Why I was late to work last Wednesday

May 04 2023

One of the ways that we play is for my partner to go “cum collecting”. The hook for me with her “cum collecting” is that she’ll film it and take photos and then send them to me as a special kind of surprise. This means that the people whom we select to play has to feel comfortable with that kind of a scenario, so it’s sometimes challenging got get the right guy. And so, recently I made a post here, looking for someone who’d be comfortable and interested in this very specific kind of scenario.


When posting, I try to be as clear and specific as possible in my r4r posts. Despite that, I know that I’ll end up spend a few days sorting through a variety of replies, vetting people, answering questions and eventually landing on about 2-3 guys who not only fit the bill, but who are also enthusiastic about the idea. Then, with most of the heavy lifting out of the way, I pass the selected guys along to my partner. This time around there were 2 guys with whom I organised chats for her.

Once the guys are handed over, there is a delicious anticipation, a period of waiting to see what will happen. I prefer to not know if a meeting ahead of time, preferring rather the adrenaline rush of being surprised. With full time jobs, family responsibilities, the need to be discreet as well as healthy, setting up this kind of cum collecting session can take weeks to months.


Last week Wednesday, whilst commuting to the CBD, my watched buzzed, notifying me that I’d just received a Snapchat message. Snap is not my usual messaging app, and the conversations there are almost exclusively with guys whom we’ve played with or with whom we’re planning to catchup.


An ice cold thrill shot through me, as I attempted to discreetly look at my phone, without the other commuters around me able to see my screen. But I couldn’t get a private glance, too many people around me. As the minutes wore on, my watch buzzed several times, announcing more Snaps arriving. Feeling short of breath, flushed and increasingly impatient, I decided to step off the train well before my destination. Pushing through the crowd on the platform, I finally found a secluded spot where I could look at my phone without risking exposing others to what was almost certainly some very steamy content.

Taking a deep breath, I first glanced at the “find friends” app to see where my parter was so early this morning. It turn out she was only a few stops away, in Richmond. Cheeky woman, I thought, admiring her subterfuge that morning in not giving away what she had planned. Finally I opened Snapchat, where 7 or 8 messages from one of the new guys who’d responded to our R4R post were waiting for me.


The first image was a selfie of my partner, smiling broadly, clearly on her knees next to a man wearing suit trousers. The accompanying message was “surprise! I’m going to have some fun” with a little winking emoji. Quickly flipping on screen recording, I moved to the next image, this one a video. In it, my partner was laughing while, with one hand she filmed herself, she struggled one-handedly to unzip his pants. They chatted and laughed, and he came to her aid by unbuckling his belt and stepping out of his trousers.


In the next few videos, I watched along as she pulled his briefs down, and I chucked as she exclaimed "nice!" as his erect cock bounced up out of them. Then the perspective changed and I could tell that he was holding the camera, looking down on her.


So, there I stood, on Hawksburn platform at 8am, oblivious to the hustle and bustle of the commuter crowd flowing by me, my eyes glued to Snapchat. It was strange and surreal to be watching my amazing and gorgeous partner give James a mind blowing blowjob, while everyone moved around me unaware of this intensely sexual encounter happening on my phone.


I may be biased, but I think she’s amazing at what she does, and seeing James thoroughly enjoying himself with her was thrilling. The last image I’d received from them was of her looking up at him, his cock bobbing thickly and wetly over her face, she asked if he wanted to fuck her tits. "hell yes!" he responded as the video concluded. And then there was silence. No new snaps, no more messages.


Breathless and impatient, I waited and debated what to do. Should I step back on the train and make my way to work, where I could hide in my office and enjoy the rest of the upcoming video, should I wait here, loitering around incessantly looking at my phone, or should I head back to towards Richmond, to see if I could meet her after her rendezvous?

Another trainload of commuters came and went, and I still hadn’t heard anything. I decided to jump on the next train and make my way to work. Of course, my watch began to buzz almost the minute I stepped foot back on the train. Carefully opening Snapchat, I made sure not to tap on a snap and open one. There were several images already there, and one lone text message “it’s getting wet”. I messaged back that I was still on my way in and that couldn’t see these new clips just yet, but that I was fired up, very very happy and that they should continue to enjoy the meet up.


The 15 minutes needed to get to my station and disembark the train were an eternity. I wasn’t going to make it all the way up to my office, I knew, so again, I found the quietest and most secluded spot in the train station and dove back into the sexual adventure that my partner and James were having.


In the next 3 or 4 clips I could see James positioning himself to straddle my partner, his cock hovering over her. She first took some time to stroke him, and I could tell by the look on her face that she’d reached that point in a sexual encounter where all the awkwardness and banter was over and she was completely into the experience. She was clearly enjoying the feeling of his cock, the sight of it, enjoying discovering what worked for him. Then he began to fuck her tits, vigorously. She stopped once or twice to get his cock back in her mouth, to get him wet enough to slip more freely between her thick breasts.

At some point in one of these clips I twigged that he must have his free hand, the one not holding the phone, between her legs because she was directing him about how much pressure to apply. Glancing around the platform, my heart pounding, I looked to see if anyone was close enough nearby to see my phone screen, or see how flushed in the face I was.

It’s very rare for her to feel comfortable enough with someone in these kinds of scenarios to want to be touched and take things pasts a blowjob or tit-fucking. But this was one of those ultra rare occasions.


So it was that, last Wednesday at around 8:30am, I was locked in place on that train platform for 20 m minutes watching the encounter unfold in close-to-real-time, as my partner and James continued exploring further and doing more. It was indeed wet!


This kind of thing is not for everyone, I know. It’s taken a lot of self discovery for me to be confident in my desire to see her being sexual, even if I’m not there. But I can tell you that I was literally floating in pleasure for the rest of the day, as I went back to surreptitiously rewatch the encounter.


We chatted as she left his apartment and made her way home (it was a work form home day for her) and we were both so ebullient about the encounter that we had to keep reading the other one to keep our voices down so people nearby wouldn’t overhear. As I bid her goodbye, on the foot of my elevator, she told me that she was looking forward do when I came home, that we’d be speeding the rest of the evening in bed. Enthusiastically I agreed! I couldn't wait to get home and reward her.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to send you something” she said right as she was signing off, and again I could feel my watch buzz with an incoming message. She’d sent this one in Telegram, the App we use for our private chats.

Once again I looked around me to ensure my screen could not be seen, and I opened the App. The clip was of my very sexy, cheeky partner, smiling happily at the camera, saying that she and James had just had a fun time, and that she hoped I enjoyed this special surprise. Then she began to use her finger to clear away the thick ropes of cum that James had spayed all over her face.


And with a beating heart, a huge smile, and a raging hard on I walked into my office, 20 minutes late.


  • maca14

    09 May 2023

    Hot story... Is there a part2

  • Silverfox7070

    09 May 2023

    Love it and love the scenario. Love to be part of that. Drop me a message if you want to discuss.