi lips wrapped tightly around two cocks, like a tight rubber band adding to this was the friction of our two cocks rubbing along each other in such an inviting hole was extremely sensational. The rythm or our two cocks the same and Mrs arches up placing her hands on Hubby's chest, as I reach around to anchor myself by firmly hold both her breasts as her sounds of appreciation became louder. This only intensified the feeling for me as her now very moist double cock filled pussi and our cocks sliding with each other magnified all our pleasures.


This went on for a while until Mrs suggested to try fitting it into her small, puckered arse, I pulled my cock out and it was so wet, I went down on her connecting my tongue to his shaft and her pussi hole as Hubby's cock pushed inside, my tongue just being able to enter her a little also giving a hard tongue along Hubby's piss pipe, the taste of her and hubby's pre-cum was delicious, now with a very wet tongue I found her puckered arse hole to rim her until I felt her pushing her hole out allowing my to dive in deeper, flickering my tongue inside and seemed ripe and ready. Hubbys balls were the next target getting both of them in my mouth and rolling them around.


I sat back to put lube on the edge of my fingers and began rubbing around her hole, allowing her hole to give way to a finger, I could feel Hubby's big cock pushing around inside her, with my other hand grabbing the lube adding some more to my cock. I then lined it up, the head sitting firm against her arse hole and as she's continues guiding herself up and down on Hubby's cock, my cock head slips into her, she is now forward and back and each time she backs up she's getting more of me inside her. With at least half of my shaft inside, I can start to feel Hubby's cock pushing up and down as it makes contact with mine between her inner walls. I drop some more lube onto the base of my shaft and she's opening up nicely with her moans testament to the joy she's feeling.


Hubby starts to also pick up the pace as I do and both our cocks are sword fighting inside her, she's so tight around my cock and sensations are elevating, it's too much and I can feel my balls swelling and that tingle coming on, there is no way I can hold back, and with the hot sounds of fucking, two sets of balls banging against each other.... I suggest if I keep going.... I'm going to cum, which only intensifies Hubby's fucking, and he is bucking his hips to get his cock in deep and he also belts out he is going to cum, that was all I needed to hear and kept up the pace. Hubby sounds off he is cumming and that gets me going and can feel a surge rising from my balls and I know I'm about to cum as well. I start to almost pull out before fully diving back in and continue that and feel my cum shoot out inside her, Hubby's grunting and letting his loose as well. Mrs is delirious and rocking her holes and squeezing her hole around my cock to milk all of the cum out of me.


Our pace now sensual, and my cock very wet with a white lather along my shaft. Both Mrs and I fall forward laying our weight on Hubby. As I soften I pulled out slowly making a wet pop sound and an air puff comes out. I sit back on Hubby's legs and just admire the sight. Hubby is still buried inside and his milky white cum mixed with Mrs juices had dripped down to his balls.


My head is spinning in extasy, and we all chill savouring the feel-good glow. After a chat and talking about the flow Hubby's goes off and comes back with our drinks. we retreat to the balcony that's overlooking the beach. I stayed a little then walked back to my apartment also beachfront in Surfers Paradise.


This was the first of our hook ups the next occasion was an intimate group of swingers that came together at my place. I hope to share that story soon xjaki