bi 3way

February 07 2023

After making arrangements to meet a 40s married couple at the Q1 on the Gold Coast, I made my way to the apartment. The door opened and I was instantly surprised to see an older style drs chair (with strirrups to position the legs apart) right in the middle of the living room. After being given a drink and relaxing into the conversation, the Mrs started to loosen her top, and Hubby reach in and cupped her breast. I stepped forward and all standing in a tight circle hands started to explore. Hubby was the first to lean in and kiss me, as I reach and cupped the other breast. I was then being partially undressed and clothes started to drop to the floor, both Mr & Mrs standing before me naked. I began kissing them both as the Mrs dropped to take us both in her mouth, swapping over from one to the other makes us both hard and wet.


Hubby led Mrs to the chair as she sat back and positioning her legs apart, what a hot sight it was. I went down to lick her pussi, diving my tongue deep and nibbling her vulva Hubby was at her side being stroked. We swapped positions as I'm nearly 9' and Hubby a little smaller positioned his cock for entry. I stood behind Hubby, sliding my cock between his legs, feeling his nut sack bounce over my shaft as he was going in and out. Hubby and I exchanged positions and looking at his wet cock I knew she was ripe. He held my cock as he guided it to her wet swollen lips and in i went slowly going deeper and deeper. with my hands on her breasts, I was starting to pick up pace and between my legs hubby was trying to position himself to suck my balls.


It was hubby's turn, and he took the position to feed his cock back into his Mrs, I grabbed a dining chair and stood on it so Mrs would be able to take herself and suck my cock, hubby also lent forward and both were tussling over my cock and balls.


I was wet and horny and lined myself back up behind hubby on my knees and holding his ass cheeks gave him a lick every time he came back, each time getting a bit deeper and making his hole ripe and wet. I stood and holding the base of my shaft let him hot his hole to my cock head, each time he hovered a little longer and was pressing firm against him, I stood a little closer and the head popped into his ring as he was still inside his Mrs. Again stepping forward he took more of me inside and started to pick up rhythm fucking and the sensation was so good.


It was not too long before he was grunting as she was moaning in pleasure, the intense feeling was too much and he exploded inside her, which triggered me and I lost my load inside him.


Disengaging both hubby and I were standing and Mrs had made her way to us both and resumed her position on her knees tasting both of us. We were soon making our way back to the drinks and discussing fantasies and fetishes, and all ready to explore round two.